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Recent publications by members of the Institute are listed here.

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  • Charlier, G., de Pomereu, J., Dowdeswell, J. and Macleod, A., 2020. Shackleton’s Endurance: the Photographs of Frank Hurley, Salto Ulbeek Publishers, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), and the Scott Polar Research Institute.
  • Bravo, M., 2019. North Pole Nature and Culture, Earth, London. 255pp.
  • Charlier, G., de Pomereu, J. and Dowdeswell, J., 2019. Captain Scott's Antarctic Photographs, 1911, Salto Ulbeek Publishers and the Scott Polar Research Institute. 84pp.

Journal articles


  • Kirkham, J.D., Hogan, K.A., Larter, R.D., Arnold, N.S., Ely, J.C., Clark, C.D., Self, E., Games, K., Huuse, M., Stewart, M.A., Ottesen, D. and Dowdeswell, J.A., 2024. Tunnel valley formation beneath deglaciating mid-latitude ice sheets: Observations and modelling. Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 323, p.107680-. doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2022.107680.
  • Kirkham, J.D., Hogan, K.A., Larter, R.D., Self, E., Games, K., Huuse, M., Stewart, M.A., Ottesen, D., Le Heron, D.P., Lawrence, A., Kane, I., Arnold, N.S. and Dowdeswell, J.A., 2024. The infill of tunnel valleys in the central North Sea: Implications for sedimentary processes, geohazards, and ice-sheet dynamics. Marine Geology, vol. 467, p.107185-. doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2023.107185.


  • Batchelor, C.L., Christie, F.D.W., Ottesen, D., Montelli, A., Evans, J., Dowdeswell, E.K., Bjarnadóttir, L.R. and Dowdeswell, J.A., 2023. Rapid, buoyancy-driven ice-sheet retreat of hundreds of metres per day. Nature, vol. 617, issue 7959, p.105-110. doi:10.1038/s41586-023-05876-1.
  • Büntgen, U. and Rees, G., 2023. Global change research needs international collaboration. The Science of The Total Environment, vol. 902, p.166054-. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.166054.
  • Butcher, F.E.G., Arnold, N.S., Conway, S.J., Berman, D.C., Davis, J.M. and Balme, M.R., 2023. The internal structure of a debris-covered glacier on Mars revealed by gully incision. Icarus, p.115717-. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2023.115717.
  • Deakin, K.A., Christie, F.D.W., Boxall, K. and Willis, I.C., 2023. Oscillatory response of Larsen C Ice Shelf flow to the calving of iceberg A-68. Journal of Glaciology, p.1-10. doi:10.1017/jog.2023.102.
  • Hogan, K.A., Warburton, K.L.P., Graham, A.G.C., Neufeld, J.A., Hewitt, D.R., Dowdeswell, J.A. and Larter, R.D., 2023. Towards modelling of corrugation ridges at ice-sheet grounding lines. The Cryosphere, vol. 17, issue 7, p.2645-2664. doi:10.5194/tc-17-2645-2023.
  • Lintott, B. and Rees, G., 2023. Arctic Heritage at Risk: Insights into How Remote Sensing, Robotics and Simulation Can Improve Risk Analysis and Enhance Safety. Remote Sensing, vol. 15, issue 3, p.675-. doi:10.3390/rs15030675.
  • Montelli, A., Solovyeva, M., Akhmanov, G., Mazzini, A., Piatilova, A., Bakay, E. and Dowdeswell, J.A., 2023. The geomorphic record of marine-based ice dome decay: Final collapse of the Barents Sea ice sheet. Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 303, p.107973-. doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2023.107973.
  • Rees, G., 2023. Lake Ladoga. The coastal history of the greatest lake in Europe. Maria Lähteenmäki and Isaac Land, editors. Helsinki: Finnish Literary Society, SKS. 2023. 233 p, paperback, epub and pdf. ISBN 978-951-858-628-2 (print). €45. Also available as a free open-access download ( Polar Record, vol. 59, p.e30-. doi:10.1017/s0032247423000207.
  • Rees, G., Büntgen, U. and Stenseth, N.C., 2023. Arctic science: resume collaborations with Russian scholars. Nature, vol. 613, issue 7943, p.243-243. doi:10.1038/d41586-023-00008-1.
  • Todd, B.J., Dowdeswell, J.A., Shaw, J., Campbell, D.C. and Mate, D.J., 2023. Deglacial dynamics of the Foxe–Baffin Ice Sheet, Frobisher Bay, Nunavut, Canada revealed by submarine landform mapping. Journal of Quaternary Science, vol. 38, issue 3, p.365-385. doi:10.1002/jqs.3486.


