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Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and Theses

Masters dissertations and doctoral theses written by SPRI graduates.

Masters dissertations

Year Forename Surname Thesis title
2023 Luke Donaldson Ice Velocity Response to Surface Melt and Supraglacial Lake Drainages at a Land-Terminating Margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet
2023 Michal Gricuk Investigating the Seasonal Hysteresis of Surface Urban Heat Islands at High Latitudes
2023 Phoebe Jackson Evolution of basal channels, ice fracture, and surface meltwater, and implications for the stability of the Roi Baudouin Ice Shelf
2023 Henny Lie-Skarpholt Friends, Foes, and Fish: Understanding Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Co-operation in an era of Securitisation
2023 Jakub Oniszk Spatial Extent and Dynamic Impact of Channelised Basal Drainage beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet
2023 Leah Palmer Who Counts? A Critical Approach to Indigenous Language Demography in the Yukon
2023 Lily Roberts Investigating the Role of Atmospheric Drivers in Landfast Sea Ice Variability: A Study on the Victoria Land Coast, East Antarctica
2023 Felix Tavchandjian Drilling in the Name of… Tracking effects of the EU drive for Critical Minerals on Sámi leverage in Swedish Mine Permitting


Pearl Ayem Using a regional atmospheric model (RACMO2.3) and in-situ measurements to investigate atmospheric drivers of surface melt on the George VI Ice Shelf, Antartica.
2022 Ellie Brain Arctic Jographies : Critically Investigating 'Runcations' and the Performance of Place in Northern Finland.
2022 Katherine Deakin An investigation into intra-seasonal and inter-seasonal patterns of meltwater storage on George VI Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula, using optical and synthetic aperture radar satellite imagery.
2022 Erin Dockins Geoengineering the North: Case Studies in Emerging Field Experiment Governance.
2022 Samuel Dutnall Surge or not? Seasonal observations of surge- and climate-related glacial dynamics in the West Kunlun Shan, North-West Tibet, and inferences for subglacial conditions.
2022 Rachel Georgiou Remote sensing of 21st century climate-driven phenological change in the central Siberian Arctic.
2022 Charlotte Golding Validating weather and climate models using snow water equivalent measured using lake water pressure.
2022 Madison Kuras Decolonizing the Tabula Rasa: Analyzing Enduring Tropes of Western Arctic Imaginaries in Museum Spaces.
2022 Mark Poynting Investigating empirical approaches for modelling surface melting on debris-covered glaciers
2022 Ernest Ruehl iii Beyond Kvanefjeld: An Updated Examination of Greenlandic Mining post-Uranium Ban.
2022 Eleanor Shaw Beneath the surface of Arctic trans(port) geography: place reinvention in Kirkenes
2022 Caroline Smith Observing the Seasonal Evolution of Supraglacial Ponds in High Mountain Asia: A Supervised Classification Approach
2022 Bridget Tiller Late glacial history and Holocene sedimentation in the White Sea from high-resolution bathymetry and extensive seismic datasets collected in the Kandalaksha Bay
