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Cambridge Canadian Studies Initiative (CCSI)

Cambridge Canadian Studies Initiative (CCSI)

Featured researchers

This page highlights the work of faculty at the University of Cambridge who conduct research on Canada-related topics or who maintain research links with colleagues at Canadian institutions. The Cambridge Canadian Studies Initiative seeks to draw attention to the activities of these individuals and aims to support them by every means possible.

If you are a Cambridge faculty member with Canadian connections, please let us know if you would like to be included here.

Photo of Dr Neil Kenny

Dr Neil Kenny

Position: Reader in Early Modern French Literary and Intellectual History, Department of French.

Education: BA, University of Cambridge, 1978.
DPhil, University of Oxford, 1987.

Fields of interest: Early modern French literary and intellectual history.

Canadian connections:

Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto (July-December 2005).

Taught a module on 16th-century French voyages to North America, including Canada, as part of an undergraduate special subject in French called 'Language, Place, Otherness'.

Contributed articles on early French voyages to Canada (Cartier, Roberval, Champlain) to the encyclopaedia on French-American relations, published in 2005 by ABC-Clio.

Photo of Dr Lucy Delap

Dr Lucy Delap

Position: Research Fellow, King's College and Faculty of History.

Education: BA, University of Cambridge, 1994.
MPhil, University of Cambridge, 1998.
PhD, University of Cambridge, 2002.

Fields of interest: British and North American history of ideas and history of political thought; Cultural and social history and history of feminism in the Victorian/Edwardian eras.

Canadian connections:

Visiting Scholar, University of British Columbia, May - Sept 2005.

Attended a 2004 conference at Wilfred Laurier University, 'Mediating Feminisms', exploring a three-nation collaboration in creating a digital gateway for accessing sources in feminist print culture, 1830-1930.

Collaborates with Dr Teresa Zackodnik of the University of Alberta, Dr Maria DiCenzo of Wilfred Laurier University, Dr Leila Ryan of McMaster University, and Professor Mary Chapman of the University of British Columbia.

Selected publications: Feminism and the Periodical Press, 1900-1918. Edited by DiCenzo, Delap, and Ryan. Routledge, 2006. This anthology covers Britain, the US and Canadian feminist periodical publishing.

Dr Duncan Bell

Position: University Lecturer in International Relations, Centre of International Studies; Fellow of Christ's College.

Education: BA (Hons.), King's College, London, 1998.
MPhil in International Relations, University of Cambridge, 2000.
PhD, University of Cambridge, 2004.

Fields of interest: International political theory; history of political thought (especially 19th century imperial thought).

Canadian connections: Conducts research on British ideologies of empire, focusing on the way in which the settler colonies - including Canada - were imagined, especially during the late Victorian era.

Supervises a PhD student working on Canadian history.

Selected publications:

Imagining Greater Britain: Empire, Ideology, and the Future of World Order (Princeton University Press, 2006).

Editor, Victorian Visions of Global Order: Empire and International
Relations in Nineteenth Century British Political Thought

Photo of Nick Denyer

Mr Nick Denyer

Position: Fellow and College Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Trinity College. University Senior Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy, Faculty of Classics.

Education: MA, University of Oxford, 1981

Fields of interest: Ancient Philosophy

Canadian connections: Maintains links with Professor Brad Inwood of the University of Toronto and Professor Stephen Menn of McGill University through their regular participation in the Ancient Philosophy Mayweeks organized by the philosophy caucus at the Cambridge Faculty of Classics.

Photo of Dr Ian Wilson

Dr Ian Wilson

Position: Reader in Chemical Engineering; Fellow of Jesus College

Education: BA, Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, 1988.
MEng, Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, 1989.
PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia, 1994.

Fields of interest: Rheology and processing of soft solids; food process engineering; fouling and cleaning in heat transfer systems.

Canadian connections: Has conducted research in collaboration with Professor A. Paul Watkinson, Professor S. Hatzikiriakos, and Professor I. Frigaard, of the University of British Columbia, and with Professor D. Lister of the University of New Brunswick.

Anita Herle

Position: Senior Curator, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology.

Education: BA (Hons) in Anthropology, University of British Columbia, 1984.
MPhil in Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge.

Fields of interest: Anthropology; Museum Studies; Indigenous Art; First Nations Issues in Canada.