  • , 2022. Boreal forest on the move. Nature, doi:10.1038/d41586-022-02008-z.
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  • Batchelor, C.L., Frinault, B.A.V., Christie, F.D.W., Montelli, A. and Dowdeswell, J.A., 2022. The morphology of pockmarks on the north-east Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf. Antarctic Science, vol. 34, issue 4, p.313-324. doi:10.1017/s0954102022000177.
  • Boxall, K., Christie, F.D.W., Willis, I.C., Wuite, J. and Nagler, T., 2022. Seasonal land ice-flow variability in the Antarctic Peninsula. vol. 2022, p.1-37. doi:10.5194/tc-2022-55.
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Book chapters

  • Dowdeswell, J., 2020. Ice, in Earth 2020, Open Book Publishers. p.101-110. doi:10.11647/obp.0193.13.
  • Bravo, M.T., 2019. Indigenous Evangelical Voyaging: Authorship and Perspective, in Terrall, M. and Craciun, A. (eds.) Curious Encounters: Voyaging, Collecting, and Making Knowledge in the Long Eighteenth Century, University of Toronto Press.
  • Dowdeswell, J.A., Hogan, K.A. and Le Heron, D.P., 2019. The glacier-influenced marine record on high-latitude continental margins: synergies between modern, Quaternary and ancient evidence, Geological Society of London. vol. 475, p.261-279. doi:10.1144/sp475.13.

Conference proceedings


  • Dowdeswell, J., Shears, J., Batchelor, C., Christie, F., Rack, W., Montelli, A., Evans, J., Dowdeswell, E., Ottesen, D., Fawcett, S., Bornman, T., Hutchinson, K., Audh, R., Burger, J., Flynn, R., Henry, T., Luyt, H., Smith, S., Spence, K., Woodall, L., Taylor, M., Frinault, B., Bekker, A., Zu, L., van Zilj, C., Matthee, J.-.J. and Makgabutlane, M., 2019. The Weddell Sea Expedition 2019: Cruise Scientific Report. art. 1, doi:10.17863/CAM.58103.

Other publications

Theses / dissertations

  • Anderson-Elliott, H., 2022. Knowing Misha the Polar Bear: Multi-naturalism, biography, and conservation in Svalbard. doi:10.17863/CAM.78489.
  • Dell, R., 2021. Investigating the surface hydrology of Antarctic ice shelves using remote sensing and machine learning. doi:10.17863/CAM.77341.
  • Reilly, T.B.T., 2021. Towards Polycentric Regionalism: Sino-Russian Geo-Economic Relations and the Formation of the Pacific Arctic Region. doi:10.17863/CAM.84435.
  • Teleti, P., 2020. Reconstruction of the historical climate of the Southern Ocean from whaling ships’ logbooks. doi:10.17863/CAM.55560.


  • Rees, G. and Swirad, Z., 2023. Transverse Mercator coordinate conversions. doi:10.17863/CAM.96761.
  • Rees, W., 2023. Stackfit: Fitting the parameters of a two-stream optical model to reflectance measurements of stacks of plant leaves. doi:10.17863/CAM.96760.
  • Rees, W., 2023. Walking time in rugged terrain. doi:10.17863/CAM.96625.
  • Law, R., Arnold, N. and Benedek, C., 2020. GlacierLake2 - Code supporting [Over-winter persistence of supraglacial lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet: results and insights from a new model]. doi:10.17863/CAM.47791.

Earlier publications are listed in each year's edition of SPRI Review.