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SPRI Polar Directory

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Falkland Islands Development Corporation (FIDC)

Type: Organisation
Address: Stanley
Telephone: +500-27211
Fax: +500-27210
Year of foundation: 1984
Activities: Encourages and assists in the development of the Falkland Islands. Advises the Falkland Islands Government on such matters relating to economic development as it may refer to the Corporation or as the Corporation may think fit.

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Falkland Islands Museum

Type: Museum
Address: Britannia House, Ross Rd. West, Port Stanley
Telephone: +500-27428
Fax: +500-22727
Year of foundation: 1987
Collections: Maritime, military and social history of the islands; also natural history collections including beaked whale skulls and related Ziphiodea material. Responsibilities include the conservation of wrecks and places of historic interest.

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Falklands Conservation

Type: Organisation
Address: PO Box 31, Stanley
Telephone: +500-22247
Fax: +44-181-343-0831. date of foundation 197
Activities: Formed by the merger of the Falkland Islands Foundation and the Falkland Islands Trust. Carries out research and monitoring of Falklands wildlife and environment; promotes environmental education; co-ordinates research activities; and owns and maintains sites of wildlife value.
Publications: Warrah (1991-, 2pa)

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