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Liam Nolan - Biography

Liam Nolan - Biography

Liam Nolan


Schooling in Preston, Lancs & Scunthorpe, N Lincs

Durham University. BSc Biology (Hons), '88-'91

Lancaster University. MSc Environmental & Ecological Sciences, '91-'92

Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Cumbria. Scientific Officer. Radiochemistry of freshwater systems. Incl. field work in the Ukraine & Russia. See publications list, '92-'95

Makumbi Mission School, Zimbabwe. Voluntary teacher. April-Aug '95

Bristol University. PGCE, '95-'96

Sir William Romney's School, UK. Teacher of Science / Biology, '96-'99

Tauranga Girls' College, New Zealand. Head of Science, '00 - '06

  • Nov '01: Two week trip with four year 12 students to Antarctica, included liaison with Antarctica NZ, NIWA and TV and radio and presentations to schools and organisations
  • '03: Ministry of Education Study Award (9 months). Study of 'The Genetics of Antarctic Springtails', included 2 field seasons in Antarctica and work in the Genetics laboratory at Waikato University. Submitted papers for publication and a thesis for an M.Phil. degree.

Waikato University, New Zealand. MPhil 'The population genetic structure of invertebrates in Antarctica and New Zealand', '03-'06 (PT)

Cirencester College, UK. Lecturer of Biology, '06-

Arctic Expedition on the Kapitan Dranitsyn, Aug - Sept '06


Married (since 1999) to Deirdre

One child, Michael, nearly 2 years old

Interests: outdoor activities (running, cycling, kayaking), sports



  • Morris H. W., Livens F. R., Nolan L., Hilton J. (1994) Determination of Th-234/U-238 disequilibrium in freshwater systems. Analyst 119: 2403-2406
  • Hilton J., Nolan L., Geelhoed-Bonouvrie P. A., Comans R. J. N. (1997) The effect of different treatment processes on estimates of radionuclide distribution coefficients in freshwater sediments. Water Research 31(1); 49-54
  • Hilton J., Nolan L., Jarvis K. E. (1997) Concentrations of stable isotopes of Cs and Sr in freshwaters in Northern England and their effect on estimates of sorption coefficients (Kd). Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 61; 1115-1124
  • Smith J. T., Comans R. N. J., Ireland D. G., Nolan L., Hilton J. (2000) Experimental and in situ study of radiocaesium transfer across the sediment/water interface and mobility in lake sediments. Applied Geochemistry 15(6); 831-846
  • Nolan L., Hogg I. D., Stevens M. I., Haase M. (2006) Fine scale distribution of mtDNA haplotypes for the springtail Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni (Collembola) corresponds to an ancient shoreline in Taylor Valley, continental Antarctica. Polar Biology (in press)

Teaching resources / articles

  • Nolan L. (2004) Unlocking the Ice House: Antarctica and its role in climate change. Alpha 120; Teacher Notes and Student Activities. NZ Science Teacher (106)
  • Nolan L. (2004) Science is Wonder Enough: taking the skill out of teaching science. NZ Science Teacher (106); p32
  • Nolan L. (2004/5/6) Evolution in Springtails. Year 13 Biology: Student Resource and Activity Manual (17th, 18th, 19th ed.); pp258-9. Hamilton: Biozone International
  • Nolan L. (2004/5/6) Investigating Genetic Biodiversity. Year 13 Biology: Student Resource and Activity Manual (17th, 18th, 19th ed.); pp300-1. Hamilton: Biozone International