2021 Luke Campopiano Terra Nullius and Polar Sovereignty: The Solidification in Meaning of a Term in Flux, 1920-1933
2021 Eva Crowson Storied Icebergs: Floating Formations of Decolonial Knowledge Production About the Canadian North
2021 Megan Eldred How do Arctic Council observer states use "science" to influence the Arctic Council?
2021 Bronte Evans Rayward Situating 'Books of Travel': Intertextuality in Antarctic Whaling Narratives 1892-1896
2021 Alice Hoyle Investigating North Greenland ice shelves and their response to warming climate
2021 Macey McCann Empowering Indigenous Cultures through Benefit Sharing Agreements: Study of Companies and Communities in the Alaskan Arctic
2021 Elise Nyborg An Integrated Approach to the Role of Wildfire Regimes in Changing Boreal Permafrost-Bound Landscapes: Feedbacks with Lake Expansion, Forest Transformation, and Socio-Cultural Dynamics in Sakha-Yakutia
2021 Holly O'Neill The influence of cyclonic rainfall and runoff on the subglacial hydrological system of Store Glacier, West Greenland
2021 Samira Patel The Rise of a Technoscientific Third Pole
2021 Deborah Wood Fragmentary Connections: Authorship, Curation, and Absence in Polar Scrapbooking, 1870-1920


Tatiana Bebchuk Multiscale approach to estimating forest biomass, the Sakha Republic, Russia
2020 Karla Boxall Quantifying Supraglacial Debris Thickness and the Glaciological Controls on its Spatial Distribution in High Mountain Asia
2020 Joseph Everest Drivers of Kola Peninsula Forest Change: Climate, Pollution, Wildfire and Fauna throughout the 21st Century
2020 Bronwen Fraser Justifying Antarctic Tourism: Tour operator perspectives on sustainability and ambassadorship in a growing industry
2020 Elizabeth Fuller Hill-hole pairs: an inventory and detailed investigation of an example from the mid-Norwegian shelf
2020 Isabel Hagen Inferring subglacial hydrology from investigations of supraglacial lake drainages and meltwater plumes at Store Glacier, West Greenland
2020 Nicholas Homer Satellite Remote Sensing Investigations into Changing Ice-shelf Extents in the Eastern Weddell Sea Sector of Antarctica
2020 Naomi Lefroy Quantification of the Impact of Supraglacial Lakes and Slush on Surface Energy Balance of Ice Shelves
2020 Catherine Morris Nature, culture and marginalised citizenship: Using law-space relations to re-'place' Canadian Inuit in Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut.
2019 Eleanor Absalom Drivers of spatial and temporal variability in the fire regime of boreal forest in western Russia
2019 Aoife Blanchard Unearthing Greenland's Resource Frontier: Mineral Resource Extraction and Naalakkersuisut's Bid for Greenlandic Independence
2019 Seungbong Lee Resolving surface currents of a proglacial Greenlandic fjord using a high-resolution terrestrial radar interferometer
2019 Eva Prendergast Pre-Whaling population structuring and diversity of blue whales (Balaenoptera Musculus) in the high latitudes of the North Atlantic
2019 Iain Sheridan Drone Navigation in Polar and Cryospheric Regions
2019 Amelia Vale Remote Detection of Surging Glaciers Across High Mountain Asia
2019 Iain Wheel The Winds of Change: The effects of katabatic winds on fjord circulation, sea-ice export and glacier stability at Sermilik Fjord and Helheim Glacier
2019 Adam Williams A critical geopolitical approach to digital infrastructure in the European Arctic: to what extent, and how, have Satellites contributed to EU geopolitical discourses about the European Arctic?
2018 Robert Law The development and application of IceLake, an accurate and computationally efficient model of supraglacial lake evolution in the ablation zone of the Greenland Ice sheet
2018 Cameron McKay The Impact of Welfare Colonialism on Inuit Responses to Climate Change in Qikigtani, Canada
2018 Jamie Sandall Polar-ising perceptions: an investigation into how coffee-table books mediate climate change
2018 Johanna Schoenecker Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Vegetation in the Arctic Tundra
2018 Jonathan Vautrey Constraining calving dynamics of marine-terminatinating glaciers: developing 4D data of Store Glacier, Greenland, from repeat UAV photography.
2018 Sophie Vineberg The first detection of Holocene cyptotephra deposits in lacustrine sediments from southeast Greenland
2017 Charlotte Daffern Investigating the use of satellite remote sensing for phenological differentiation of Arctic vegetation on the Kola Peninsula, Russia.
2017 Penelope Goodman What is the purpose of education in the Inuit Arctic of Canada and how can it be achieved?
2017 Emily Haggard Surface and subsurface meltwater ponding and refreeezing on the Bach Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula.
2017 James Kirkham Constraining the pathways and fluxes of subglacial meltwater beneath the palaeo-Antarctic ice sheet.
2017 James Marschalek Exploring Controls on the Flow Dynamics of Devon Ice Cap using a Basal Friction Inversion
2016 Connor Christian George Bamford An exploratory analysis of the environmental factors that influence the distribution of Balaenoptera bonaerensis and Megaptera novaeangliae, 43°E – 107°E, and a reassessment of the conservation measures in Eastern Antarctica.
