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SPRI Polar Directory


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Address: Boks 615, 9801 Vadsö, Norway
Telephone: +47-789-53400
Fax: +47-789-53624

Founded 1892 as a private collection with membership. From 1980 a department of Eastern Finnmark county library.

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: Collections on Lapps, Arctic, Northern and Scandinavia. Specialities: literature about Finnmark county, but also from other parts in Northern Norway, Lapland and Kola. Photographs. Maps. Microfilmed Church registers, census papers and newspapers.

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Fiskeridirektoratet Biblioteket [Directorate of Fisheries. The library]

[Directorate of Fisheries. The library]
Contact name: Brit Skotheim
Address: Postboks 1870 Nordnes, N-5817 Bergen, Norway
Telephone: +47-552-368 85
Fax: +47-552-385 85
Open to the public? / Opening hours: 0800-1500
Year of foundation: 1900

The collections include literature on fish and fisheries, fish farming, whales and whaling, seals and sealing, marine biology, physical and chemical oceanography and problems related to these subjects. Among these topics we also have literature on northern areas, but this literature is not gathered in a northern collection, but scattered throughout the classification system. We therefore are unable to give any information about the size of our northern collection.

Printed Brochure Available: Yes

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Geological Survey of Norway Library. Norges Geologiskeundersokelse Bibliotek

Address: Leiv Erikssonsvei 39, Trondheim, P.O. Box: 3006 - Lade, 7002 Trondheim, Norway
Telephone: +47-739-040 11
Fax: +47-739-216 20

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: Collections on geology, geochemistry, geophysics, hydrogeology, marine geology

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Address: Tk-Senteret, Longum Park, PO Box 1602, N-4801 Arendal, Norway
Telephone: +47-370-035650
Fax: +47-370-035050

Northern site of GRID (Global Resource Information Database), a worldwide United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) network concerned with the collection, storage and accessing of environmental data. GRID-Arendal has prime responsibility for Arctic data, holding data also for Antarctica, and for the Nordic countries and their adjacent seas.

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Nasjonalbibliotekavdelinga I Rana

Address: Langneset 29, PO Box 278, N-8601 Mo, Norway
Telephone: +47-75-12-54-60.
Fax: +47-75-15-54-60

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Nordic Sami Institute Library

Address: Sámi allaskuvla / Samisk høgskole / Sámi University College, Hánnoluohkká 45, NO-9520 Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino, Norga/Norge/Norway
Telephone: +47 78 48 77 00
Fax: +47 78 48 77 02

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: Literature collection on Sami people computerized catalogue of collections. North-Calotte and Kola area history, ethnology, sociology, philology, minority law; Greenland and arctic culture and native people.

Languages: Multilingual

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Norsk Polarinstitutt. Biblioteket [The Norwegian Polar Institute Library]

[The Norwegian Polar Institute Library]
Address: Fram Centre, N-9296 Tromsø, Norway
Telephone: +47-77 75 05 89
Fax: +47-77 75 05 01
Open to the public? / Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00-15:45; Friday 9-15 (summer: 9:00-15:00)
Year of foundation: (1928)
Activities: Monthly polar book cafe (wine served).

Library collections based on the private collections of Dr. Adolf Hoel, the first leader of "The state supported Norwegian Spitsbergen Expeditions", restructured as Norsk Polarinstitutt in 1948.

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: History of expeditions and exploration in the Arctic and Antarctic. Natural sciences. Svalbard literature. Norwegian activities in the Antarctic. Hunters' and trappers' diaries from Svalbard, Jan Mayen and Greenland.

Languages: English, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, Hungarian, Slavic languages, Japanese, Inuit.

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Norwegian Polar Club

Address: Postboks 58 Bygdøy, 0211 Oslo
Telephone: 95 82 77 82

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: Collections on information services.

A private club with 530 members. Established in 1933.

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Riksarkivet [National Archives]

[National Archives]
Address: The National Archives of Norway, Pb 4013 Ullevål Stadion, N-0806 Oslo
Telephone: 47-22-23-74-80
Fax: +47-22-23-74-89
Year of foundation: 1817
Publications: Samkatalog over privatarkiver (1987)

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Sami Sierrabibliotehkka. Samisk Specialbibliotek

Address: Sámediggi - Sametinget, Ávjovárgeaidnu 50, 9730
Telephone: (47) 78 47 40 00
Fax: (47) 78 47 40 90

Started 1962 as a part of the local library. Since 1983 a totally governmental library. Since 1988 it has its own executive committee, now appointed by the Sami parliament.

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: Sami history, culture, language, literature - books, newspapers, magazines, microfilms, LP- and CD-records, music cassettes, video cassettes, maps, language courses.

Languages: All kind of Sami; Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Inuit, Latin, Spanish, Hungarian, Czech

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Statsarkivet I Tromso [Tromso Department of the National Archives of Norway]

[Tromso Department of the National Archives of Norway]
Address: Huginbakken 18, Breivika, Postadress: 9293 Tromsø, Norway
Telephone: +47-77-64-72-00
Fax: +47-77-64-72-01
Year of foundation: 1987

Official repository for government archives for Tromso, Finnmark and Svalbard. Arctic holdings (ca. 500m.) includes material relating to the activities of government agencies, private companies and labour associations in Svalbard.

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Universitetsbiblioteket I Oslo [University of Oslo Library]

[University of Oslo Library]
Address: Drammensveien 42, N-0242 Oslo 2, Norway
Telephone: +47-22-55-36-30
Fax: +47-22-434497
Year of foundation: 1811

Deposit library responsible for compilation of the national bibliography. The Fridtjof Nansen Collection includes photographs, graphic art, drawings and imprints concerning Nansen.

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Universitetsbiblioteket I Tromsø - the University Library of Tromsø

Address: Breivika, N-9037 Tromsø, Norway
Telephone: +47 776 44000
Fax: +47 776 44590
Year of foundation: 1968

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Universitetsbiblioteket I Trondheim [University of Trondheim Library]

[University of Trondheim Library]
Address: Erling Skakkes gt. 47C, N-7004 Trondheim, Norway
Telephone: +47-73-592205
Fax: +47-73-592202
Year of foundation: 1760

University Library containing an extensive Saami collection. Since 1980, it has maintained the Samisk Bibliografi/Samisk database, a comprehensive bibliography of everything published about the Saami or written in the Saami languages.

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University Centre In Svalbard (UNIS). Library

Address: P.O. Box 156, N-9171 Longyearbyen, Norway
Telephone: (+47) 77 01 66 43
Open to the public? / Opening hours: No
Year of foundation: 1993/94 (then moved and got enlarged in 1995 and 2005)

A special library for students and staff at UNIS as well as staff at The Norwegian Polar Institute in Longyearbyen. The library is 333 m² (including one small computer classoom and two group rooms). The northernmost library in the world.

COLLECTIONS ETC.: Books and periodicals within geology, biology, geophysics and technology, mainly related to polar regions or cold regions, and Svalbard in particular. Most current journals are full text. Fast access to databases and full text.

LANGUAGES: Mainly documents in English and Norwegian. Also some in Danish, Swedish, German, Russian and other languages.


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