Canadian connections:

Has conducted research on subjects associated with Canadian First Nations, including Indigenous Cultural Centres, Powwows, Northwest Coast Art, and Indigenous Knowledge Networks.

Has conducted field research at indigenous cultural centres in Canada.

Maintains professional contact with the Museum of Anthropology and Museum of Civilization at the University of British Columbia and spent a recent sabbatical term there.

Is responsible for two courses in the Department of Social Anthropology that include Canadian content: the MPhil in Social Anthropology and Museums, and the undergraduate Part II Paper 'Anthropology, Communication and the Arts'.

Currently overseeing a Cambridge Museum-based project to research catalogue Arctic photography.

Plans to research the development of Indigenous Knowledge Networks in the Northwest Coast and Woodlands regions of Canada.

Selected publications:

Herle, A. (1994): 'Museums and first peoples in Canada', Journal of Museum Ethnography. The Museum Ethnographers Group. No. 6, 39-64.

Herle, A. (1994): 'Introduction: living traditions', 'Dancing community: powwow and pan-Indianism in North America', 'Epilogue: living traditions, there and here', in Herle and Phillipson (eds.), Living Traditions: continuity and change, past and present, Cambridge Anthropology Vol. 17, No. 2: 1-3; 57-83; 119-125.

Herle, A. (2002): 'Objects of transformation in Northwest Coast Museology', Journal of Museum Ethnography. The Museum Ethnographers Group. No. 14 , 38-59.

Herle, A. (2005): 'Transforming Things: Art and Politics on the Northwest Coast', in B. Latour and P. Weibel (eds). Making Things Public. Karlsruhe: ZKM Publications.

Photo of Dr Peter Haynes

Dr Peter Haynes

Position: Royal Society University Research Fellow in Physics; Fellow of Sidney
Sussex College.

Education: MA, University of Cambridge, 1999.
PhD, University of Cambridge 1998.

Fields of interest: Computational condensed matter physics.

Canadian connections: Maintains an ongoing collaboration on 'Properties of Polymers and Organic Compounds' with Professor Michel Côté, Department of Physics, Université de Montréal.

Selected publications:

Material design from first principles: the case of boron nitride polymers, Michel Côté, Peter D. Haynes and Carla Molteni, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 14, 9997-10009 (2002).

Boron nitride polymers: Building blocks for organic electronic devices, Michel Côté, Peter D. Haynes and Carla Molteni, Phys. Rev. B 63, 125207 (2001).

Photo of Prof Richard Needs

Professor Richard Needs

Position: Professor of Physics; Fellow of Robinson College.

Canadian connections: Works with Dr Peter Haynes (above) in collaboration with Professor Michel Côté at the Université de Montréal.

Selected publications:

Structural relaxations in electronically excited poly(para-phenylene)
Emilio Artacho, M. Rohlfing, M. Côté, P.D. Haynes, R.J. Needs, and C. Molteni Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 116401 (2004).

Photo of Dr Patrick Baert

Dr Patrick Baert

Position: University Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences; Fellow of Selwyn College.

Education: Lic. Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 1982.
D.Phil., University of Oxford, 1990.

Fields of interest: Social theory; philosophy of social science.

Canadian connections:

Taught at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of British Columbia in the summer of 2000. Maintains professional contact with Professor Thomas Kemple of UBC.

Influenced by the work of Professor Charles Taylor of McGill University.

Plans to visit York University, the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the Université de Montréal in order to connect with their philosophy, politics, and sociology departments. Hopes to develop further productive collaborations with Canadian academics.

Professor Duncan Maskell

Position: Marks & Spencer Professor of Farm Animal Health, Food Science, and Food Safety; Head of Department of Veterinary Medicine; Fellow of Wolfson College.

Education: BA (Hons), University of Cambridge, 1982.
PhD, University of Cambridge, 1986.

Fields of interest: Infectious disease; Bacterial infection; Genomics; Immunity; Vaccines; Lipopolysaccharide and endotoxin.

Canadian connections:

Currently collaborates on Bordetella LPS genetics with the University of Guelph, and maintains informal links with the University of British Columbia.

Maintains links and collaborations with:

Spoke at the Canadian Bacterial Disease Network meeting at Banff.

Has visited the Universities of Guelph and Calgary, and has hosted Dr Peppler as
a sabbatical visitor at Cambridge.