2016 Thomas Russell Chudley Glacier surging in the West Kunlun Shan
2016 Samuel Cook Blink and You'll Miss It: An Investigation into Surging on Flade Isblink, Greenland
2016 Sarah W. Cooley A 16-year record of supraglacial lake extent in West Greenland: analysis of inland expansion and rapid drainage events
2016 Gunnar Már Gunnarson Assembling Community in East Greenland: Making Sense of Arctic Relocations
2016 Jing Jin The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in Alaska, America, and the Arctic
2016 Katherine E. Miles Analysis of the surface hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet using Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar
2016 Alesia Prachakova Sustainable development in the Arctic: petroleum industry in the Norwegian and Russian high north
2016 David Spelman The Deglaciation of Outer Marguerite Trough, Antarctic Peninsula
2015 Rhiannon Cogbill Modelling the future mass balance of glaciated Northwest Spitsbergen, Svalbard for a range of socio-economic trajectories
2015 Oliver Cohen Re-mapping the Arctic: contemporary approaches to practising cartography across diverse knowledge traditions
2015 Steffan Danino Heinrich Events in North Atlantic Sediments: CT Scanning and Other Analyses.
2015 Wenkai Guo Coastal meltwater plume detection and its response to melting variations around the Greenland Ice Sheet
2015 Kirsten Lees Sea ice and the Arctic Atmosphere: Trends, Relations and Teleconnections.
2015 Helena Nathan-King Marine-terminating outlet glacier response to hydrological mechanisms: A comparative study at Store Glestcher and Rink Isbrae, Uummannaq Bay, West Greenland
2015 Morgan Seag Equal Opportunities on Ice: Examining gender and institutional change at the British Antarctic Survey, 1975-1996
2015 Matthew Steadman-Jones Remote Sensing of Antarctic Penguin Populations
2015 Hugh Verrier Communities, Corporations and the Crown: Pursuing indigenous empowerment through the conceptual ambiguity of Impact and Benefit Agreements
2014 Corinne Benedek Enhanced melting beneath supra-glacial lakes on the Greenland ice sheet
2014 Erin Consiglio Shamanism and Religious Conversion in the north American Arctic: the impact of Christianity on traditional beliefs about animals
2014 Michael S. Cooper An assessment of the changing spatio-temporal dynamics of thaw lake development using a remote sensing approach
2014 Charles Gertler Earth response to a changing ice cap in Langjokull, Iceland
2014 Thomas Perry Flow characteristics, setting, and basal bounday condition of North Greenland outlet glaciers
2014 John Theodore Thompson Energy Balance Modelling at the Glacier Surface
2014 Andrew Williamson The hydrological system of Storglaciaren, Sweden: integrating modelling with observations
2014 Maximilien Zahnd Indigenous taxation and sovereignty in post-ANCSA Alaska
2013 Mia Bennett North by Northeast: towards an Asian-Arctic region
2013 David Burton Submarine glacial landforms and past ice flow in the Krossfjorden system, Northwest Svalbard.
2013 Grant Macdonald Modelling the subglacial drainage system of Petermann Glacier, NW Greenland
2013 Edward Pope Surface reflectance characteristics of Langjokull, Iceland
2013 Jonathon Ryan Submarine geomorphology of SE and SW Greenland from Olex data
2013 Tun Jan Young Remote sensing of recent changes in permafrost-influenced wetlands: investigations in thermokarst lake surafe areal trends at multiple spaciotemporal scales
2012 Clare Fraser Characterising sikussak and other forms of ice melange in Greenland fjords.
2012 Jonathan D. Fuhrmann Application of wavelet analysis for examining climate melt water runoff in the Paakitsoq area, West Greenland
2012 Jerome Mayaud Modelling the subglacial hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet
2012 James McMillan A study of variability and change in circum-Arctic snow water equivalent.
2012 James Pearson People and resources:indigenous populations and the Russian oil and gas industry.
2012 Dinah Molloy Thompson The validation of British Arctic whaling information (1750-1850).
2012 Joe Alan Todd Calving the stability of Rink Isbrae: flow-line modelling investigation using Elmer finite element model.
2011 Martin Eduard Debusmann Sealing the EU off from sealing: an analysis of Regulation (EC) no. 1007/2009 on Trade in Seal Products and its' indigenous Peoples Exemption clause
2011 Jan Marieke Patrick De Rydt Relating surface and bed properties of antarctic ice streams
2011 Madeleine Geddes-Barton Channel systems and sediment plumes from Canadian Arctic ice caps: Observations and nodelling
2011 Lauren Grey Surface topography and change, Lanfjokull Icecap, Iceland
2011 James Macadam The Arctic Coal Rush, Spitsbergen and the British Imagination 1920-1920
2011 Alexandra Messerli Identifying spatio-temporal patterns of supraglacial lake drainage and implications for the further understanding of the hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS)
