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The Arctic Environmental Metadata Centre

The Arctic Environmental Metadata Centre

This Centre aimed to describe all British datasets derived from university research in the Arctic. The initial funding was to list NERC-funded research.

[NERC logo] The centre opened in September 1997, and was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council until August 1999, via a research grant under the SEEDCORN initiative of NERC.

Arctic metadata may be accessed via two catalogues covering the period 1965 to 1998:

In conjunction with these files a metadata system was developed on a trial basis. This used a MetaData Management System provided by the Antarctic Environmental Data Centre at the British Antarctic Survey.

This test metadata can be searched via the NERC MetaData (Access) service.

For this project the Arctic was defined as:
Iceland; Greenland; Scandinavia north of the Arctic Circle; Canada, Alaska and Russia north of the treeline; as well as adjacent seas north of the Arctic Circle.

The centre also worked with the following NERC Thematic Programmes:

The Scott Polar Research Institute was the UK member of the Arctic Environmental Data Directory, (ADD), whose Secretariat is in Norway at UNEP/GRID-Arendal.

[In February 2001 the chair of ADD proposed to the IASC Executive Committee that ADD be discontinued. "The Executive Committee noted the proposal, and agreed that a reorganisation is needed. They also agreed in principle that awaiting the JCAM (Joint Committee on Antarctic Data Management) implementing the AMD (Antarctic Master Directory) could be a step towards a new way forward"].

  • The 5th ADD Council Meeting was held 5-7 June 1998 at the Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, Finland
  • The 6th Council Meeting held in June 1999 in Ottawa, Canada
  • The final council meeting, in 2000, was held in Copenhagen.