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Research and talks seminars in Polar Social Science and Humanities 2006/7

Research and talks seminars in Polar Social Science and Humanities 2006/7

Fieldnotes and beyond: annotated multimedia for linguists and anthropologists

Dr Alexander Nakhimovsky, of Colgate University, NY

Thursday 3 May 2007, 5pm, Scott Polar Research Institute

Dr Nakhimovsky trained at St Petersburg and Cornell universities. He will talk about the shift in linguistics from publishing just the scholarly results of research (eg a grammar of the language) to also publishing primary data, increasingly in the form of annotated multimedia (audio and video). As well as being a research tool, annotated multimedia is in effect a new genre of publication, and also has great potential for the conservation and accessing of anthropologists' fieldnotes.

Alexander Nakhimovsky runs a project on endangered languages in Siberia and the Caucasus and is planning similar work in tribal India. He is also Director of Colgate's 'Project Afghanistan' that works to develop educational materials for Afghan universities.

The effects of climate change in Alaska

28th August 2007, 12.30pm, SPRI Lecture Theatre

Charles Wohlforth, author of "The whale and the supercomputer: On the Northern front of climate change" will be visiting Cambridge, August 26-28 2007. His work explores Inupiat and scientific understandings of climate change in the Alaskan Arctic.

He will be giving a lecture on the effects of climate change in Alaska.