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NERC Arctic Research Studentships by University

NERC Arctic Research Studentships by University

1965 to 17 April 1998.

Order in this document:

  1. Name of University
  2. Name of department
  3. Name of Supervisor(s)
  4. Name of Research Student (with year studentship granted)
  5. Title of studentship (final thesis title usually differs; where the exact title is known it is given in inverted commas, with the year submitted*).

*For further details please check the Library Catalogue of the relevant university, via the Internet address supplied here.

Aberdeen University

[Library Catalogue]

Geography, Aberdeen University

Supervisors: C M Clapperton/D E Sugden
D G Croot - 1972
"The depositional landforms and sediments produced by two surging glaciers" (1978)

Supervisors: C M Clapperton/D E Sugden
R D Crabtree - 1974
Recent fluctuations of glacial termini in Norway, and possible climatic associations (?Arctic)

Supervisors: C M Clapperton/D E Sugden
M J Sharp - 1979
"A comparisons of the landforms and sedimentary sequences produced by surging and non-surging glaciers in Iceland" (1982)

Supervisors: C M Clapperton/D E Sugden
A J Dugmore - 1982
"Holocene environmental change around Eyjafjallajokull, South Iceland - a tephrochronological study" (1987)

Supervisors: C M Clapperton/D E Sugden
P G Knight - 1984
"On the origin of debris-bearing basal ice, West Greenland ice sheet" (1987)Supervisors: K Walton

Geology and Mineralogy, Aberdeen University

Supervisors: P E Brown/R M McIntyre
R H Noble - 1975
"The Tertiary geochronology of East Greenland" (1978)

Supervisors: P E Brown/R M McIntyre
I B Evans - 1978
"Geochemical and isotopic studies of the Tertiary volcanic rocks from the Blooseville Coast region, East Greenland" (1983)

Supervisor: D J Batten
M J Head - 1981
"Dinoflagellate cysts and other marine palynomorphs from Lower Eocene through Lower Pliocene sediments of the Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay" (1990) [cf. Spitsbergen]

Supervisors: I Parsons/W L Brown
J Teasdale - 1983
Mineralogy and petrology of Rapakivi granites, South Greenland, using TEM and microprobe

Birmingham University

[Library Catalogue:] [Link updated Oct/20]

Earth Sciences, Birmingham University

Supervisor: A D Chambers
I M Coulson - 1993
"Rare-earth and high-field-strength element mobility in and around the North Qôroq centre, Gardar province of south Greenland" (1996)

Supervisor: I J Fairchild
P M Herrington - 1985
"Stratography, sedimentology and diagenesis of late Precambrian carbonates from the Upper Limestone-Dolomite 'series', central east Greenland" (1989)

Supervisors: D M Lawler/I Fairchild
G H Old - 1996
Impact of subglacial seismic events on meltwater quality [ends 30-9-99] (with National Energy Authority, Iceland)

Supervisor: M P Smith
M Y Huselbee - 1993
Early Ordovician conodont evolution and biogeography in East and North Greenland

Supervisor: A E Wright
B S P Moorlock - 1969
"The geology and geochemistry of the Angmagssalik District of East Greenland" (1975)

Bristol University

[Library Catalogue:]

Geography, Bristol University

Supervisors: M Tranter/J Dowdeswell
J L Wadham - 1994
Hydrochemistry and CO2 drawdown by glacial runoff from a polythermal-based glacier, Spitsbergen

Geology, Bristol University

Supervisor: R Bradshaw
M A Cooper - 1974
Metamorphism and structure in the Caledonides near Bodo, Norway

Supervisor: R Bradshaw
D G Tragheim - 1976
"The geology of the thrust and fold-nappe complex of the East Sörfold region, Nordland, N. Norway." (1982)

Supervisor: D L Dineley
E J Loeffler - 1971
Heterostracan fossils from the Siluro-Devonian Delorme Formation of Mackenzie Mountains, North-West Territory, Canada

Supervisor: M C Bennett
W J A Yeo - 1980
"The Melkvann ultramafic complex, Seiland igneous province, North Norway." (1984) (?Arctic)

Supervisor: M C Bennett
S R Emblin - 1981
"The Reinfjord ultramafic complex, Seiland Province : emplacement history and magma chamber model." (no submission date given) (?Arctic)

