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The team

Poul Christoffersen Poul Christoffersen (Principal Investigator, Cambridge): Glaciologist researching the dynamics of fast flowing glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica. His responsibilities in the SAFIRE project include logistical planning, field data acquisition, and overall management of the project.
index14.jpg Bryn Hubbard (Co-Principal Investigator, Aberystwyth): Glaciologist investigating subglacial drainage and ice motion via hot-water borehole access. His responsibility in the SAFIRE project includes hot-water drilling, optical tele-viewing and borehole sensor development.
Marion Bougamont Marion Bougamont (Co-Investigator, Cambridge): Glaciologist who specializes in numerical modeling of glaciers and ice sheets. Her responsibility in this project is to develop a 3D model of Store Glacier constrained by field data. The model will help the team to understand processes of the basal environment. See (10) for an example of her modeling work.
index16.jpg Alun Hubbard (Co-Investigator, Aberystwyth): Glaciologist whose research focuses on the dynamic sensitivity of the Greenland ice sheet. His responsibility in this project is to acquire data with UAVs and time-lapse cameras overlooking Store Glacier, set up GPS networks and conduct geophysical surveys.
doyle.jpg Samuel Doyle (Postdoctoral Researcher, Aberystwyth): Glaciologist researching glacier dynamics and flow of the Greenland Ice Sheet using GPS networks and surface geophysics. In this project he is developing borehole sensors for the study of the basal environment of Store Glacier. See (4, 11) for examples of his recent work.
Joe Todd Joe Todd (PhD student, Cambridge): Joe is using the Elmer/ICE finite element model to investigate calving dynamics and flow of Store Glacier in 2D and 3D. See (7, 9) for examples of his PhD research.
young.jpg Tun Jan "TJ" Young (PhD student): TJ is investigating ice deformation and the basal thermal regime of Store Glacier, using phase-sensitive radar systems deployed in attended and unattended (autonomous) modes.
ryan.jpg Johnny Ryan (PhD student, Aberystwyth): Johnny is developing UAV technology for glacial investigations and is specifically investigating the calving mechanism at Store Glacier. See (9) for an example of his PhD research.
Nick Toberg Nick Toberg (PhD student, Cambridge): Nick is investigating proglacial ice mélange, a seasonally rigid mixture of icebergs, bergy bits and sea ice, which provide stability for tidewater glaciers such as Store Glacier. In this project, he uses images obtained from repeat surveys of Store Glacier with UAVs.

Collaborating partners