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Address: Groenlandica, Imaneq 26, Box 1011, DK 3900 Godthaab, Greenland
Telephone: +299-38-56-30

Groenlandica is the name of the National Library of Greenland in Greenlandic, Danish and English. Groenlandica is a branch of the Central Public Library (Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia in Greenlandic, Groenlands Landsbibliotek in Danish). The head of Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia is Elisa Petersen.

Groenlandica Collection re-established after former collection was destroyed in a fire in 1968. Lately there has been a growing emphasis on the anthropological/sociological aspects of the Inuit populations of the Arctic. With Home Rule in Greenland starting in 1980 the Groenlandica collections have become the "National Library" of Greenland - containing most of the material published in Greenland.

DESCRIPTION OF POLAR COLLECTION: Books in Greenlandic (Eskimo/Inuit languages) - approximately 4,500 volumes. Books on Greenland and the rest of the Arctic area - very general and broad coverage. Books on Inuit of the Arctic, especially anthropological/sociological aspects. Printed Brochure Available: Yes, in Danish and Greenlandic. Size of Polar Collection: Books: 17,000. Periodical Titles: Not registered separately. Pamphlets and Reprints: Not registered separately. Phono-records: ca. 50. Audio tapes: ca. 500 - not yet registered.

USER SERVICES: Classification System Used: Danish Decimal Classification, modified to our collections. Users Policy: Students and scholars from outside the institution are free to use the polar library collection. Circulation Policy: Material available on loan to anyone. A number of books are for use in the library only. Interlibrary Loan Policy: No charges. Copying Facilities: Photocopies supplied of material not for loan. Charge imposed only if the amount of copies exceeds 25 - one Danish krone per copy. Additional Comments: The Library has occasionally published books suitable for use in public libraries in Greenland. These books are in Greenlandic.

IN-HOUSE DATABASES: DDE (Dansk Data Elektronik)

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Ilisimatusarfik University of Greenland Library

Address: P.O. Box 279, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland
Telephone: +299 324566
Fax: +299 324711
Year of foundation: The Library at the Ilisimatusarfik University of Greenland was established in 1984.

The library is exclusively for the staff and students at Ilisimatusarfik.

The library contains some 18.000 books and 125 periodicals covering the following themes: Economics, politics, administration; History, anthropology, archaeology; Linguistics, literature, media; Theology

Additional Internet resources: and Library catalogue:

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Nunatta Atuagaatequarfia / Landsbibliotek Groenlandica [National Library of Greenland]

[National Library of Greenland]
Address: Imaneq 26, PO Box 1011, DK 3900 Nuuk/Godthaab, Greenland
Telephone: +299-32 11 56
Fax: +299-32 39 43
Year of foundation: Founded in 1956, becoming the national library in 1980. The original collection was destroyed in a fire in 1968.
Publications: Groenlandica; catalogue of the Groenlandica-collection in the National Library of Greenland (Hoyer, 1986)

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