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SPRI Physical Sciences Seminar Series 2006-7

SPRI Physical Sciences Seminar Series 2006-7

Talks will be held in the main lecture theatre at the Scott Polar Research Institute and will start at 16.30. Some seminar dates may be subject to change. Please contact Dr. Jeff Evans for more details.

An archive of previous seminars is available.

Michaelmas Term

Wednesday 18th October
Dr John Smellie (British Antarctic Survey)
"Antarctic volcanism - its pivotal role in assessing pre-Quaternary ice sheets"
Wednesday 1st November
Dr Andreas Vieli (University of Durham)
"Rapid changes of ice sheets, ice shelves and glaciers: insights from numerical modelling"
Wednesday 15th November
Professor Danny McCarroll (University of Wales, Swansea)
"Deglaciation of the Irish Sea basin: a return to the Flood?"
Wednesday 29th November
Dr Bryn Hubbard (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)
"Studies on, and near, tropical glaciers: Cordillera Blanca, Peru"

Lent Term

Wednesday 28th February
Dr Richard Hodgkins (University of Loughborough)
"The most important equation in hydrology": the annual proglacial water budget at Finsterwalderbreen, Svalbard.
Wednesday 7th March
Alex Copley (University of Cambridge)
"Large scale deformation of the continents; analogies with the dynamics of ice masses"
Wednesday 14th March
To be confirmed

Easter Term

Wednesday 2nd May
To be confirmed
Wednesday 16th May
To be confirmed