2011 Sven-Roald Nysto Would it be good for Greenalnd to be independent?
2011 Andrew Tedstone Sediment plumes as indicators of Greeland ice sheet runoff onset and duration
2011 Natalie Thompson Iceberg scouring on the continental shelf of Greenland
2011 Alison Weisburger Indigenous Knowledge in International Arctic Governance Regimes
2010 Christine Bachelor Submarine landforms and late quaternary ice flow in Hinlopen Strait, Northern Svalbard Margin
2010 Catherine Baggs Climate and pro-glacial discharge interactions in the Pakitsoq region of Western Greenland
2010 Terto Kreutzmann Relations between humans and spirits in East Greenland
2010 Robert Oliver Plews Changes in surging outlet glaciers of the Langjokull Ice Cap, Iceland
2010 Phoebe Maher Robinson Dynamics of ice-cap drainage basins from marine geophysical and geological evidence: Eastern Austfonna, Svalbard
2009 Evelyn Landerer Hunting, Walking, Reindeer Keeping: Places and Movements among the Evenki of Eastern Siberia
2009 Oliver Marsh The influence of ice roughness on melting and freezing at the ice-ocean interface: a laboratory study
2009 Mark Pickett The response of Hagafellsjokull Vestari Glacier, Iceland, to future climate scenarios computed with a dynamic glacier flowline model coupled to a degree-day mass balance model
2009 Allen J. Pope Recent Changes to Langjokull Icecap, Iceland: an investigation integrating airborne LiDAR and satellite imagery
2009 Anthony Seale South-east Greenland icesheet short term response to environmentaal conditions
2009 Humphrey John Waddington Supraglacial lake evolution on the Greenland Ice Sheet
2009 Louise Watling "There was a contest in heroism between Captain Oates and his comrades, Captain Scott, Dr Wilson and Lieutenant Bowers". An analysis of the presentation and portrayal of Petty Officer Edgar Evans, the first man to perish in Captain Scott's Pole Party of 1912.
2008 Rachel Carr The role of Atmospheic and Oceanic forcing in Greenland outlet Glacier Behaviour
2008 Alisdair Graham The Moose River Flood event sequence and the 8,200 BP Cold-Event
2008 Sylvan Long Subglacial Melt Water Drainage at Paakitsoq West Greenland: insights from a distributed, physically based numerical model
2008 Nicola Stiastny Images of the indigenous in modern media: to what extent is the cross-cultural expansion of the media altering the way Arctic indigenous societies are portrayed in Western media?
2007 Tiffany Lee Lunday Glacier Change and Behaviour: Hazardously Erratic, Climatically Regular
2007 Martin O'Leary Small-Scale Variations in Glacier Albedo
2007 Christopher Rimmer Development , Testing and Application of a One-dimensional Mass Balance-Flow Model to Midre Lovénbreen, Svalbard
2006 Ian Bartholomew Marine Geophysical Investigations of Channel-like Features on the Floor of Marguerite Trough, Antarctic Peninsula
2006 Elizabeth Cassell Honouring the Past, Building the Future: Is a Truth and Reconconciliation Commission the appropriate forum in which to address the legacy of Indian Residential Schools?
2006 Christina Maria Adcock (nee Sawchuk) Evangelical and Aboriginal Christianity on Baffin Island: a case study of Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik), 1929-1934
2005 Bent-Martin Eliassen Increasing Regulation and Diminishing Flexibility in Reindeer Herding in Finnmark, Norway
2005 Peter Evans Relocation and Resistance: Culture and Politics of the Inuit of Hebron and Nuak, Labrador, 1959 to the Present
2005 Joanne Metz Marine Geophysical Investigations of the Polar North Atlantic: Sea-Floor Scouring at the Mouth of Hudson Strait by Deep-Keeled Icebergs
2005 Eduardo Blanchard-Wrigglesworth Sea Ice Variability and Atmospheric Forcing in the Arctic North Atlantic
2004 Jean de Pomereu Antarctica: a Geography of the Sacred
2004 Eavan O'Dochartaigh Visual Representation of the Arctic and Public Spectacle in Mid-Victorian England: A Study of the Arctic Art of W.H.J. Browne
2003 Chris Stearn The Environmental Effects of Hydroelectric Power in Arctic Scandinavia
2002 Jennifer R. Anderson Comparing the Use of Oral Tradition in Courts Land Claims: Canada and Australia
2002 Andrew J. Faas Seeing Cold Places Through Warm Eyes: National Geographic Magazine and Photographic Representation of the Arctic 1888-1950
2002 David Andrew Fike Heterotrophic Microbial Colonization of the Interior of Shocked Rocks from the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canadian High Arctic
2002 Janne Karina Flora The Spirit of Silence: Greenlandic cultural life in an urban setting
2002 Caroline Gunn Formal Education and Antarctic
2002 Huw W.G. Lewis-Jones Peripheral Vision: Aspects of Science in the Arctic (1840-1890): On Dr John Rae, the Commensurability of 'Ethnoscience' and the 'vulgar subterfuge' of going native.
