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Cambridge Canadian Studies Initiative (CCSI)

Cambridge Canadian Studies Initiative (CCSI)

Funding Opportunities, Awards, and Programs

The following is a list of funds, programs, and awards that may be of interest to Cambridge researchers. The awards vary widely in their terms and requirements, but many can be put toward Canada-related research or teaching, or toward developing research links with Canadian institutions. Many of these opportunities are not widely advertised and are currently underutilized by the Cambridge community. While few of the programs would be sufficient to fund entire projects, several of them could be used as valuable sources of supplementary funds. The International Linkages Project, for example, provides grants of up to $10,000 CDN.

The list also contains links for Canadian students wishing to study in the UK, and for UK students wishing to study in Canada.

In cases where awards can be viewed on two different websites, two links are given.

Please notify us of awards and opportunities not listed here, or if any links no longer work.

A. Government of Canada Programs & Awards

  1. Faculty Enrichment Program: Link 1 Link 2
  2. Faculty Research Program: Link 1 Link 2
  3. Senior Fellowship Program: Link 1
  4. Doctoral Student Research Award: Link 1 Link 2
  5. The Canada-Asia-Pacific Award in Canadian Studies: Link 1 Link 2
  6. The Canada-Latin America Caribbean Award in Canadian Studies: Link 1 Link 2
  7. Conference Travel Assistance: Link 1 Link 2
  8. Programs for International Research Linkages: Link 1 Link 2
  9. Library Support Program: Link 1 Link 2
  10. Program Development Grant: Link 1
  11. Cultural Personalities in Canadian Studies Exchange Program: Link 1
  12. Conference Grant Program: Link 1 Link 2
  13. Grant and Assistance for Canadian Studies Associations and Centres: Link 1
  14. Traveling Book Display: Link 1 Link 2
  15. Institutional Research Program: Link 1 Link 2
  16. Bank of Missions: Link 1

B. International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS)

Funds and Programs

  1. Graduate Student Scholarships: Link 1 Link 2
  2. Canadian Studies Internships: Link 1 Link 2
  3. International Summer Seminars: Link 1 Link 2
  4. Publishing Fund: Link 1 Link 2
  5. International Canadian Studies Series: Link 1 Link 2
  6. National Capital Research Scholarship: Link 1 Link 2
  7. Canadian Studies International Internship Project: Link 1
  8. Prime Minister's Award for Publishing: Link 1

Awards of Recognition

  1. Governor General's International Award for Canadian Studies: Link 1 Link 2
  2. Pierre Savard Awards: Link 1
  3. ICCS Certificates of Merit: Link 1 Link 2
  4. ICCS Best Doctoral Thesis in Canadian Studies: Link 1

C. Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK

See the 'Awards' section of the website at

  1. UK Doctoral Studentship
  2. Canada/UK University Partnerships Program (CUUPP)
  3. Edward Boyle/Alberta Research Scholarship
  4. Sustained Studies in Contemporary Canadian Issues Program
  5. Post-Graduate Travel Award
  6. Small Grants Program
  7. Publication Fund

D. British Association for Canadian Studies


  1. Molson Research Awards
  2. Ontario Bicentennial Travel Awards
  3. Prix du Quebec

E. For UK and Foreign Students to visit or study in Canada

  1. Commonwealth Scholarship Plan
  2. Government of Canada Awards Program
  3. Organization of American States Fellowships Programs
  4. Canada Memorial Foundation Scholarships
  5. CCSI Canada Postgraduate Travelling Scholarships

F. For Canadian students to study in the UK

  1. The British Council (provides a long list of awards)
  2. Commonwealth Scholarship Plan
  3. Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund

Updated 8 December 2005

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