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Asociación Antártica Argentina

Address: Personerio Jurídica 3265/60, Sede actual calle Rivadavia 3034 - 4 P, Dto. 33C.P., Buenos Aires.
Telephone: +54-1-873005/8218297
Year of foundation: 1958
Activities: Promotes public understanding of Antarctica through lectures, publications and exhibitions.
Publications: Antártida Argentina (1958?-)

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Centro Austral de Investigaciones Científicas (CADIC - CONICET)

Address: Casilla de Correo 92, 9410 Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego
Telephone: +54-901-22310/22314/33320
Fax: +54-901-30644
Year of foundation: 1981
Activities: Multidisciplinary research centre focusing on Tierra del Fuego and the Southern Ocean. Fields of research include: marine biology, anthropology, ecogenetics, geology, agriculture, forestry, botany, ultraviolet radiation, and ionospheric, meteorological and hydrological studies.
Publications: Contribuciones Científicas del CADIC (1986-)

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Centro de Investigación del Mar y la Atmósfera-CIMA [The Center for Sea and Atmosphere Research]

[The Center for Sea and Atmosphere Research]

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Comando Antártico de Ejército, Buenos Aires

Activities: Army office concerned with provision of support services to national Antarctic programme. Maintains the all-year Antarctic scientific stations Esperanza (63.24'S; 56.59'W), General Belgrano II (77.52'S; 34.37'W) and General San Martin (68.08'S; 67.04'W).

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Comando Conjunto Antártico

Activities: Coordinates support operations to national Antarctic programme carried out by Comando Antártico de Ejército, Comando de Operaciones Aereas and Fuerza Naval Antártica.

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Comando de Operaciones Aéreas

Address: Fuerza Aérea, Buenos Aire
Activities: Operates transport and cargo aircraft for national Antarctic programme.

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Departamento de la Antártida de la Fuerza Aérea

Address: Buenos Aire
Activities: Maintains the all-year Antarctic scientific station Vicecomodoro Marambio (64.14'S; 56.38'W).

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Dirección Nacional del Antártico

Address: Cerrito 1248, 1010 Buenos Aires
Telephone: +54-1-812-1099/0072/0071
Fax: +54-1-812-3283
Year of foundation: 1970
Activities: National Antarctic operating agency.
Publications: Antartida (1971-, annual); Atlas Antártico (1978-); Boletin del SCAR (4pa) [Spanish translation of SCAR Bulletin]; Contribuciones Científicas (1956-); Diez años de investigaciones Antárticas (1995); Publicaciones Científicas (1955-)

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Fuerza Naval Antártica, Buenos Aires

Activities: Naval agency providing logistics support to national Antarctic programme. Operates icebreaker ARA Almirante Irizar. Maintains the all-year Antarctic scientific station Orcadas (60.40'S; 44.44'W).

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Instituto Antártico Argentino (IAA)

Address: Cerrito 1248, 1010 Buenos Aires
Telephone: +54-1-812-1689
Fax: +54-1-812-2039
Year of foundation: 1951
Activities: Scientific branch of Direccion Nacional del Antártico and national member of SCAR. In addition to its own research programmes, provides logistical support to scientists from other organizations and maintains the all-year scientific station Teniente Jubany (62.14'S; 58.40'W). National Antarctic mapping centre.
Publications: Contribuciones Científicas (1956-); Publicaciones Cientifícas (1955-)

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Instituto Argentino de Nivología, Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales

Address: (IANIGLA - CRICYT - CONICET) Bajada del Cerro s/n, Casilla de Correo 330, 5500 Mendoza
Telephone: +54-61-287029
Fax: +54-61-287029
Year of foundation: 1973
Activities: National research centre for glaciology, geocryology, snow-related studies, palaeoclimatology and hydrology. Library includes "Corte" Geocryological Collection..
Publications: Acta Geocriogénica (1983-)

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Instituto Fueguino de Turismo, Oficina Antártica (IN.FUE.TUR./O.A.) [Tourism Board of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctic Unit)]

[Tourism Board of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctic Unit)]
Address: Av. Maipu 505, 9410 Ushuaia
Telephone: +54-901-21423/23340
Fax: +54-901-30694
Year of foundation: 1994
Activities: Carries out research on Antarctic tourism and the role of Antarctic gateway cities; monitors Antarctic tourist ships and passengers calling off Ushuaia; provides an information service to the public and specialized information and assistance to tour organizers.
Publications: reports.

