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About the Atlas

About the Atlas


Contributions are organised in two ways: first, by position on the continental margin - from fjords, through continental shelves to the continental slope and rise; secondly, by scale - as individual landforms and assemblages of landforms. A final section provides discussions of integrated fjord shelf-slope systems.

Atlas contents

Section 1 Introduction: an Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms (Open Access article)

Section 2: Mapping submarine glacial landforms using acoustic methods (Open Access article)

Section 3a Fjords: landforms
Section 3b Fjords: landform assemblages

Section 4a Continental Shelf: landforms
Section 4b Continental Shelf: landform assemblages

Section 5 Continental Slope: landforms

Section 6 Fjord – Shelf – slope: landsystems

Section 7 Conclusion: The variety and distribution of submarine glacial landforms
and implications for ice-sheet reconstruction (Open Access article)

Section 8 Glossary, cumulated bibliography and index
Glossary of glaciated continental margins and related geoscience methods
Cumulated bibliography


J.A. Dowdeswell1, M. Canals2, M. Jakobsson3, B.J. Todd4, E.K. Dowdeswell1, K.A. Hogan5.

1 University of Cambridge, UK;
2 University of Barcelona, Spain;
3 University of Stockholm, Sweden;
4 Geological Survey of Canada, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada;
5 British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK