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Research seminars in Polar Physical Science 2003-4

Research seminars in Polar Physical Science 2003-4

All seminars will be held in the Scott Polar Research Institute Lecture theatre at 16.30 hrs (exceptions to this time are noted). For further information please contact Dr. Colm Ó Cofaigh.

October 22

Dr. David Vaughan (British Antarctic Survey).
"Climate change in Antarctica and ice sheet retreat"

November 5

Dr. Simon Carr (Oxford Brooks University).
"The Last Glaciation of the North Sea: extent, dynamics and chronology"

November 19

Dr. Chris Stokes (University of Reading).
"Investigating the controls on fast ice flow in ice sheets: new insights from former ice stream beds".

December 3

Dr. Nick Hulton (University of Edinburgh).
"Modelling the evolution of glaciated landscapes".

March 3

Dr. Peter Nienow (University of Glasgow).
"Hydrology and dynamics of High Arctic ice masses and their response to climate change".

March 10

Dr. Adrian Jenkins (British Antarctic Survey).
"Exploring the hidden depths beneath Antarctica's floating ice shelves".

March 17

Dr. Mike Bentley (University of Durham).
"Holocene history of the George VI Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula"

April 21

Professor David Mickelson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
"Paleoglaciology of the southern Laurentide Ice Sheet: insights from sediment, landforms, and modelling".

Note: The talk by Doug Benn (University of St. Andrews) on "Towards a general model of glacier calving" has been cancelled.

May 5

Professor Martyn Tranter (University of Bristol).
"Glacier hydrology and hydrochemistry in the Dry Valleys, Antarctica".

Please note this talk will be held at 16.00 h

May 12th

Dr. James Scourse (University of Bangor).
"Heinrich events: ice-ocean-climate dynamics in the NE Atlantic".

May 19

Dr. Mark Brandon (Open University).
"Autosub goes south: Using a robot to measure sea ice in the Southern Ocean".