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Publications - Histories, Cultures, Environments and Politics (HCEP)

Publications - Histories, Cultures, Environments and Politics (HCEP)

Recent publications on this area of research are listed here.

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Studying Arctic Fields: Cultures, Practices, and Environmental Sciences Polar Geopolitics?

Journal articles


  • Marshall, G., Kivinen, S., Jylhä, K., Vignols, R. and Rees, W.G., 2018. The accuracy of climate variability and trends across Arctic Fennoscandia in four reanalyses. International Journal of Climatology, doi:10.1002/joc.5541.


  • Powell, R.C., 2017. Polar expertise and the Antarcticans. Progress in Human Geography, doi:10.1177/0309132517744705.
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  • Rees, W.G., Brown, J.A., Fretwell, P.T. and Trathan, P.N., 2017. What colour is penguin guano?. Antarctic Science, v. 29, p.417-425. doi:10.1017/S0954102017000190.


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  • Bravo, M., 2015. The Postcolonial Arctic. Moving Worlds: A Journal of Transcultural Writings, v. 15, p.93-111.
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  • Powell, R.C., 2015. The study of geography? Franz Boas and his canonical returns. JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY, v. 49, p.21-30. doi:10.1016/j.jhg.2015.04.018.
  • Powell, R.C., 2015. Book Review: Postcolonial Sovereignty? The Nisaga'a Final Agreement. British Journal of Canadian Studies, v. 28, p.134-134. doi:10.3828/bjcs.2015.7.
  • Powell, R.C. and Wilson, R.M., 2015. What Futures for the Pillar of Geography? A Report on the 16th International Conference of Historical Geographers, London. Historical Geography, v. 43, p.1-4.
  • Rane, W., Vitebsky, P. and Anatoly, A., 2015. Sacrifice and the ideal hunt: A cosmological explanation for the origin of reindeer domestication. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, v. 21, p.1-23.
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  • Vitebsky, P.G., 2015. Siberia. Annual Review of Anthropology, v. 44, p.439-455.
  • Willerslev, R., Vitebsky, P. and Alekseyev, A., 2015. Defending the thesis on the ‘hunter's double bind’. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, v. 21, p.28-31. doi:10.1111/1467-9655.12146.


  • Rees, G., Headland, R., Scambos, T. and Haran, T., 2014. Finding the Arctic pole of inaccessibility. Polar Record, v. 50, p.86-91. doi:10.1017/S003224741300051X.
  • Vitebsky, P. and Alekseyev, A., 2014. What is a reindeer? Indigenous perspectives from northeast Siberia. Polar Record, doi:10.1017/S0032247414000333.
  • Vitebsky, P.G. and Anatoly, A., 2014. Nomadismes d’Asie centrale et septentrionale. Diogène, v. 246-247, p.258-264.

Book chapters

  • Bravo, M.T., 2019. Indigenous Evangelical Voyaging: Authorship and Perspective, in Terrall, M. and Craciun, A. (eds.) Curious Encounters: Voyaging, Collecting, and Making Knowledge in the Long Eighteenth Century, University of Toronto Press.
  • Bravo, M.T., 2017. A Crypolitics to Reclaim our Frozen Material States, in Kowal, E. and Radin, J. (eds.) Cryopolitics: Frozen Life in a Melting World, MIT Press.
  • Powell, R.C., 2016. Institutions, resources and the governance of postcolonial Greenland, in Berry, D.A., Bowles, N. and Jones, H. (eds.) Governing the North American Arctic: Sovereignty, Security, and Institutions, Palgrave Macmillan. p.200-216.
  • Powell, R.C. and Dodds, K., 2014. Preface, in Powell, R.C. and Dodds, K. (eds.) Polar Geopolitics? Knowledges, Resources and Legal Regimes, Edward Elgar. p.x-x. doi:10.4337/9781781009413.00006.
  • Powell, R.C. and Dodds, K., 2014. Polar Geopolitics, in Powell, R.C. and Dodds, K. (eds.) Polar Geopolitics?: Knowledges, Resources and Legal Regimes, Edward Elgar. p.3-18. doi:10.4337/9781781009413.00008.

Internet publications

  • Aporta, C., Bravo, M.T. and Taylor, G.R.F., 2014. The Pan-Inuit Trails Atlas, Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, Carleton University (2014).