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Museum fuer Voelkerkunde

Address: Berlin
Collections: Very extensive holdings of Yup'ik Eskimo materials collected by Johan Adrian Jacobsen in southwest Alaska, 1882-83.

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Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg

Address: Binderstrasse 14, D-2000 Hamburg 13
Year of foundation: 1879
Collections: Sizeable Arctic collections in which Siberia is particularly well-represented. Library
Publications: Mitteilungen (1971-, annual)

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Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde [State Museum of Ethnology]

[State Museum of Ethnology]
Address: Abteilung fur Nordamerika und Polarlander, Maximilianstrasse 42, D-8000 Munchen 22
Telephone: +49-89-2285506
Fax: +49-89-224582
Year of foundation: 1868
Collections: The Department for North America and the Polar Lands maintains significant collections of polar interest, including artefacts for the Alaskan Eskimo collected by Cook (1776-80) and Krusenstern (1803-06); Chukchi (Wolf, 1880s); St. Lawrence Island (Geist); and Inuit sculptures (Lorne Balshine collection, ca 1970s)
Publications: Die Eskimo (Zerries and Rousselot, 1977); Kanuitpit (Rousselot, 1994)

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