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There are 13 entries in the museums directory for Greenland:

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Aasiaat Museum

Address: PO Box 41, DK-3950 Aasiaat
Telephone: +299-42597.

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Ammassalik Museum

Address: Ammassalik

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Aversuup Katersugaasivia [Qaanaq/Thule Museum]

[Qaanaq/Thule Museum]
Address: Qaanaq

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Maniitsup Katersugaasivia [Maniitsoq Museum]

[Maniitsoq Museum]
Contact name: Peter Nygaard
Address: Illunnguit 11, P.O. Box 318, GL-3912 Maniitsoq, Greenland
Telephone: +299 81 31 00
Open to the public? / Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday 11.00-16.00
Year of foundation: 1980
Collections: Cultural history

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Nanortallip Katersugaasivia [Nanortalik Museum]

[Nanortalik Museum]
Address: DK-3922 Nanortalik

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Narsaq Museum

Address: Narsaq

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Nunatta Katersugaasivia Allagaategarfialu [Greenland National Museum and Archives]

[Greenland National Museum and Archives]
Address: PO Box 145 and 579, DK-3900 Nuuk/Godthaab
Telephone: +299-22-611
Fax: +299-22-622
Year of foundation: 1966 [formerly known as Kalaallit Nunatta Katersugaasivia]
Collections: Registers, collects, and displays materials concerning Greenland's cultural heritage. Extensive collection of ethnographic and archaeological artefacts for Greenlandic and Norse cultures, also interesting material relating to European missionary and whaling activities.

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Pamiune Katersugausivik [Paamiut Museum]

[Paamiut Museum]
Address: PO Box 99, DK-3940 Paamiut
Telephone: +299-17673
Fax: +299-17854
Year of foundation: 1981

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Qaqortoq Museum

Address: PO 154, DK-3920 Qaqortoq
Telephone: +299-38277.

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Qasigiannquit Museum

Address: PO Box 130, DK-3951 Qasigiannguit/Christianshaab
Fax: +299-45477
Year of foundation: 1982
Collections: Focus on Palaeo-Eskimo prehistory of Disko Bugt with large collections of stone age material from Qeqertasussuk and other sites. Some ethnographic artefacts from colonial period.

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Sisimiuni Katersugaasivik [Sisimiut Museum]

[Sisimiut Museum]
Address: PO Box 308, DK-3911 Sisimiut
Telephone: +299-15087
Fax: +299-14475
Year of foundation: 1985
Collections: Community museum. Displays illustrate whaling, trade, shipyards and shipping, fishing industry, and industrial work. Includes the collection of V.C. Frederiksen (ca. 1910).

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Tasiilap Katersugaasivia [Ammassalik Museum]

[Ammassalik Museum]
Address: PO Box 112, DK-3913 Tasiilaq
Telephone: +299-981311
Fax: +299-981711
Year of foundation: 1990
Collections: Community museum. Fine collection of culture and art objects, masks, tools, costumes, etc. Small collection of paintings by East Greenlandic artists and Danish painter Gitz-Johansen. A number of portrait busts by Eigil Knuth are owned by the museum but housed in the town hall. A traditional peat shed build to replicate those of the early twentieth century may be seen next to the museum.

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Uummannap Katersugaasivia [Uummannap Museum]

[Uummannap Museum]
Address: PO Box 70, DK-3961 Uummannaq
Telephone: +299-48104
Year of foundation: 1988
Publications: Katersugaasivimmit nutaarsiassat - Nyt fra museet

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