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Virtual Conference on Contaminants in Freezing Ground

Virtual Conference on Contaminants in Freezing Ground

SPRI Remote Sensing Group

The First "Contaminants in Freezing Ground" Conference in Cambridge, U.K. was held in July 1997, organised by the Remote Sensing Group of the Scott Polar Research Institute, in conjunction with the Geotechnical Science Laboratories, Canada. The proceedings of this conference were published in a special issue of Polar Record, 1999, Vol.35, No.192. The Programme is also available.

At the first conference it was agreed to set up an ongoing Virtual Conference.

The Second International Conference on Contaminants in Freezing Ground was held on 2-5 July 2000, at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. Proceedings of the conference are now published, costing US$100.

The Third International Conference will be held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, from 5 to 18 April 2002.

Theme of the Conferences

Soil contamination and its remediation have become, in temperate lands, a major area of business backed up by expanding research. The world's most extensive ground pollution probably occurs, however, in the oil- and gas-producing permafrost areas of Siberia, while there is growing concern over pollution sites in northern North America and elsewhere in the Arctic and cold regions. Clean-up of spills in these regions is particularly expensive but there has been little research into more effective remediation procedures.

Objectives of the Virtual Conference

  • To provide a forum for all those interested in the subject of freezing ground contamination
  • To exchange the latest information and developments in the subject
  • To allow participants to describe their research/services/projects etc.
  • To create a directory of resources: lists (and links) to libraries, databases, research institutes, consultants, government agencies, companies etc.
The Virtual Conference is a non-profit organisation.

Who might be interested in participating?

All those who have a scientific or practical interest in remediation in cold climates. This includes researchers, engineers, remote sensing specialists, hydrologists, scientists of all disciplines; as well as those interested or involved in contaminant management in the private and public sectors.

We have attracted a broad spectrum of organisations: universities, consultants, corporations, government and military researchers, libraries etc.

To obtain more information

on past or future conferences, or to register for the Virtual Conference (which will incur a fee of C$75.00), please visit the Virtual Conference website


Dr Gareth Rees
Head of Remote Sensing Group
Scott Polar Research Institute
Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB2 1ER


Professor Peter J Williams
Geotechnical Science Laboratories
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, K1S 5B6, Canada