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Magic Circle seminar group

Magic Circle seminar group

This series is no longer running. The information below remains available as an archive of previous activity.

Fridays at 11am - Piers Vitebsky's office, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge.

The Magic Circle originated in a pub conversation with graduate students and has grown into a long-running group for the informal discussion of research in progress on ritual, symbolism and the anthropology of religion worldwide, and its interface with theology, psychology and related disciplines. Participants and speakers include graduate students, senior scholars, and practitioners of religion and psychology.

Meetings are held on Fridays from 11 am - 1 pm in Piers Vitebsky's office or Seminar Room in the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, followed by a pub lunch. Brief papers are generally circulated a few days in advance.

As well as discussing the work of regular participants, we welcome presentations from visitors. If you would like to attend or present your material, subscribe or unsubscribe to the mailing list, please contact:

Any changes will be notified to those on the mailing list.

There are no forthcoming seminars at present. Please check back here later.

You may wish to view the archive of previous seminars.