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Ajtte Svensk Fjall och Samemuseum [Ajtte Swedish Mountain and Saami Museum]

[Ajtte Swedish Mountain and Saami Museum]
Address: Kyrkogatan 3, PO Box 116, S-962 23 Jokkmokk
Telephone: +46-971-170-70
Fax: +46-971-120-57
Year of foundation: 1983 [museum opened 1989]
Collections: Illustrates life in the mountain areas of northern Sweden, particularly among the Saami, with an ecological approach. The Department of Saami Culture and Research studies the prehistory and history of the Saami. A Nordic botanical garden was opened in 1995
Publications: The Saami: people of the sun and wind (Kuoljok and Utsi, 1993)

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Etnografiska Museet

Address: Djurgardsbrunnsvagen 34, S-115 27, Stockholm
Year of foundation: 1880
Collections: Includes materials collected on Cook's and Nordenskjold's expeditions. Also archaeological materials collected from Disko Bay area, West Greenland, by Christian Pfaff (1854-76).

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Goteborgs Etnografiska Museum

Address: Norra Hamngatan 12, S-411 14 Goteborg
Collections: Sizeable collection in which Greenland and northern Scandinavia are best represented. Includes an exhibition illustrating Swedish Saami life today.

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Marinmuseum [Naval Museum]

[Naval Museum]
Address: Amiralitetsslatten, S-371 30, Karlskrona
Telephone: +46-455-84071
Year of foundation: 1752
Collections: Includes materials from the expeditions of Nordenskiold (1877-80) and Andree (1897)
Publications: Aktuellt fran Foreningen Marinmusei Vanner; Polarexpeditionen Vega (Widenborg, 1978)

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Naturhistorika Riksmuseet [Swedish Museum of Natural History]

[Swedish Museum of Natural History]
Contact name: Jonas Hagström
Address: Box 50007, S-104 05 Stockholm
Telephone: +468-519 540 00
Fax: +468-519 540 85
Open to the public? / Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10-18
Year of foundation: 1819
Collections: Extensive holdings of Arctic and Antarctic vertebrates, invertebrates, fossils, minerals and plants from several Swedish expeditions led by Lovén, Torell, Nordenskiöld, Nordenskjöld, Nathorst and Kolthoff - beginning from the year 1758. Polar exhibition.

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Nordiska Museet

Address: Postal Address: PO Box 27820, SE-11593 Stockholm, Sweden. Visitor address: Djurgårdsvägen 6-16
Telephone: +46-(0)8-519 546 00
Open to the public? / Opening hours: Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Year of foundation: 1873
Collections: Has substantial collections relating to the Saami in the Nordic countries and Russia, their culture and language. The library and archives also contain much material concerning the Saami
Publications: Acta Lapponica (1938-79); Bibliografiska Meddelanden (1964-, 4pa); Fataburen (1906-, annual); Nordiska Museets Handlingar; Samiska trumman (Kjellstrom and Rydving, 1988)

A new, permanent exhibition about the Sami, “Sápmi”, opened in 2007. It is an exhibition about Sami life in Sweden.

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Norrbottens Museet (NBM)

Address: Storgatan 2, PO Box 266, S-951 24 Lulea
Telephone: +46-920-220355
Fax: +46-920-67944
Year of foundation: 1886
Collections: Museum specializing in the history of the northern Swedish county of Norrbotten, Saami culture, and northern Scandinavia. Library
Publications: Norrbotten (1919-, annual)

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Polarcenter, Grenna Museum

Address: PO Box 104, 563 22 Gränna
Telephone: +46-036-10 38 90
Year of foundation: 1931/1977
Collections: Memorial to the Arctic explorer Salomon August Andrée (1896, 1897). Houses artefacts found on White Island in 1930. Archives include photographs of the expedition left undeveloped for over 30 years. Also collections from Nordenskjöld's South Pole Expedition 1901-1903; The Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1949-1952 and other expeditions in north and south.

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Silvermuseet [The Silver Museum]

[The Silver Museum]
Contact name: Lotta Eriksson
Address: Torget 938 31 Arjeplog, Sweden
Telephone: +46-961-14500
Open to the public? / Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-17.00; Saturday 10.00-14.00; Sunday (Jan-March) 16.00-18.00; Summer 2015 (8 June-9 August) 9.00-18.00 every day
Year of foundation: 1965
Activities: Guided tours, workshops, lectures, archaeological, shop, tourist information
Collections: Sami, Sami Silver, Settlers, Traces and Prehistorical (Exhibitions)
Publications: Various research publications.

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Vasamusseet [Vasa Museum]

[Vasa Museum]
Address: PO Box 27131, S-102 52 Stockholm
Telephone: +46-8-666-4800
Fax: +46-8-666-48-88
Year of foundation: 1962
Collections: Maritime museum centred on 17th royal warship Vasa. Exhibits include icebreaker Sankt Erik (1915). Library and archive
Publications: Sjohistorisk Arsbok (annual)

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Vasterbottens Museum med Svenska Skidmuseet

Address: Gammlia, S-903 06, Umea
Telephone: +46-90-171800
Fax: +46-90-779000
Year of foundation: 1943
Collections: Natural and cultural history including Saami artefacts (350) and photographic collections (30,000). Ski museum (3,000 items)
Publications: Acta Bothniensia Occidentalis. Serier i Vasterbottnisk Kulturhistoria (1978-); Sevart i Vasterbotten (1994-); Vasterbotten. Vasterbottens Lans Hembygdsforenings Arsbok (annual)

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