Supervisors: R S J Sparks/M R Palmer/K V Ragnarsdottir
J Aggarwal - 1991
"The mobility of trace elements and boron isotopes in Icelandic hydrothermal systems." (1995)

Physics, Bristol University

Supervisor: J F Nye
V F Humphrey - 1975
"Experimental observations of wavefront dislocations in pulsed wavefields." (1980) (cf. Analogue studies of radio echoes in glaciology) (?Arctic)

Supervisor: J F Nye
K W Nicholls - 1980
"Numerical and experimental studies of dislocations in pulses of waves." (1984) (cf. Radio echo sounding in glaciology) (?Arctic)

Cambridge University

[Library Catalogue:]

Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge University

Supervisors: T J Pedley/P F Linden
P C Matthews - 1985
"Convection and mixing in ice-covered lakes" (1989) (?Arctic)

Supervisors: B J Uscinske/M Spivack
J Hatziloannou - 1992
Effect of ice properties on Arctic acoustic propagation

Botany, Cambridge University

Supervisors: F I Woodward/G R Miller
P Butler - 1980
"The ecology of dwarf shrub species from diverse altitudes and latitudes" (1986) (?Arctic)

Chemistry, Cambridge University

Supervisors: R L Jones/J A Pyle
D J Fish - 1991
"Measurements of stratospheric composition using ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy" (1995) (?in the polar low stratosphere - ?Arctic)

Earth Sciences, Cambridge University

Supervisor: W B Harland
A P Morris - 1973
Stratigraphic and tectonic studies in Spitsbergen

Supervisor: W B Harland
G M Manby - 1973
"The geology of the North Central Prins Karls Farland, Svalbard" (1979)

Supervisor: M J Hambrey
A C M Moncrieff - 1984
"The Vendian stratigraphy and sedimentology of East Greenland" (1988)

Supervisors: I N McCave/S Morris-Conway/J S Peel
G E Budd - 1990
"Cambrian arthropods from North Greenland and their evolutionary significance" (1994)

Supervisors: D P McKenzie/K Gronvold
J C Maclennan - 1996
Melt generation beneath central Iceland [ends 30-9-99]

Supervisors: K F Priestley/R S White
F A Darbyshire - 1995
Structure of the Iceland neovolcanic zone from earthquake seismology [ends 30-6-98]

Supervisor: R S White
N R W Weir - 1996
Crustal structure of the North Atlantic plate boundary in Iceland [ends 31-07-99]

Supervisors: R S White/I N McCave
A J Barton - 1992
Continental breakup above a mantle plume: the East Greenland margin

Geography, Cambridge University

Supervisors: M J Sharp/P L Gibbard
N S Arnold - 1989
"Modelling the influence of glacier hydrology on the dynamics of the Scandinavian ice sheet" (1993)

Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University

Supervisors: N Arnold/I Willis
D M Rippin - 1997
Modelling the hydrology of sub-polar glaciers [ends 30-9-2000]

Supervisor: J A Dowdeswell
M Cromack - 1987
"A glacial sedimentary system in Northwest Spitsbergen" (1991)(with H F Lamb, UCW)

Supervisor: J A Dowdeswell
T Murray - 1987
"Deformable glacier beds: measurement and modelling" (1990) (?Arctic)

Supervisor: J A Dowdeswell
G S Hamilton - 1988
"Investigations of surge-type glaciers in Spitsbergen" (1992)

Supervisor: J A Dowdeswell
R Hodgkins - 1991
"The seasonal evolution of meltwater discharge, quality and routing at a high-Arctic glacier" (1994) (Svalbard)

Supervisor: J A Dowdeswell
J K-W Lam - 1992
Numerical modelling of glacier response to climate change in Svalbard

Supervisors: J A Dowdeswell/C Doake/P Wadhams
M J Siegert - 1990
"Numerical modelling studies of the Svalbard-Barents Sea ice sheet" (1993)

Supervisors: J A Dowdeswell/A Elverhoi
V M Cadman - 1992
"Glacimarine sedimentation and environments during the Late Weichselian and Holocene in the Bellsund Trough and Van Keulenfjorden, Svalbard" (1996)

Supervisors: J A Dowdeswell/D K Futterer/H W Hubberton
J Evans - 1993
Greenland fjords and shelves

Supervisor: D J Drewry
J A Dowdeswell - 1981
"Remote sensing studies of Svalbard glaciers" (1984)

Supervisor: D J Drewry
J L Bamber - 1983
"Radio echo sounding studies of Svalbard glaciers" (1987)

Supervisor: D J Drewry
L G Watts - 1984
"Finite element simulations of ice mass flow" (1988) (?Arctic)

Supervisor: D J Drewry
D J Sexton - 1986
Glacier dynamics and sedimentation in N.W. Spitsbergen [David Sexton died before completing his thesis]

Supervisors: D J Drewry/V A Squire
M R Drinkwater - 1984
"Radar altimetric studies of polar ice" (1987) [in the Greenland Sea and Svalbard]

Supervisor: S Evans
N D Hargreaves - 1974
"Radio echo studies of the dielectric properties of ice sheets" (inc. Greenland) (1977)

Supervisor: W G Rees
A W Bingham - 1993
"Monitoring Arctic glaciers and ice caps using satellite remote sensing" (1998)

Supervisors: W G Rees/J A Dowdeswell
G J Marshall - 1991
"The effectiveness of spaceborne synthetic aperture radar for glacier monitoring" (1996) [Svalbard]

Supervisor: G de Q Robin
P Wadhams - 1970
"The effect of a sea ice cover on ocean surface waves" (1973) [in the Arctic]

Supervisor: G de Q Robin
V A Squire - 1975
"Dynamics of ocean waves in continuous sea ice cover" (1978) (fieldwork in N. Canada)

Supervisor: G de Q Robin
D H M Millar - 1978
"Radio-echo layering in polar ice sheets" (1982) (?Arctic)

Supervisors: V A Squire/H Cattle/P Wadhams
I L Bratchie - 1980
"Modelling sea-ice floe fields" (1984) (Greenland Sea)

Supervisors: V A Squire/P Wadhams
S P O'Farrell - 1982
"Ocean fronts at sea ice boundaries" (1989) (Arctic)

Supervisor: P Wadhams
A M Cowan - 1977
Morphology of ice floes and their distribution in drift-ice fields (?Arctic)

Supervisor: P Wadhams
M S Lovell - 1983
The morphology of polar sea ice covers (?Arctic)

Supervisor: P Wadhams
M A Brandon - 1992
"Winter surface water mass modification in the Greenland Sea" (1996)

Supervisor: P Wadhams
M R Huddleston - 1993
The ice budget, Greenland Sea [ends 11-98]

Supervisor: P Wadhams
R J Hall - 1996
Determination of SAR backscatter properties of young sea ice [ends 30-9-99]

Supervisors: P Wadhams/R Williams
U P Gilmour - 1989
"Mixing and circulation of meltwater outlow flumes in polar fjords" (?Arctic)

Dundee University

[Library Catalogue]

Geology, Dundee University

Supervisor: D M Ramsey
T C Pharaoh - 1975
"The geological history of the Komagfjord tectonic window, Finnmark, Northern Norway" (1980)

Supervisor: D M Ramsey
P L Bowden - 1976
Geology of the Langefjord Tefjord district, West Finnmark, Norway

Durham University

[Library Catalogue:]

Geography, Durham University

Supervisor: B S John
P A Rafferty - 1973
Raised marine features in North-West Iceland

Geological Sciences, Durham University

Supervisor: M H P Bott
P S Featherstone - 1973
Geophysical investigation of the continental margins between Scotland and Greenland using gravity and seismic methods

Supervisor: C H Emeleus
B M Powell - 1974
Petrogenesis of alkalic magmatism in the Gardar province of Southwest Greenland

Supervisor: C H Emeleus
A P Jones -1977
Petrology and structure of the Motzfeld nepheline Igaliko, South Greenland

Supervisor: C H Emeleus
C Bradshaw - 1982
The petrogenesis of nepheline syenites from the Motzfeld centre, Igaliko, South Greenland (with Gronlands Geologiske Undersogelse)

Supervisor: C H Emeleus
N J G Pearce - 1983
The petrogenesis and structure of the Igaliko dyke swarm, South Greenland

Supervisor: C H Emeleus
C M Bedford - 1986
"The mineralogy, geochemistry, and petrogenesis of the Gronnedal-Íka alkaline igneous complex, south-west Greenland" (1990)

