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SPRI Polar Directory


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Association Amicale des Missions Australes et Polaires Francaises (AMAPOF)

Address: 3 rue Francois II, F-45100 Orleans
Telephone: +33-38-63-13-11
Fax: +33-38-63-02-15
Year of foundation: 1976
Activities: Non-profit organization fostering good relations between all those participating in expeditions to French Sub-Antarctic and Antarctic Territories and other polar regions. Informs members of developments affecting these regions.
Publications: Lettre d'information (2pa)

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Association Expeditions Polaires Francaises

Year of foundation: Succeeded Expeditions Polaires Francaises, Mission Paul-Emile Victor
Publications: Bulletin d'Information

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Association Francaise Pergelisol [French Periglacial Association]

[French Periglacial Association]
Address: c/o Centre #d'Etudes Arctiques (CNRS-EHESS), 105 blvd. Raspail, F-75006 Pari
Year of foundation: 1988
Activities: National society for study of permafrost including both professionals and research workers.
Publications: Environments Periglacaires (1994-, annual)

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Association Nationale pour l'Etude de la Neige et des Avalanches (ANENA)

Address: 15 Rue Ernest Calvat, F-38000 Grenoble
Telephone: +33-76-51-39-39
Fax: +33-76-42-81-66
Year of foundation: 1971
Activities: Promotes, conducts and coordinates research concerning snow, avalanches and avalanche formation in order to predict avalanches and minimize death and injury. Disseminates information about avalanches to the public. Research activities include: studies of snowdrift and avalanche dynamics; creation of physical and mathematical models to simulate avalanches; avalanche prediction; satellite remote sensing of snowfall in France; implementation of electronic and other apparatus as search aids to buried avalanche victims; and setting off avalanches using explosives and other means. Holds annual conference. Library.
Publications: Neige et Avalanches (1972-, 4pa)

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Centre d'Etudes Arctiques (CNRS-EHESS)

Address: 105 blvd. Raspail, F-75006 Paris.
Telephone: +33-1-45-49-76-49
Fax: +33-1-45-49-76-01
Year of foundation: 1957
Activities: Interdisciplinary research centre within Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, established to provide a focus for Arctic scholarship in France. In addition to research and teaching activities, holds colloquies and film festivals. The library is now housed in Bibliotheque Centrale du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle.
Publications: Actes et Documents (1965-); Arctos; Bibliotheque Arctique et Antarctique (1960-); Bibliographie Arctique (1973-); Contributions du Centre d'Etudes Arctique (1961-); Geoarctica; Inter-Nord (1957-)

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Centre d'Etudes de la Neige

Address: Centre National de Recherches Meteorologiques, 1441 rue de la Piscine, Domaine Universitaire, F-38406 St-Martin-d'Heres Cede

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Centre de Recherches Inter-Nordiques (CRIN)

Address: 28 rue George Appay, F-92150 Suresnes
Fax: +33-1-47-72-73-78
Year of foundation: 1965
Activities: Carries out research on the Saami and north Siberian peoples.
Publications: Boreales (annual)

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Comite National Francais des Recherches Arctiques et Antarctiques (CNFRA)

Address: 34 rue Francis Baulier, 42023 St. Etienne cedex 2.
Telephone: +33-77-42-17-51
Fax: +33-77-42-17-99
Year of foundation: 1995 [formerly Comite National Francais des Recherches Antarctiques]
Activities: National member of SCAR and IASC.

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Expeditions Polaires Francaises (EPF)

Address: 47 avenue du Marechal Fayolle, F-75116 Pari
Year of foundation: 1947
Activities: Prior to 1992, provided logistical support to national expeditions to Terre Adelie on behalf of TAAF. The Library is now housed in the Institut Francais pour la Recherche et la Technologie Polaires.
Publications: Bulletin d'Information; Expeditions Polaires Francaises. Publications (nos. 1-177); Toponymie de la Terre Adelie (1961)

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Federation Francaise de Pulka et de Traineau a Chiens (FFPTC)

Address: Siege Social 5, rue du Pave. F-78490 Le Tremblay sur Mauldre.
Telephone: +33-34-87-84-49

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Groupement de Recherches Arctiques du C.N.R.S.

Address: Universite de Franch-Comte, 30, rue Megevand, F-25030 Besancon
Year of foundation: ca. 1980
Activities: Grouping of 12 laboratories fostering collaboration among specialists from different disciplines. Manages French Spitzbergen station and provides technical and logistic help.

