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Belgian Polar Exploration Society (BPES)

Address: c/o Secretary, Eddy De Busschere, Krieekenstraat 5, B-8301 Assebroek

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Belgian Scientific Research Programme on the Antarctic

Address: Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (OSTC), Prime Minister's Office, Rue de la Science 8, B-1040 Brussels
Telephone: +32-2-238-34-11
Fax: +32-2-230-59-12
Activities: Programme began in 1985 and is currently in its third phase, each phase lasting 3 years. Research is carried out in marine ecology, marine biogeochemistry, geophysics, climatology and glaciology.

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Central National de Recherches Polaires de Belgique

Address: 3 Av. Circulaire, Brussels 18
Activities: National Antarctic mapping centre.

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Comite National Belge pour les Recherches dans l'Antarctique

Address: Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique, rue Vautier 29, B-1040 Brussels
Telephone: +32-2-648-0475 ext 373
Activities: National Member of SCAR.

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Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for Political Affairs, Department of the Antarctic and the Law of the Sea

Address: P.34, Rue des Quatres Bras 2, B-1000 Brussels
Telephone: +32-2-516-89-26
Fax: +32-2-513-91-48

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International Polar Foundation

Address: The International Polar Foundation (IPF) aims to inform the public about research carried out in the Polar Regions and its contribution to understanding climate change. It also seeks to raise awareness of the Polar Regions' fragility and the need to protect them - both for science and as humankind's common heritage. The Foundation acts as a medium for communication between the general public and the scientific research community (on polar science and climate change in particular).

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Polar Conservation Organization

Address: Cattleyalaan 47 1150 Brussels-Belgium
Telephone: +32 (2) 772 1579
Activities: Given that our most important activity is awareness and education, we are looking for information, photos or any other content (white papers, videos) on anything related to this region. In addition, we are looking for sponsorships, discussions, news feeds, etc. For more information please visit our website and contact us to see how we can cooperate. PCO is currently sponsored by Ice Vista and has a partnership with APA (Arctic Peoples Alert).

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