Supervisor: C H Emeleus
S C Loughlin - 1991
"The evolution of the Eyjafjöll volcanic system, southern Iceland" (1996)

Supervisors: G R Foulger/B R Julian
M J Pritchard - 1995
The Iceland hotspot and deep mantle plume [ends 24-12-98]

Supervisors: G R Foulger/R C Searle
P R Field - 1990
"Crustal structure of the spreading plate boundary in Iceland and the North Atlantic from gravity data" (1994)

Supervisors: G R Foulger/R C Searle
A D Miller - 1992
Non-shear earthquakes and volcanic geothermal and tectonic processes in Iceland and California

Supervisor: R E Long
S K Arnott - 1987
"A seismic study of the Krafla volcanic system, Iceland" (1990)

Supervisor: J H Peacock
T L Armstrong - 1976
Marine geophysical investigation of the East Greenland continental margin

Supervisors: R N Thompson/G R Foulger
C L Walker - 1988
Structure and magmatism of a migrating spreading centre, Southwest Iceland

Supervisors: R N Thompson/G R Foulger
M A Hofton - 1991
"Anelastic deformation in Iceland studied using GPS with special reference to post-tectonic motion following the 1975-1985 Krafla rifting episode, and isostatic rebound" (1995)

Supervisors: R N Thompson/C Peirce
V L Hards - 1992
Analogue study ocean-ridge axial magnetism, Snaefell subglacial complex, Eastern Iceland

University of East Anglia

[Library Catalogue]

Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia

Supervisors: T M L Wigley/P M Kelly
C B Sear - 1979
"Atlantic Arctic sea ice variations" (1984)

Supervisors: T M L Wigley/P M Kelly
T Holt - 1982
"The effect of proposed Soviet river diversions on Arctic sea ice processes" (1988)

Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia

Supervisor: G S Boulton
B K Reid - 1974
Recent glacio-fluctuations in Greenland

Mathematics and Physics, University of East Anglia

Supervisor: J A Johnson
A E Creggan - 1971
Development of a three-dimensional analytical model applicable to the residual circulation of the Norwegian Sea; also coastal upwelling phenomena

Edinburgh University

[Library Catalogue:]

Geography, Edinburgh University

Supervisor: D E Sugden
N R J Hulton - 1986
"Modelling the the Greenland Icesheet" (1990)

Supervisor: D E Sugden
C R Warren - 1987
"Iceberg calving and ice sheet margin dynamics, West Greenland" (1990)

Supervisors: D E Sugden/A J Dugmore/I Cato
J E Boygle - 1990
"Tephra in lake sediments : an unambiguous geochronological marker?" (1994) (?Sweden/Iceland)

Geology and Geophysics, Edinburgh University

Supervisor: G S Boulton
J E H Perry - 1994
Modelling Northern hemisphere ice sheets through recent glacial cycles

Supervisors: G S Boulton/D Kroon
J M Lloyd - 1990
"The palaeoceanography and glacial history of the Greenland Sea and Spitsbergen ice cap over the last 200ka" (1994)

Supervisors: G S Boulton/R A Scrutton/D Kroon
A Payne - 1990
Cenozoic evolution of the West Spitsbergen continental margin

Supervisors: J G Fitton/M S Pringle
L M Chambers - 1996
The geometry, timing and magmatic impact of the ancestral Iceland plume [ends 30-9-99] (with BP Exploration)

Supervisor: I Parsons
A A Finch - 1987
"Chemical and isotopic nature of fluids associated with alkaline magmatism, South Greenland" (1990)

Supervisors: J R Underhill/A Witham/R L Gawthorne
A E McLeod - 1996
Controls on submarine fault degradation in Mesozoic sequences of Traillo, East Greenland, and the North Sea [ends 30-9-99]

Supervisors: B G J Upton/C E Ford
I C F Cheeney - 1969
Petrology of the basaltic rocks of the Gardar Igneous Province, Greenland, and of Pre-Cambrian Swedish basic dykes and their relation to continental drift

Supervisors: B G J Upton/C E Ford
A B Blaxman - 1973
"Geochronology and isotope geochemistry of the Gardar alkaline complexes, South Greenland" (1976)

Supervisors: B G J Upton/C E Ford
J A Craven - 1979
"The petrogenesis of some ultramafic rocks from the Gardar Province, S.W. Greenland" (1985)