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Institut Francais de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER)

Address: Centre de Brest, BP 337, F-29273 Brest

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Institut Francais pour la Recherche et la Technologie Polaires (IFRTP)

Address: Technopole de Brest-Iroise BP 75, F-29280 Plouzane
Telephone: +33-98-05-65-00
Fax: +33-98-05-65-55
Year of foundation: 1992
Activities: The national institute responsible in both polar regions for the selection and promotion of scientific programmes, organization of expeditions implementing these programmes, and participation in international scientific consultation. Operates bases in Terre Adelie, Iles Kerguelen, Iles Crozet and Ile Amsterdam, and will operate Concorde base at Dome C jointly with Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide. Also operates research vessels Marion-Dufresne, L'Astrolabe, and La Curieuse. National Antarctic mapping centre. The Library consists of material formerly built up by Expeditions Polaires Francaises.
Publications: Rapports des campagnes a la mer (1993-) [continues series of same title published by TAAF; Recherche et Technologie Polaires

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Institut Geographique National (IGN)

Address: 136 rue de Grenelle, F-75700 Paris
Telephone: +33-1-43-98-82-06
Fax: +33-1-43-98-82-83
Year of foundation: 1940 [took over responsibilities from Service Geographique des Armees]
Activities: National topographic mapping agency responsible for the survey and mapping of French Southern and Antarctic Territories.
Publications: Geofil (1985-, annual); map series.

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Laboratoire de Glaciologie et de Geophysique de l'Environnement

Address: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Domaine Universitaire BP 96, 54 Rue Moliere, F-38402 St-Martin-d'Heres Cedex
Telephone: +33-4-76-82-42-00
Fax: +33-4-76-82-42-01
Year of foundation: 1947
Activities: The national centre for research into glaciology, geophysics and related fields in meteorology, hydrology and oceanography. Library.
Publications: Publication

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Service Hydrographique et Oceanographique de la Marine (SHOM)

Address: 3 avenue Octave Greard, F-75340 Paris Cedex 7
Telephone: +33-1-44-38-41-54
Fax: +33-1-40-65-99-98
Year of foundation: 1720
Activities: Department of Ministry of Defence responsible for hydrographic survey, mapping and oceanographic research in both polar regions.
Publications: Annales Hydrographiques (1848-, 1-2pa); Instructions nautiques [E1. Scotland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Svalbard and the east coast of Greenland (1989); E5. Norway and Russia (north coast) (1995); G1. Newfoundland, Labrador and Hudson Bay, Davis Strait (1979); L9. South Indian Ocean, Terre Adelie (1991)]. Nautical charts.

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Societe de Geographie

Address: 184 blvd. St-Germain, F-75006 Paris
Telephone: +33-1-45-48-54-62
Fax: +33-1-42-22-40-93
Year of foundation: 1821
Activities: The world's oldest geographical society. Much material relevant to polar exploration can be found in the library and archives.
Publications: Acta Geographica (1947-, 4pa) [continues La Geographie (1900-1939), Bulletin (1821-99) and Compte-rendus des Seances (1882-99)

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Societe Francaise de Philatelie Polaire - SATA

Publications: Terres Polaires

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Societe Hydrotechnique de France, Section de Glaciologie

Address: 199 rue de Grenelle, F-75007 Paris
Telephone: +33-1-47-05-13-37
Fax: +33-1-45-56-97-46
Year of foundation: 1912
Activities: Society studies all matters relating to hydraulics, fluid mechanics, water conservation and resource use.
Publications: La Houille Blanche. Revue International de l'Eau (8pa)

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Terres Australes et Antarctiques Francaises (TAAF) [French Austral and Antarctic Territories]

[French Austral and Antarctic Territories]
Address: Rue Gabriel Dejean 97410 SAINT PIERRE
Telephone: 00262 262 96 78 78
Open to the public? / Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8h30-12h 14h-17h
Year of foundation: 1955
Activities: Territory of the Ministry for Overseas Departments and Territories (Departements et Territoires d'Outre-Mer). The mains missions are : - protection of the environment - encourage durable fisheries - research support - preserve cultural heritage
Collections: Artefacts from Crozet islands, Kerguelen islands, Saint-Paul and Amsterdam islands Artefacts are from XIXth century ( remains from sealers, scientific research, shipwrecked) to recent period.
Publications: Rapports des Campagnes a la Mer (1981?-) [continued by series of same title published jointly with IFRTP; Revue de CNFRA; Revue des Terres Australes et Antarctiques francaises; Toponymie des Terres Australes (1961)

Revue des TAAF and Toponymie des Terres Australes are available online on the website
This website was developped by the Institut Polaire Français -IPEV ( French Polar Institute), the TAAF and the EPF ( French Polar Expedition).

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Universite de Paris - Sorbonne

Address: Centre d'Etudes Siberiennes, Institut de Recherche et d'Etude sur les Nouvelles Institutions et Societes a l'Est (IRENISE), 9 rue Michelet, F-75006 Paris
Telephone: +33-1-43-26-50-89
Publications: Questions Siberiennes / Siberian Questions (1990-)

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