Will soon submit a joint grant with Dr Preston of the University of Guelph, and will attend a conference in Vancouver in 2006.

Selected publications:

Stenson TH, Allen AG, Al-Meer JA, Maskell D, Peppler MS. 'Bordetella pertussis risA, but not risS, is required for maximal expression of Bvg-repressed genes.' Infect Immun. 2005 Sep;73(9):5995-6004.

Photo of Dr Emma Wilson

Dr Emma Wilson

Position: Reader in Contemporary French Literature and Film; Head of Department,
Department of French, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages; Fellow of Corpus Christi College.

Education: PhD, University of Cambridge, 1991.

Fields of interest: Contemporary literature and film.

Canadian connections:

Currently writing a book on the films of Canadian Director Atom Egoyan for the Illinois University Press 'Contemporary Film Directors' series.

Has written on Egoyan and other directors such as Jeremy Podeswa in Cinema's Missing Children (Wallflower, 2003).

Photo of Dr Stephen Littlechild

Dr Stephen Littlechild

Position: Senior Research Associate, Judge Business School; Emeritus Professor, University of Birmingham.

Education: BComm, University of Birmingham, 1964.
PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 1969.

Fields of interest: Privatisation, competition and regulation of utility sectors, especially electricity and telecommunications.

Canadian connections:

Currently researching the use of negotiated settlements by Alberta energy regulators, in collaboration with Professor Joseph Doucet, Enbridge Professor of Energy Policy, CABREE, University of Alberta School of Business.

Photo of David Carter

David John Carter

Position: Research Facilitator, Department of Chemical Engineering.

Education: BSc (Hons.) in Materials Science, University of Sussex, 1978.
MPhil, University of Sussex, 1980.

Fields of interest: Technology Acquisition and Transfer; Chemical, Process, Product, Business Process, and Bioscience Engineering.

Canadian connections:

Was employed for 21 years with the Canadian firm Nortel Networks and managed Canadian staff.

Seeks to develop Canadian links and collaborations for the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Photo of Dr Sarah Hawkins

Dr Sarah Hawkins

Position: Professor of Phonetic Sciences, Department of Linguistics; Fellow of Clare Hall.

Education: BSc (Soc. Sci.), University of Southampton, 1970.
Diploma in Linguistics, University of Cambridge, 1971.
PhD in Linguistics, University of Cambridge, 1976.

Fields of interest: Speech perception; phonetics; cognitive neuroscience; acoustic phonetics (auditory neurophysiology).

Canadian connections:

Currently collaborating with Dr Ingrid Johnsrude and Dr Kevin Munhall of the Department of Psychology, Queen's University. Researching the brain organization of phonetic contributions to speech understanding and audio-visual speech perception. Dr Johnsrude is also affiliated with the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at Cambridge.

Photo of Dr Koen Steemers

Dr Koen Steemers

Position: Reader in Environmental Design, Department of Architecture; Director of the Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies; Fellow of Wolfson College; Director of Cambridge Architectural Research Limited; President of PLEA (Passive and Low Energy Architecture)

Education: BSc, University of Bath, 1984.
BArch, University of Bath, 1986.
MPhil, University of Cambridge, 1988.
PhD, University of Cambridge, 1992.

Fields of interest: The environmental performance of buildings and cities.

Canadian connections:

Member of a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Global Watch Mission to Canada on 'Low Carbon Communities', Summer 2005.

Maintains professional contact with Drs Andre Potvin and Claude Demers at Laval University; Dr Guy Newsham at the Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council Canada (NRC-CNRC). Has also developed contacts with authorities, academics, and industry in Vancouver as a result of the DTI Mission.

Plans to conduct research and consultancy work on sustainable building and urban design projects in Canada.

Photo of Prof James Fawcett

Professor James Fawcett

Position: Professor of Experimental Neurology; Chairman of the Brain Repair Centre; Director of Medical Studies, King's College.

Education: MBBS Oxford and St. Thomas's; MRCP London.; PhD University of London; FRCP London; FMedSci.

Fields of interest: Repair of the damaged Central Nervous System; particularly axon regeneration, plasticity, and stem cell behaviour.

Canadian connections:

Chairman of the External Advisory Panel to ICORD Vancouver (International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries).

Collaborates with Professor John Steeves of ICORD Vancouver and the University of British Columbia.