Supervisors: B G J Upton/C E Ford
A R Martin - 1980
"The evolution of the Tugtutoq-Ilimaussaq dyke swarm, South Greenland" (1985)

Supervisors: B G J Upton/C E Ford
S C Mingard - 1987
"Crystallisation and layering of the Younger Giant Dyke Complex, S.W. Greenland" (1990)

Supervisors: B G J Upton/J G Fitton
H Nicholson - 1987
"The magmatic evolution of Krafla, N.E. Iceland" (1990)

Supervisors: B G J Upton/I Parsons/A Finch
K M Goodenough - 1994
The geochemistry of small-degree volatile-rich melts in the Proterozoic rift-setting: the Ivigut pegmatites, S. Greenland

Supervisor: K Weston
A Hall - 1988
"The interaction between climate and ice sheets : with special reference to the boundary layer of the ablation zone" (1992) (?Arctic)

Meteorology, Edinburgh University

Supervisors: D H McIntosh/A S Thom
C N Duncan - 1971
An investigation of polar lows (?Arctic)

Exeter University

[Library Catalogue]

Geology, Exeter University

Supervisor: K Coe
H R Williams - 1970
"The geology of an area to the northeast of Bjornesund, near Fiskenaesset, West Greenland" (1973)

Supervisors: K Coe/B Chadwick
E M Beech - 1975
"The origin and significance of the Malene supracrustal rocks from islands in the northwest Buksefjorden region, southern west Greenland" (1979)

Supervisors: K Coe/B Chadwick
M A Crewe - 1981
"The petrogenesis of Archaen basic and ultrabasic rocks from Ujaragssuit Nunât, Ivisârtoq region, southern west Greenland" (1986)

Keele University

[Library catalogue]

Earth Sciences, Keele University

Supervisors: P D Lane/J D Collinson/J S Peel
J R Ineson - 1977
Regional geology of northern Greenland (with Sveriges Geologiska Undersokning)

Supervisors: P D Lane/J S Peel
M R Blaker - 1984
Lower Cambrian trilobites of Greenland

Supervisors: A J Russell/P G Knight
H Fay - 1997
The geomorphic impact of the November 1996 jokulhlaup, Skeidararsandur, Iceland [ends 30-9-2000]

Lancaster University

[Library Catalogue:]

Environmental Sciences, Lancaster University

Supervisors: H Pinkerton/L Wilson
D W McGarvie - 1981
"Volcanology and petrology of mixed magmas and rhyolites from the Torfajokull volcano, Iceland" (1986)

Leeds University

[Library Catalogue:]

Earth Sciences, Leeds University

Supervisors: K Konhauser/S Bottrell
V R Phoenix - 1997
Icelandic hot springs as modern day analogues for Precambrian branded iron formation [ends 30-9-2000]

Supervisor: P Baker
B M Powell - 1974
"Theoretical geochemical and petrological study of the Igdlerfigssalik nepheline syenite intrusion, Greenland" (1976)

Leicester University

[Library Catalogue]

Geology, Leicester University

Supervisor: B F Windley
M B Stephens - 1969
Stratigraphical and structural study of the Lower Palaeozoic rocks of the Koli sequence near Bjorkfiallsomradet, Northwestern Sweden

Liverpool University

[Library Catalogue:]

Earth Sciences, Liverpool University

Supervisors: J D A Piper (Geophysics)
J E F Stearn - 1974
"Studies in late Precambrian palaeomagnetism from N.W. Scotland and Scandinavia" (1978)

Supervisors: J D Piper/J Shaw
D N Thomas - 1988
"Rock magnetic and Palaeomagnetic investigations of the Gardar lava succession, South Greenland" (1992)

Supervisor: J S Watterson (Geology)
D F Nash - 1972
Investigation of Precambrian rocks in the Sondre Stronfjord region of West Greenland in order to measure tectonic displacements at major Precambrian boundaries in Greenland

Supervisor: J S Watterson (Geology)
J Grocott - 1973
"The northern boundary of the Ikertoq shear belt, West Greenland" (1977)

Supervisor: J S Watterson (Geology)
L M Davidson - 1974
"Granulite facies rocks bordering the Ikertoq shear belt, central West Greenland" (1978)

Supervisor: R L Wilson (Geophysics)
J Shaw - 1971
The intensities of the palaeomagnetic field using Tertiary basalt specimens from Iceland and Britain

Goldsmiths College, University of London

[Library Catalogue]

Geology, Goldsmiths College

Supervisor: K R McClay
A J Carmichael - 1984
"The tectonics and mineralisation of the Black Angel Pb/Zn deposit, Central West Greenland" (1988) (with K Christensen, Greenex A/S)

Imperial College, University of London

[Library Catalogue:]

Geology, Imperial College

Supervisor: C Halls
N J Cook - 1983
Chemistry and mineralogy of the Sulitjelma orebodies and peripheral hydrothermal sediments (with P Kaspersen, Sulitjema Bergverk A/S)

Supervisor: R G Mason
MG Bill - 1972
Use of microgravity measurements for studying vertical uplift in Iceland, on Etna, and in other tectonically interesting areas

Supervisor: J Sutton
D K Hutt - 1971
Early Precambrian rocks in South-West Greenland

Supervisors: R N Thompson/I L Gibson
D A Wood - 1974
Chemical petrology of the Eastern Icelandic flood basalts

Physics and Astronomy, Imperial College

Supervisor: G E Limp
S N Charalamides - 1981
Remote sensing of clouds in polar regions (with M J Rycroft, BAS) (?Arctic)

Royal Holloway & Bedford New College, University of London

[Library Catalogue]

Geography, Royal Holloway & Bedford New College

Supervisor: J Rose
S D Richardson - 1993
Late Quaternary crustal displacement across a spreading ridge, Northeast Iceland

Geology, Royal Holloway & Bedford New College

Supervisor: B C King
J B Jackson - 1970
Structural, petrographic petrochemical investigation of basic igneous intrusions and their metasedimentary envelopes, Gyfiord, Seiland, West Finnmark, Norway

Supervisor: B C King
R J Eastoe - 1975
Basement and cover relationships in the Caledonides of West Norway (?Arctic)

Supervisor: B C King
C C Johns - 1975
Basement and cover relationships in the Caledonides of West Norway (?Arctic)

Scottish Universities Research and Reactor Centre (SURRC)

East Kilbride, Glasgow

Isotope Geoscience Unit, SURRC

Supervisors: R M Ellam/J G Fitton
L V Bunce - 1997
Off-axis volcanism and the length-scale of mantle heterogeneity in Iceland [ends 30-9-2000]

University College, University of London

[Library Catalogue:]

Geology, University College

Supervisor: R Mason
M G Bill - 1972
Use of microgravity measurements for studying vertical uplift in Iceland, on Etna, and in other tectonically interesting areas

Supervisor: R Mason
A P Boyle - 1976
"Structure, petrology and ophiolitic affinities of the Sulitjelma Amphibolites, Central Scandinavian Caledonides" (1982) (?Arctic)

Supervisor: R Mason
M F Billett - 1979
"The Rupsielven Amphibolites and associated metasediments : their relationship to the Sulitjelma Ophiolite, Northern Norway" (1984)

Supervisor: M A Kaminski
J R Evans - 1993
The neogene history of polar bentic biota: benthic foraminiferal palaeoenvironments in the Canada basin

Space and Climate Physics / Mullard Space Laboratory, University College

Supervisor: J L Culhane
J L Bamber - 1994
Satellite altimeter studies of the polar ice sheets

Supervisor: S Laxon
N R Peacock - 1995
Determination of the polar sea surface elevation and its variability [ends 30-9-98] (?Arctic)

Supervisor: S Laxon
J K Hutchings - 1996
Independent verification of observed trends in global sea ice extent from 1976-1994 [ends 30-9-99] (?Arctic}

Supervisor: D J Wingham
A J Bound - 1993
Ice-dynamic related topography (?Arctic)

Manchester University

[Library Catalogue:]

Geography, Manchester University

Supervisor: D N Collins
R W Farrar - 1980
Subglacial chemical processes (?Arctic)

Supervisor: D N Collins
S J Hall - 1982
Subglacial hydrology and hydrochemistry (?Arctic)

Supervisor: W H Theakstone
M J Hambrey - 1970
Glacial flow problems in the Okstindan area of Norway

