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Publications - Glacimarine Environments

Publications - Glacimarine Environments

Recent publications on this area of research are listed here.

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  • Charlier, G., de Pomereu, J., Dowdeswell, J. and Macleod, A., 2020. Shackleton’s Endurance: the Photographs of Frank Hurley, Salto Ulbeek Publishers, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), and the Scott Polar Research Institute.
  • Charlier, G., de Pomereu, J. and Dowdeswell, J., 2019. Captain Scott's Antarctic Photographs, 1911, Salto Ulbeek Publishers and the Scott Polar Research Institute. 84pp.
  • Dowdeswell, J.A. and Hambrey, M., 2018. The Continent of Antarctica, Papadakis. 298pp.

The Continent of Antarctica

Journal articles


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Book chapters

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Theses / dissertations

  • Teleti, P., 2020. Reconstruction of the historical climate of the Southern Ocean from whaling ships’ logbooks. doi:10.17863/CAM.55560.