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SPRI Polar Directory


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Comitato Glaciologico Italiano

Address: Via Accademia delle Scienze 5, Torino, Italy
Telephone: +39-11-658 813
Fax: +39-11-670 7155

The library was established in 1895. The greater part of the collection is concerned with Italian glaciology.

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Istituto Geografico Polare Biblioteca Polare Archives

Address: Viale Trento - Villa Vitali, 63023 Fermo/AP, Italy
Telephone: +39 734 735 166

The polar library began activity in 1946 with a very few books. Now it is used by many professors. The students of many Italian universities use the rich material for their graduation thesis.

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: Geographic area, whaling, history, history of exploration, Inuktitut, glaciology, Inuit. Languages represented are: Italian, English, French, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, German, Polish, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Inuktitut.

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Museo Storico. Aeronautica Militare Centro Documentazione Umberto Nobile

Address: 00062 Vigna di Valle, Roma - Aeroporto, Italy
Telephone: +39-6-9024034; 9023975
Fax: +39-6-9016404

Founded on 28 November 1980, as an annex to the Museum, with the personal library collection and archives of General Umberto Nobile. Meanwhile the collections were increased through acquisitions and donations.

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: Polar exploration, aircraft and aeronautical engineering in polar exploration, meteorology, Geographic area covered: Arctic and Antarctic, especially Greenland, Svalbard, Siberia and Alaska. Languages represented: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Scandinavian languages.

ASSOCIATED ARCHIVES OR MANUSCRIPT COLLECTIONS:About two thousand documents are indexed. Documents collected by General Umberto Nobile on preparation and realization of polar expeditions with airships NORGE N 1, 1926 and ITALIA N4, 1928, among which are the contracts of the Italian government and Aeroclub of Norway with original signatures of Amundsen, Ellsworth, Nobile, Documents on Russian polar expedition with the icebreaker "Malyghin" in 1931 (Nobile participating) are also included. Documents relating to designs and descriptions of airship types, semirigid Nobile type, for polar expedition are also held. Many documents and letters regarding General Nobile's personal history after the second polar expedition, 1928; documents on rewards and decorations, honorary citizenships, etc., memberships of scientific institutions, etc. Users Policy: Consultation of archives in the library only. Can be traced through a card index (about 2000 items) by subject keyword. Copying Facilities: Photocopying machine; photographic reproduction. Finding Aids or Description of Collection: Card catalogue by subject and chronological arrangement.

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Polar Research and Documentation Centre

Address: PO Box 14302, 00149-Roma, Trullo, Italy
Telephone: +39-6-6571173
Year of foundation: 1985

The library is growing slowly - having no purchasing funds. Donations are welcome.

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION:Subjects: Accounts of expeditions, geography, glaciology, geology, biology, meteorology, history. Geographic Areas: Northern and southern polar areas.

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Programma Nazionale Di Richerche In Antartide - PNRA (Italian National Antarctic Research Programme) PNRA Library

Address: ENEA Antarctic Project, S.P. Anguillarese, 301 - 00060, S. Maria di Galeria (Rome), Italy
Telephone: +39 (6) 30486443
Fax: +39 (6) 30484893

Collection, cataloguing and classification of all PNRA publications international and national monographs, articles, reports, etc. on Antarctic research

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: Subjects geological structure and evolution of the Antarctic continent and the Southern Ocean glaciology and paleoclimate climate: atmosphere, ocean and their interactions sun-earth interactions and astrophysical research biology, ecology and environmental contamination permanent observatories, geographic information, etc. advanced technological research. Geographic Areas: Antarctica. Languages: English (primarily) and Italian.

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