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SPRI Polar Directory

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Eidgenossisches Institut fur Schnee- und Lawinenforschung

Type: Organisation
Address: Institut federale pour l'etude de la neige et des avalanches / Istituto federale per lo studio della neve e delle valanghe [Swiss Federal Institutefor Snow and Avalanche Research], CH-7260 Weissfluhjoch/Davos
Telephone: +41-81-4170222
Fax: +41-81-4170220
Year of foundation: 1936
Activities: Carries out research into the properties of ice, atmospheric snow, snow precipitation, blowing snow, properties and processes in the seasonal snowpack, avalanches, avalanche control, snowpack and vegetation, and snow hydrology. Library.
Publications: Jahresbericht der WSL (1989-, annual); Mitteilungen des Eidg (1946-, annual); Sonderdrucke; Tatigkeitsbericht (1946-91) [continued Bericht uber die Tatigkeit des Eidg]; Winterbericht (1936-, annual)

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Eidgenossisches Institut Für Schnee- Und Lawinenforschung. Bibliotek

Type: Library
Address: 7260 Weissfluhjoch/Davos, Switzerland
Telephone: +41-81-46 32 64
Fax: +41-81-46 18 97
Year of foundation: 1942

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: Properties of ice; atmospheric snow; snow precipitation; blowing snow; properties and processes in the seasonal snowpack; avalanches; avalanche control; snowpack and vegetation; snow hydrology.

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Eidgenossisches Technische Hochschule

Type: Organisation
Address: Versuchsanstalt fur Wasserbau, Hydrologie und Glaziologie (VAW/ETH), Gloriastrasse 37/39, ETH-Zentrum, CH-8092 Zurich
Activities: Major research centre for glaciology, glaciohydrology, geocryology, etc. The World Glacier Monitoring Service is located here. Library.
Publications: Mitteilungen (?-)

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Gletscherkommission der Schweizerischen Akademie der Naturwissenschaften

Type: Organisation
Address: c/o Versuchsanstalt fur Wasserbau, Hydrologie und Glaziologie, Eidgenossisches Technische Hochschule, Gloriastrasse 37/39, ETH-Zentrum, CH-8092 Zurich
Telephone: +41-1-632-4091
Fax: +41-1-252-0147
Publications: Gletscher der Schweizer Alpen / Variations des glaciers suisses (?-, annual)

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Hochalpine Forschungsstationen Jungfraujoch und Gornegrat [HFSJG]

Type: Organisation
Address: Secretariat, Sidlerstrasse 5, CH-3012 Bern
Year of foundation: 1931
Activities: International foundation run by scientific organizations from Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Carries out high altitude interdisciplinary research at the Sphinx Observatory at Jungfraujoch and at two observatories on the Gornegrat.
Publications: Review of Activity (?-, annual)

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Musee d'Ethnographie

Type: Museum
Address: 4 rue Saint-Nicolas, CH-2006 Neucha
Collections: Extensive collections for the Caribou Inuit of Keewatin
Publications: Collections arctiques (Csonka, 1988)

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Schweizerische Kommission fur Polarforschung (SKP) / Commission Suisse de Recherche Polaire (CSP) [Swiss Committee on Polar Research]

Type: Organisation
[Swiss Committee on Polar Research]
Address: Barenplatz 2, 3 Etage, CH-3011 Bern
Telephone: +41-31-312-3291
Fax: +41-31-312-3375
Year of foundation: 1984
Activities: Commission of the Swiss Academy of Sciences. On the national level, promotes inter-disciplinary collaboration and information exchange and assists in the formulation of scientific policy. On the international level, cooperates with non-governmental associations. National Member of IASC. National Associate Member of SCAR.

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Schweizerische Stiftung fur Alpine Forschungen [Binzstrasse 23, CH-8045 Zurich.]

Type: Organisation
[Binzstrasse 23, CH-8045 Zurich.]
Address: Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research
Telephone: +41-1-461-01-47
Year of foundation: 1939
Publications: Berge der Welt (1953-, biennial) [translated as Mountain World]

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Swiss Coordinating Group on Permafrost

Type: Organisation
Address: Swiss Academy of Science
Year of foundation: 1986
Activities: Organizes workshops.

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