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There are 3 Stamps and Collectibles available:

British Antarctic Territory Commemorative Coin

British Antarctic Territory Commemorative Coin

The Polar Museum Shop has expanded its range of uncirculated cupro-nickel £2 coins produced by Pobjoy Mint Ltd. Each is 38.6 mm in diameter with an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, and is mounted on an informative presentation card. A coin makes a beautiful gift for a special birthday, or perhaps to mark a birth or anniversary.

We have the following in stock including two new coins for 2016:

Emperor Penguin - 2016

165th Anniversary of Moby Dick: the Sperm Whale - 2016

Hourglass Dolphin – 2015

Centenary of Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition - 2015

100th anniversary of the start of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition

Centenary Expedition - 2014

The Orca Whale - 2014

Halley Research Station - 2013

Emperor Penguin Chicks - 2013

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee - 2013

Centenary of Granting of Letters: world’s first Antarctic coin – 2008.

Price: 16.50

Availability: In stock



This £2 commemorative coin was issued by the Government of South Gerorgia and the South Sandwich Islands to celebrate the Centenary of Grytviken's founding in 1904 and the beginning of permanent settlement in South Georgia. The coins made from cupro-nickel were issued by the Pobjoy Mint Ltd. The reverse shows the sailing ship Louise in front of Gryviken, with an image of Carl Anton Larsen in the background.

Price: 9.95

Availability: In stock

The South Pole Race Medal

The South Pole Race Medal

The 100th anniversary of man's first attainment of the South Pole recalls a story of two iron-willed explorers committed to their final race for the ultimate prize, which resulted in both triumph and tragedy.

Roald Amundsen and his four companions arriving at the South Pole/ Synpolen on 14 December/ Desember 1911.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott, RN and his four companions finding Amundsen's South Pole location on 17 January 1912.

Created by: Danuta Solowiej
Published by: Sim Comfort Associates on 29 March 2012

The South Polar Race Medal is approximately 6 cms / 2.4 inches in diameter and has a sterling silver weight of 3.0 troy ounces / 93 grams.

The edition is limited to 100 silver medals with each medal signed by the artist and numbered.

Winner of the Silver Award in the Craft Section, The Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council Awards 2013.

Price: 475.00

Availability: In stock