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SPRI Physical Sciences Seminar Series 2005-6

SPRI Physical Sciences Seminar Series 2005-6

Talks will be held in the main lecture theatre at the Scott Polar Research Institute and will start at 16.30. Some seminar dates may be subject to change. Please contact Dr. Jeff Evans for more details.

Michaelmas Term

12th October
Dr. Dan Le Heron (CASP, University of Cambridge)
"Unravelling the size, flow and decay mechanisms of Late Ordovician ice sheets"
26th October
Professor Atsumu Ohmura (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich)
"Mass balance change of glaciers and ice sheets during the 20th century"
16th November
Dr. Doug Mair (University of Aberdeen)
"The challenge of determining change in the percolation zone of the Greenland Ice Sheet"
30th November
Dr. Dag Ottesen (Geological Survey of Norway)
"Palaeo-ice streams of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet and glacial development of the Norwegian continental margin during the last 3 million years"

Lent Term

25th January
Professor Grant Bigg (University of Sheffield)
"Salinity anomalies and convection in the polar North Atlantic"
8th February
Dr. Andrew Russell (University of Newcastle)
"Geomorphological and sedimentary signature of a subglacial sheet flood, Skeišarįrjökull, Iceland"
22nd February
Dr. Colin Summerhayes (University of Cambridge)
"Global Ocean Observing System"
15th March
Dr. Poul Christoffersen (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)
"Transient motion of glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland"

Easter Term

3rd May
Dr. Mike Meredith (British Antarctic Survey)
"Variability and change in the ocean west of the Antarctic Peninsula"
17th May
Dr. Jemma Wadhams (University of Bristol)
Detecting Life in subglacial environments: Challenges and opportunities