Supervisor: W H Theakstone
M G C Read - 1973
"The hydrometeorology of a small glacial catchment" (1978) (?Arctic)

Supervisor: W H Theakstone
H Burkimsher - 1978
Seasonal evolution of the internal drainage systems of glaciers (?Arctic)

Supervisor: W H Theakstone
C S Durbin - 1981
Isotopic composition of water samples from glaciers (?Arctic)

Supervisor: W H Theakstone
S N Grainger - 1982
The nature of basal glacier ice and its influence on subglacial processes (?Arctic)

Supervisor: W H Theakstone
M Murray - 1984
Relationships between thermal structure, winter ice and snow cover at Arctic lakes

Supervisor: W H Theakstone
W R Corner - 1994
Relationship between remotely-sensed areas and ground data for snow and ice surfaces (?Arctic)

Geology, Manchester University

Supervisor: R Nicholson
M T Styles - 1971
"The Structure, metamorphism and igneous petrology of the Beiarn area, Nordland, Northern Norway" (1974)

Nottingham University

[Library Catalogue]

Geology, Nottingham University

Supervisor: R J Aldridge
S J Tull - 1984
"Conodont micropalaeontology of the Morris Bugt group (Middle Ordovician - Early Silurian), North Greenland" (1988)

Supervisors: R J Aldridge/J Peel/J M Hurst
H A Armstrong - 1979
"The early Silurian conodont micropalaeontology of the North Greenland carbonate platform" (1983)

Oxford University

[Library Catalogue:]

Geography, Oxford University

Supervisor: J Gottmann
A J Read - 1969
The deglaciation of the upper Karasjokka region of Finnmark, including landform analysis and sedimentological work [at Oslo Institute of Geology]

Earth Sciences, Oxford University

Supervisor: S Moorbath
P N Taylor - 1970
Geochronology and isotope geology of ancient basement complexes in the Godthaabsfjord area in West Greenland, the Lofoten Islands and the Outer Hebrides

Supervisor: P N Taylor
S J R Wade - 1981
Radiogenic isotope studies of crust-forming processes in Norwegian Proterozoic gneiss terrains (?Arctic)

Supervisors: D J Waters/C R L Friend
J E Haynes - 1994
Processes of granulite formation in West Greenland

Reading University

[Library Catalogue:]

Geography, Reading University

Supervisor: I M Fenwich
S Ellis - 1974
Soil development in a sub-arctic mountain region of Okstindan, Northern Norway

Supervisor: P Worsley
M B Seddon - 1980
"Pleistocene permafrost environments : comparisons of Arctic ice-wedges and ice-wedge casts in Britain" (1984)

Southampton University

[Library Catalogue:]

Geography, Southampton University

Supervisors: M J Clark/A M Gurnell
J L Threlfall - 1982
"Sediment source and discharge variability in a small subarctic nival catchment" (1986) (?Fennoscandia)

University of Wales Aberystwyth

[Library Catalogue:]

Earth Studies, University of Wales Aberystwyth

Supervisor: J A Dowdeswell
A T Lowe - 1994
Ice cap sensitivity to climate change in the Russian high Arctic [not completed]

Supervisors: J A Dowdeswell/M J Siegert
M Williams - 1996
Climate related measurement and modelling of Eurasian high Arctic ice masses

Supervisors: J A Dowdeswell/M J Siegert
R P Bassford - 1997
Measurements and modelling of the links between Arctic glaciers and climate [ends 30-9-2000]

Supervisor: B A Tocher
A Cullum - 1991
"Early Cretaceous (late Hauterivian to Barremian) dinoflagellate cysts from the Mount Goodenough formation of the Richardson Mountains, District of Mackenzie, N.W.T., Canada" (1996) [with D McIntyre, Geological Survey of Canada]

University College Cardiff - University of Wales

[Library Catalogue:]

Geology, University College Cardiff

Supervisor: R A Gayer
D M Williams - 1971
Structure of the Caledonian Lower Thrust Units of Central Finnmark, North Norway

Supervisor: R A Gayer
G D Williams - 1972
Stratigraphy and structure of the Lebesby area of central Finnmark, North Norway (?1976)

Supervisor: R A Gayer
C R Passe - 1973
"The structural geology of East Snofjord, Finnmark, North Norway" (1978)

Supervisor: R A Gayer
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