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Museo Nazionale del'Antartide 'Felice Ippolito' - Earth sciences

Address: Centro Interuniversitario Genova - Siena - Trieste, Universita' di Siena, Via Laterina 8, I-53100 Siena
Fax: +39-0577-263-890

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Museo Nazionale del'Antartide 'Felice Ippolito' - Life sciences

Address: Centro Interuniversitario Genova - Siena - Trieste, Palazzina Milo, Porto Antico, Genova

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Museo Nazionale dell'Antartide "Felice Ippolito" - Earth Sciences [National Antarctic Museum "Felice Ippolito" - Earth Sciences]

[National Antarctic Museum "Felice Ippolito" - Earth Sciences]
Address: Museo Nazionale dell'Antartide - Sede di Trieste, Università degli Studi di Trieste - Via E. Weiss, 21 - 34128 Trieste - Italy
Telephone: +39-405586120
Fax: +39-405586121
Open to the public? / Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 9.00 - 13.00; Saturday: 10.00 - 14.00; Sunday and Monday: closed
Year of foundation: 2004
Activities: The Museo Nazionale dell’Antartide (MNA) is an inter-university centre set up by three Italian universities (Genova, Siena, Trieste). The mission of MNA is the conservation and the promotion of the study of samples collected during the Italian scientific expeditions and any other evidence of the Italian presence in Antarctica.
Collections: The Trieste Section of the MNA collects findings connected to the history of exploration of the Antarctic continent and is responsible for the promotion of results and preservation of marine geological and sedimentological samples. It also promotes the results achieved by the Italian scientific community.

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Museo Nazionale della Montagna “Duca degli Abruzzi” – CAI-Torino [The Museo Nazionale della Montagna “Duca degli Abruzzi” − Italian Alpine Club-Section Turin]

[The Museo Nazionale della Montagna “Duca degli Abruzzi” − Italian Alpine Club-Section Turin]
Contact name: Veronica Lisino
Address: Piazzale Monte dei Cappuccini 7, 10131 Torino, Italy
Telephone: +39-11-6604104
Fax: +39-11-6604622
Open to the public? / Opening hours: Mon: closed; Tue-Sun: 10.00-18. See for the opening times of the Document Centre.
Year of foundation: 1874
Activities: Temporary exhibitions and production of publishing series Cahier Museomontagna (catalogues) and other editions and series; film screenings at festivals and events (including screenings of films from the Historic Film and Video Libraries at the festival of the International Alliance for Mountain Film, of which the museum is a founding member, coordinator and associative site); production and coproduction of films and videos; concerts; photographic international mission and research; and other various activities such as coordination and organisation of sports events, seminars and conventions, and collaborations with other institutions and organisations such as Torino e le Alpi.
Collections: The collections are devoted to the history of mountaineering and comprise about 260,000 items: - DOCUMENT CENTRE: 160,000 photographs (Photo Library); 9300 printed papers of films, including all the various types of promotional support (film posters and documents of cinema, as well programmes, flyers, promotional photos and set shots, posters of tourism from sport to commerce); 700 covers of Italian and international magazines; 4300 picture cards; 3500 ephemera and various papers; 600 board games and other games. The most recent acquisitions are a collection of more than 2000 ex libris, (Iconographic Collections); 1100 Führerbuchs, or “testimonials”, and guide registration sheets; and about 220 mountain-refuge registers. They also include other documents such as the registers of peaks, the Museum’s Visitors’ Books and personal memories, among which Guido Rey’s diary (1870-1914), the first draft of Carolina Palazzi Lavaggi’s accounts of her excursions (1870-1883), and Andrea Oggioni’s climbing diaries (1948-1961). Furthermore, the Viaggio sul Monte Rosa of Queen Margherita for the inauguration of the refuge dedicated to her at Punta Gnifetti, on 18 August 1893, with her signature and those of some of her famous escorts, among whom Baron Luigi Peccoz and Vittorio Sella, the latter responsible for the photographic documentation (Mountaineering Archive). - HISTORIC FILM AND VIDEO LIBRARIES 650 rolls of film, 2250 TV films and programmes in video cassettes and DVDs, 1100 promotional shorts and other non-professional material. - CISDAE − Italian Documentation Study Centre for Outside Europe Mountaineering) 3400 folders containing clippings from magazines and newspapers or detailed reports with sketches and photos of climbs, ski-mountaineering trips and excursions. The last two hundred folders have been digitised, 50 topographical studies and guides of the Karakorum and Hindu-Kush areas. -CAI National Library 31,000 volumes, 18,100 annuals (1654 periodicals), 9500 document papers and 25 linear meters of historic archives.
Publications: Series: Cahier Museomontagna, since 1979 and still ongoing (currently 188 titles) Other editions and series: L’Archivio fotografico del Museo Nazionale della Montagna, 2003 (with De Agostini) and its french edition; Cinema delle montagne, 4000 film a soggetto, 2004 (with Utet); Raccolte di Documentazione del Museo Nazionale della Montagna, 7 volumes on Museo’s collections since 2008 and still ongoing (with Priuli & Verlucca) CAI 150. 1863-2013. Il libro, 2013 (for Italian Alpine Club)

For an accurate and complete report on the museum, and its history, collections and activities, see the 7th book in the series Raccolte di Documentazione del Museo Nazionale della Montagna, 2014.

The polar regions are represented across the collections, including in film and film posters, board games, photographs, iconographic collections and sheet music, and in many books at the CAI National Library.

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Museo Polare di Fermo

Address: Istituto Geografico Polare Silvio Zavatti, Villa Vitali, Viale Trento 29, I- 63023 Fermo (AP)
Telephone: +39-734-226166
Fax: +39-734-224170
Year of foundation: 1945
Collections: Small collection of Arctic and Antarctic artefacts chiefly collected on expeditions organized by Istituto Geografico Polare to Antarctica (1959), Rankin Inlet (1961 and 1967), Lapland (1962), East Greenland (1963), and Repulse Bay (1969). Also some materials from the Arctic expeditions of the Duke of Abruzzi (1899-1900), Nobile (1926, 1928), and others
Publications: Il Polo (1945-, 4pa)

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Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militare

Address: I-00062 Vigna di Valle (RM) - Aeroporto
Telephone: +39 0699887509
Fax: +39 0699887517
Year of foundation: 1977
Collections: The Padiglione Nobile within this museum is the main depository for artefacts relating to Nobile's two polar expeditions in the airships Norge (1926) and Italia (1928), including expedition relics, airship models, a copy of the "Red tent" and a replica mooring mast. A model of the pilot's cabin of the airship Italia N-4 will be ready for display in 1996
Publications: Umberto Nobile (Ferrante, 1986)

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