Selected publications:

Steeves, J. D., Fawcett, J. W., and Tuszynski, M. Report of International Clinical Trials Workshop on Spinal Injury, Feb 20-21 2004, Vancouver Canada. Spinal Cord 42, 591-597. 2004.

Dr Adrian Grounds

Position: University Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychiatry, Institute of Criminology.

Education: B.Med.Sci., BM, BS, University of Nottingham, 1977.
DM, University of Nottingham, 1986; FRCPsych.

Fields of interest: Mentally disordered offenders; Psychological effects of wrongful conviction and imprisonment.

Canadian connections:

Gave evidence at the Sophonow Inquiry, Manitoba, January 2001. See the report on Dr Grounds testimony here.

Participation in an international conference on wrongful convictions, Winnipeg, Manitoba, October 2005 (

Selected publications:

Grounds A.T. (2004) Psychological Consequences of Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 46, 165-182.

Photo of Prof Brian Cheffins

Professor Brian R. Cheffins

Position: S.J. Berwin Professor of Corporate Law, Faculty of Law; Professorial Fellow of Trinity Hall.

Education: B.A., University of Victoria.
LL.B., University of Victoria.
LL.M. University of Cambridge.

Fields of interest: Corporate law; corporate governance; law and economics; business history.

Canadian connections:

Recently researched and co-authored a paper entitled 'Outside Director Liability
Across Countries'
that analyses the liability of company directors in several countries, including Canada. Presented the work at public lectures at Dalhousie University in October 2004 and Queen's University in September 2005. Also presented the paper at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies conference in Cambridge in July 2005.

Maintains collaborations with Professor Chris Nicholls , Faculty of Law, Dalhousie University, and Professor Anita Anand , Faculty of Law, Queen's University.

Pending membership of the editorial board of the Social Science Research Network's Canadian law & economics working paper series.

Taught for 11 years at the Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia and held an Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Faculty Research Fellowship.

Selected publications:

'The Development of Competition Policy, 1890-1940: Re-evaluation of a Canadian and American Tradition', Osgoode Hall Law Journal, 27: 449-490 (1989).

'European Community Company and Securities Law: A Canadian Perspective', McGill Law Journal, 36: 1282-1321 (1991).

'Shareholder Remedies: Lessons from Canada', Company Lawyer 13: 89-95 (1992) (co-authored with Dr. Janet Dine).

'Reforming the Derivative Action: The Canadian Experience and British Prospects', Company Financial and Insolvency Law Review 1: 227-60 (1997).

'Michaud v. National Bank of Canada and Canadian Corporate Governance: A 'Victory for Shareholder Rights'?', Canadian Business Law Journal 30: 20-72 (1998).

Photo of Dr David Williams

Dr David L Wiliams

Position: Associate Lecturer in Veterinary Ophthalmology, Department of Veterinary Medicine; Fellow and College Lecturer in Pathology, St John's College;
Director of Studies, Veterinary Medicine and Pathology, St John's College.

Education: MA VetMB, University of Cambridge, 1988.
PhD, University of London, 1995.

Fields of interest: Ophthalmology: age related cataracts, tear deficiency, and exotic animals; ethics of animal use and abuse.

Canadian connections:

Currently writing a biography of Casey A. Wood, Canadian ophthalmologist. Received a Sir Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation Scholarship to visit McGill University and research Wood's records.

Maintains a collaboration with Professor Barry Frost of Queen's University.

Photo of Prof Hamid Sabourian

Professor Hamid Sabourian

Position: Professor of Economics and Game Theory; Fellow of King's College.

Education: BA, University of Cambridge, 1980.
MSc, London School of Economics, 1981.
PhD, University of Cambridge, 1987.

Fields of interest: Economic theory; mathematical economics, in particular: game theory; evolution and learning; bounded rationality; herd behaviour and social learning; contract theory, voting.

Canadian connections:

Collaborates with Professor Andreas Park, Department of Economics, University of Toronto.

Selected publications:

Park, Andreas and Hamid Sabourian. 2005. 'Herd Behaviour in Efficient Financial Markets with Sequential Trades.'

Photo of Dr Wendy Ayres-Bennett

Dr Wendy Ayres-Bennett

Position: Professor of French Philology and Linguistics, Department of Modern and Medieval Languages.

Education: MA, University of Cambridge.
DPhil, University of Oxford.