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Instituto Geográfico Militar (IGM)

Address: Avenida Cabildo 381, 1426 Buenos Aire
Activities: Responsible with Instituto Antartico Argentina, for the survey and mapping of Antarctic land areas. From 1966 to 1972, published map series at 1:1m and 1:500 000 for the Antarctic Peninsula and adjacent islands.

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Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero (INIDEP)

Address: National Institute for Fisheries Research & Development, Mar del Plata - Argentin

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Instituto Nacional del Hielo Continental Patagónico

Address: Ecuador 333, 1214 Buenos Aires
Telephone: +54-1-88-3637
Year of foundation: 1952
Activities: Logistics for those parts of southern Argentina dominated by Hielo Continental Patagonico (the Patagonian Continental Ice).
Publications: Coleccion Contribuciones; Coleccion Publicaciones

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Laboratorio de Estratigrafía Glaciar y Geoquímica del Agua y de la Nieve (LEGGAN - CRICYT)

Address: Bajada del Cerro s/n, Casilla de Correo 330, 5500 Mendoza
Telephone: +54-61-288808
Fax: +54-61-287370
Year of foundation: 1994
Activities: Ice core studies and water geochemistry.

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Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty

Contact name: Violeta Antinarelli
Address: Maipú 757, Piso 4 C1006ACI Ciudad Autónoma Buenos Aires - Argentina
Telephone: +54 11 4320 4260
Fax: +54 11 4320 4253
Year of foundation: 2004
Activities: Under direction of the ATCM, the Secretariat carries out the tasks specified in Measure 1 (2003), which can be summarized under the following headings: Supporting the annual Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) and the meeting of the Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP). Facilitating the exchange of information between the Parties required in the Treaty and the Environment Protocol. Collecting, storing, archiving and making available the documents of the ATCM. Providing and disseminating information about the Antarctic Treaty system and Antarctic activities.
Publications: - Final Reports of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings. - Site Guidelines for Visitors. - Compilation of key documents of the Antarctic Treaty System. - Rules of procedure of the ATCM and CEP.

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Servicio de Hidrografía Naval (SHN)

Address: Departamento Antártida, Avenida Montes de Oca 2124, 1271 Buenos Aires
Telephone: +54-1-301-2249/3883
Activities: Responsible for hydrographic surveys and for updating cartographic material relating to Antartida Argentina, that part of Antarctica claimed by Argentina in the sector delimited by parallel 60 deg. and meridians 25 deg. and 74 deg.W.
Publications: Boletín (1964-); Nomenclador Antártico Argentino (1993); Toponimia del Sector Antártico Argentino (1970)

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Servicio Meteorológico Nacional

Address: 25 de Mayo 658, 1002 Buenos Aires
Telephone: +54-1-32-4481
Fax: +54-1-311-3968
Year of foundation: 1872
Activities: Carries out research and observational programmes on Antarctic and Southern Ocean surface and upper-air meteorology and geomagnetism. Has maintained a continuous programme of meteorological observations at Orcadas Station, South Orkney Islands, since 1904.
Publications: Anales Climatológicos; Anales Geomagnéticos; Anales Hidrológicos; Boletín Climatológico (12pa); Datos Climatológicos y Geomagnéticos de las Islas Orcadas del Sur (1903-); Datos de Ozono Total: Base Marambio (1986-); Estadísticas Climatológicas Decádicas (1941-); Estadísticas Climatológicas Normales (1931-).

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