2002 Liam Parfitt Western Perceptions of the Risks Posed by Russian Nuclear Submarines
2002 Sarah Robinson Linked Changes in Prey Availability and Population Structure: Using Antarctic Fur Seals to Sample Marine Systems
2002 Olga Vasilievna Ulturgasheva Concepts of Spirit among the Even of Topolino, Northeast Siberia
2002 Elana Tovah Wilson Gender, political power, and nationalism in the circumpolar north: a case study of Nunavut, Canada.
2001 Michael S. Balshi Satellite Monitoring of the Response of Circumarctic Vegetation to Environmental and Anthropogenic Forcing
2001 Susanna M. Grant Population Increase of the Antarctic Fur Seal (Arctocephalus gazella) in the Scotia Sea: Implications for Management
2001 Duncan Matthew Haworth Effect of Climate Change and Atmospheric Pollution on Larix spp., Noril'sk, Northern Siberia
2001 Kenneth W. Jessen The Effects of Variable Sea Ice on Beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) Migrations and behaviour.
2001 Amber A. Lincoln Negotiated Authenticity: the Sami Handicraft Market of Sweden
2001 Marie Nordahl Svendsen Greenlandic Travel Writing in Atuagagdliutit
1999 Bill Davis Management requirements for tourist landing sites in the Maritime Antarctic, and a model plan for Deception Island, South Shetland Islands
1999 Elena Vladimirovna Rockhill Evolutionary Relationships and Genetic Epidemiology in Indigenous Siberian Populations
1998 Maria Angelica Godoi Investigating the complexity of Holocene climate using ice core records
1998 Kirk Salveson Scientific achievements by Antarctic Expeditions in the aftermath of the Sixth International Geographical Congress: 1985-1905
1998 Anna Vdovenko Wrangell Island from political conflict to Russian sovereignty
1997 James R. K. Allen Lessons of Arctic free market experiene for potential hard rock mining in Antarctica
1997 Kaisa Helena Hietala A Case study of the fresh water components in the Arctic hydrological cycle
1997 Michael Fox Johnson Little fish in big ponds: fisheries and community development in Alska and Greenland
1997 Yasmine Minbashian Biological integrity: an approach to monitoring human disturbance in the Antarctic Peninsula region
1997 Carol J. Moore Arctic environmental co-operation 1987-1997
1997 Philip N. D. Pope British influence on the Antarctic Treaty System 1959-1964
1997 Andrew A. Spurgin The Evolving accountability of the Antarctic treaty System
1996 Paul Mitcham Continuity and change in north European nordpolitikk in the wake of the cold war: the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (B.E.A.R.)