Fields of interest: History of the French Language; History of French Linguistic Thought; Sociohistorical Linguistics.

Canadian connections:

Conducted research into Canadian French as a possible source of seventeenth-century spoken French.

Taught on the French of Canada as part of a course on 'Structure and Varieties of Modern French'.

Selected publications:

Sociolinguistic variation in seventeenth-century France, Cambridge University Press, 2004.

Photo of Dr Richard Toye

Dr Richard Toye

Position: Fellow, Lecturer, and Director of Studies in History, Homerton College; Newton Trust Lecturer, Faculty of History.

Education: BA, University of Birmingham 1995.
MPhil, University of Birmingham, 1996.
PhD, University of Cambridge, 2000.

Fields of interest: The history of international trade; British political history, including the politics of Empire; the United Nations; Lloyd George and Churchill.

Canadian connections: Conducts research on topics with Canadian angles, including international trade negotiations in the 1940s, in which Canada played a major role. Also researches Lloyd George and Churchill, including their respective views of the Empire/Commonwealth.

Co-taught a course on 'The Political economy of Globalization, 1939-74' as part of the Part II History Tripos which featured Canadian content.

Catherine Ellis of Ryerson University recently reviewed his book The Labour Party and the Planned Economy in the Journal of Modern History.

Plans to visit Canadian archives to conduct research on Winston Churchill.

Selected publications:

'Developing Multilateralism: The Havana Charter and the Fight for the International Trade Organization, 1947-1948', International History Review, XXV: 2, June 2003, 282-305.

'The Attlee government, the imperial preference system, and the creation of the GATT', The English Historical Review, xcviii. 478 (Sept. 2003), 912-939.

Photo of Dr Clive Oppenheimer

Dr Clive Oppenheimer

Position: Reader in Volcanology and Remote Sensing, Department of Geography.

Education: BA, University of Cambridge.
PhD, Open University.

Fields of interest: Volcanology; atmospheric chemistry; pollution; Earth observation; spectroscopy.

Canadian connections:

Maintains an ongoing collaboration on volcanology research with Professor John Stix and Dr Lois Wardell of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University.

Selected publications:

Watson, I.M., Oppenheimer, C., Voight, B, Francis, P.W., Clarke, A., Stix, J., Miller, A., Pyle, D.M., Burton, M.R., Young, S.R., Norton, G., Loughlin, S., Darroux, B., and MVO Staff, 2000, The relationship between degassing and deformation at Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 98, 117-126.

Delmelle, P, Baxter, P., Beaulieu, A., Burton, M., Francis, P., Garcia-Alvarez, J., Horrocks, H., Navarro, M., Oppenheimer, C., Rothery, D., Rymer, H., St. Amand, K., Stix, J., Strauch, W., and Williams-Jones, G., 1999, Origin, effects of Masaya volcano's continued unrest probed in Nicaragua, EOS Transactions of American Geophysical Union, 80(48), 575, 579, 581 .

Oppenheimer C, Francis P and Stix J, 1998, Depletion rates of SO2 in tropospheric volcanic plumes, Geophsyical Research Letters, 25, 2671-2674.

Young S, Francis PW, Barclay J, Casadevall TJ, Gardner CA, Darroux B, Davies MA, Delmelle P, Norton GE, Maciejewski AJH, Oppenheimer C, Stix J, Watson IM, 1998, Monitoring SO2 emission at the Soufriere Hills volcano: implications for changes in eruptive conditions, Geophysical Research Letters, 25, 3681-3684.

Photo of Dr Paul Edwards

Dr Paul Edwards

Position: University Senior Lecturer in Pathology, Hutchison-MRC Research Centre and Department of Pathology; Fellow of Clare College.

Education: BA, University of Cambridge, 1970.
PhD, University of Cambridge, 1973.

Fields of interest: Basic science of breast cancer.

Canadian connections:

Currently supervising a Canadian graduate student, Ms Katherine Blood.

Maintains professional contact with Dr Sam Aparicio (formerly of Cambridge), Dr David Huntsman, and Dr Poul Sorensen of the University of British Columbia and Dr Jeremy Squire of the University of Toronto.

Serves as Vice-Chair of an EU/ESF COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology] group with Canadian members from Vancouver and Toronto.

Considering a sabbatical in Vancouver in 2006.

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