1996 R. Dan Small The Social determinants of alcohol abuse in Canadian Inuit
1996 Anne-Marie Vick Land transportation management in Denali National Park, Alaska
1996 Marcus Henry West Post 1920 Svalbard: the challenge for economic development
1996 Joseph H (III) Wubbold Transporting liquified natural gas by surface ships from North Slope of Alaska to world markets
1995 Tatiana Argounova Federal Relations between Yakutsk and Moscow
1995 Bill Barbour Science, politics and the international whaling Commission: the decision-making processes affecting whale management
1995 Brett Fotheringham The Southern Whale Fishery Company, Auckland Islands
1995 Marina Gridina Nordic initiatives to reduce industrial pollution on the Kola peninsula
1995 Cary Dale Haggard Northern Canadian development and the indigenous population in the era of the North American Free Trade Agreement
1995 Timothy J. Hunt The influence of polar exploration and discovery on the development of geomagnetic instruments in the early nineteeth century
1995 Ingiborg Jonsdottir Sea ice of the coasts of Iceland in the early twentieth Century
1995 Jay Childs Klinck Ice sheet stations: design concepts for increasing life-span
1994 John Ash The policing of biomarine resources in the Southern Ocean
1994 Damien Gildea Has the Antarctic Treaty system adequate provision for the regulation of private adventure expeditions
1994 Benjamin Justin Seligman Zhidkoye zoloto? Environmental aspects of Natural Gas transportation from the Sakha Republic
1994 Susan M. Waugh Monitoring and management of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic tourist sites: a GIS case study
1993 Richard G. Ferguson The Contribution of photography to Arctic expeditions 1851-1881
1993 Anne-Marie Nuttall Glaciological investigations in East Greenland using digital Landsat imagery
1993 Joel Matson Sweetsir Restraints on the exploration of the Yukon River 1790-1867
1993 Kirk William Sweetsir Management policies and the control of the wolf (canis lupus) in Alaska
1993 John Tichotsky Natural Resource development after Perestroika: Tin and Gold mining in the Russian Northeast
1993 Harold Weaver Northern news service
1993 Richard N. Weinstein The Effects of environmental factors on the growth of acaena magellanica in three dominant plant communities in South Georgia
1993 H. Renee Wissink North Baffin: co-management of a Canadian national park within Nunavut
1992 John Trygve Berg Oil spills in cold climates with special reference to the transportation and exploration of hydrocarbons in the Kara Sea
1992 Alex James Biss Late quaternary glacimarine sedimentation in the inner Scoresby Sund fjord system, East Greenland
1992 P. Kim Crosbie Resource utilisation in the national parks of the Canadian Arctic
1992 Pamela B. Davis Planning for a changing environment: administration and management of South Georgia
1992 Michael Chalmer Dunn An examination of management practices of selected Antarctic scientific expeditions from the late nioneteenth century to to the mid-twentieth centuries
1992 Kevin Michael Fleming The Mass balance modelling of Spitzbergen glaciers
1992 Hani Narouz The Mineralisation of teeth of female Atarctic fur seals in relation to their life history
1992 Amanda Julie Nimon Human-animal interaction in the Antarctic: an animal behaviour approach to human disturbance of penguin colonies
1991 William Vern Dunlap Some implications in international law of the Soviet proposal to open the northern sea royte to transnational comercial traffic; transit passage in the Soviet Arctic straits
1991 Debra J. Enzenbacher A Policy for Antarctic tourism: conflict or cooperation?
1991 Ian Kenneth MacRury The Inuit dog: its' provenance, environment and history
1991 Walter Pendlebury Stewart An Evaluation of the impact of international law of Canada's claim to sovereignty in the Arctic archipelago with particular reference to 'historic waters' and ice
1990 Mark Orlen Badger "The Search for the White People". The journal of Edward Adams RN, 1850-51: a contribution to the discovery and natural histoy of Northwest Alaska
1990 Debrah Bray Native Spirits: perceptions of the use of alcohol by contemporary native peoples of northern canada and Alaska
1990 Torben Christiansen Tourism in polar environments: with special reference to Greenland and Antarctica
1990 Anita M. Dey India in Antarctica: perspectives, programmes and achievements
1990 Alan Rudolph Marcus Out in the Cold: the legacy of Canada's Inuit relocation experiement in the high Arctic, 1953-1990
1989 Adele Airoldi The European Communities' legislation and its' consequences for Arctic sealing
1989 Maria Pia Casarini-Wadhams By submarine to the Arctic: Sir Hilbert Wilkins' Nautilus Expedition of 1931
1989 Brian C. Chambers The Impact of the Dene / Metis land claim on local government in the Northwest Territories of Canada
1989 Henry P. Huntingdon The Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission: effective local management of a subsistence resource
1989 Ingrid Schild The Viability of the forthcoming Norwegian Sami Parliament: an assessment
1989 Brian C. Shoemaker Antarctic Treaty System Inspections: historical significance and future impact
1988 Geoffrey Bleakley In defence of Nunat (the land): Inuit political development as a response to resource conflict
1987 Robin B. Dickson The Development of Dental Services for Arctic Populations: Labrador and the Baffin region compared
1987 Jesse Hill Inuvik, Northwest Territories; the influence of southern perception on the development of a town in Canada's North
1987 Ronald K. Inouye The Politics of Northern Information Provision: the Alaskan Situation
1987 Rupinder S. Jeji Making Northern Education Work: some problems and possible solutions among the Inuit of Quebec
1987 Marie Lium Markoosie: an examination of a contemporary North American Native writer
1987 Mary E. Lowthian The Involvement of Jane Franklin in the Revival of the search for John Franklin 1854-1859
1987 Marshall Netherwood Inuit harvesting strategies in the Canadian Arctic and implications for wildlife management
1987 R. Graham Robinson Small scale community based economic development in the Canadian Arctic
1987 David M. Rootes The Design and Servicability of Antarctic Stations
1986 France Benoit The Role of hunting in Inuit communities of Northern Quebec
1986 Ethan Berkowitz Frozen in place: american policy and practice in antarctica
1986 R. Dean Ellis An evaluation of British Royal Naval Arctic Exploration Techniques, 1818-1876
1986 David M. Hoch Building design for cold climates
1986 Ivo Meisner Evolution of the antarctic treaty system
1986 Joseph R. Potvin Economic theory and development planning in the arctic regions: A study in plural economy.
1986 Craig T. M. Rogers The Legal status of off-shore waters within the canadian arctic archipelago
1985 Richard P. Bridge The Recent Economic Development of the Soviet North, with Specific Referne to the Yakutskaya, ASSK.
1985 Malcolm Farrow A comparative study of education in selected northern circumpolar lands
1985 Peter Lawson Keage Antarctic protected areas: future options
1984 Anthony Bertram Dickinson The development and administration of the elephant seal industry in South Georgia
1984 Howard Hume A comparative study of the northern sea route and north west passage
1982 Edward P. Farquhar U S public land policies and Alaskan economic development
1982 Jill A. Fredston Ice cores as indicators of environmental change
1982 Alfred S. McLaren The Arctic submarine, an alternative to ice breaker tankers and pipelines
1982 Wendlyn A. C. Nixon Reindeer husbandry in North America: Developments in reindeer husbandry as a native industry - Alaska and Northern Canada
1982 Peter Speak The Scottish Spitsbergen syndicate
1981 Heather Myers The use of biological resources by certain Arctic and sub-Arctic peoples
1980 Julia M. Cruikshank Legend and landscape: convergence of oral and scientific traditions with special reference to Yukon Territory, Canada
1980 Bernard W. Funston The Mackenzie River Valley as a development corridor
1980 Monica Kristensen Geophysical investigations of icebergs in Antarctica
1980 Desmond Nicholas Morton Present political attitudes towards non-renewable resource development in selected northern areas
1980 Charles B. Nixon Exploration and cartographic history of Victoria Island
1979 Bernadette A. Hardaker Missionary contact with the Kutchin Indians of the northern Yukon
1979 Julian T. Inglis Analysis of land management regimes in certain northern lands
1979 Rodney B Ledingham Biology of the Leopard Seal with special reference to Macquarie Island
1979 Desmond J. Lugg Appendicitis in polar regions
1979 Roger B. McPherson Resource development on the lands of northern indigenous peoples…
1979 Rosamunde Reich Tourism in Antarctica: it present impact and future development
1978 David C McEwan The future political and economic development of the Antarctic
1978 Ian R. Stone The Voyage of the 'Prince Albert' 1850
1977 Erik van Veenen Subsistence in whaling in Alaska
1977 J. R. Dale A discussion of psychological illness amongst Canadian Eskimos
1977 Richard Daniel Hamer The tectonic evolution of Antarctica
1977 John Killingbeck The role of Deception Island in the development of Antarctic affairs
1977 J. MacPherson Psychological aspect of group behaviour in Antarctica
1976 Alan J. Colvill Investigations of fluctuations and movement of sea ice fronts in the Weddell Sea and Bellingshausen Sea using satellite imagery and other data
1976 Sigurdur R. Gudjonsson Avalanche studies - Conditions in Iceland
1976 Glenn S. Kirby Economic rent and leasing policy choices for petroleum development in northern Canada
1976 Jeffrey C. Oram The Effects of Surface Change on Permafrost Terrain
1973 John Leslie Davis The Problem of Depth Sounding Temperate Glaciers

Doctoral theses

Year Forename Surname Thesis title
2022 Maximilien Zahnd On Indigenous Tax Consciousness: The Socio-Legal History of the Native Village of Venetie Tribal Government, 1938-1987
2022 James Kirkham Water flow beneath past ice sheets
2022 Robert Law Fibre-optic borehole observations and numerical modelling of complex ice-sheet thermodynamics
2021 Morgan Seag "There was no 'first woman'": The historical politics of gender, science, and exploration in twentieth-century US Antarctic fieldwork
2021 Timothy Reilly Towards Polycentric Regionalism: Sino-Russian Geo-Economic Relations and the Formation of the Pacific Arctic Region
2021 Henry Anderson-Elliott Knowing Misha the Polar Bear: Multi-naturalism, biography, and conservation in Svalbard
2021 Rebecca Dell Investigating the surface hydrology of Antarctic ice shelves using remote sensing and machine learning
2020 Thomas Chudley UAV-based investigations into the hydrology and dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet
2020 Samuel Cook Connect Store: A fully coupled 3D model of ice flow, calving, subglacial hydrology and ice-ocean interactions applied to Store Glacier, Greenland
2020 Hannah Charlotte Cubaynes Whales from space: Assessing the feasibility of using satellite imagery to monitor whales
2020 Praveen Teleti Reconstruction of the historical climate of the Southern Ocean from whaling ships' logbooks
2020 Rebecca Marianne Vignols Understanding past and future changes in northern Fennoscandian snow cover
2019 Ragnhild Freng Dale

Making Resource Futures: Petroleum and Performance by the Norwegian Barents Sea 

2019 Wenkai Guo Remote sensing characterisation of the forest-tundra ecotone
2019 Victoria Stephanie Herrmann Alaska Through The Looking Glass: And What Twentieth Century American Photojournalists Saw There
2019 Michael James McCarthy
2019 Aleksandr Montelli The Quaternary evolution of the mid-Norwegian continental margin
2018 Tun Jan Young

Investigating fast flow of the Greenland Ice Sheet 

2018 Andrew Williamson Remote sensing of rapidly draining supraglacial lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet
2018 Matthew Geoffrey Wise Iceberg-keel ploughmarks on the seafloor of Antarctic continental shelves and the North Falkland Basin: implications for palaeo-glaciology
2018 Craig Lincoln Stewart

Ice-ocean interactions beneath the north-western Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica

2018 Natalia Magnani Making Indigenous Futures: Land, Memory, and 'Silent Knowledge' in a Skolt Sámi Community
2018 Conrad Pawel Koziol Modelling the impact of surface melt on the hydrology and dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet
2017 Tania Kossberg The Forest of Stories - Healing Narratives in Northern Norway
2017 Ciaran Robb Using semi-automated methods to map glacial geomorphology from remotely sensed data
2017 Joe Todd A 3D full Stokes calving model for Store Glacier, West Greenland
2017 Claire Warrior Rekindling histories - Families and British Polar exploration
2016 William Dickens Reconstructing glacial and environmental change on the South Orkney Plateau, sub-Antarctica
2016 Evan Miles Spatio-temporal variability and energy-balance implications of surface ponds on Himalayan debris-covered glaciers
2016 Roman Sidortsov Law and power relations in risk governance of oil and gas activities in the Russian North
2015 Jorge Guzman Historical geography of the far and the farthest south of the world during early modern times
2015 Terto Kreutzmann The religion of a hunting society in northwest Greenland
2014 Christine Bachelor Reflection seismic investigations of the Canadian Beaufort Sea margin, Arctic Ocean
2014 Anna Maria Trofaier The seasonal dynamics of Arctic surface hydrology in permafrost environments ?
2013 Allen J. Pope Multispectral classification and reflectance of glaciers: in situ data collection, satellite data algorithm development, and application in Iceland & Svalbard.
2013 Ekaterina Shipigina Remote Sensing Methods for Environmental Monitoring of Human Impact on sub-Arctic Ecosystems in Europe.
2012 Narelle Paula Marie Baker The influence of subglacial hydrology on the flow of West Antarctic ice streams.
2012 Alison Banwell Modelling the Hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet
2012 Amy Donovan Public engagement with developing science: new technologies and hazard management at persistently active volcanoes
2012 William Eucker A geospatial analysis of Arctic marine traffic.
2012 Adrian Bruce McCallum Cone penetration testing in polar snow.
2012 Laur Vallikivi Words and silence: Nenets reindeer herders' conversion to evangelical Christianity.
2011 Peter Christopher Evans Transformations of Inuit resistance and identity in Northern Labrador, 1771-1959
2011 Cameron Rye Spatially distributed modelling of regional glacier mass balance model: a Svalbard case study
2010 Christina Maria Adcock Tracing warm lines: northern Canadian exploration, knowledge and memory, 1905-1965
2010 Sean Kevin Maher Traplines and tar sands : labour and the production of Aboriginal space
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