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Picture Library catalogue: South Georgia North Coast Expedition 1979-80

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South Georgia North Coast Expedition 1979-80

The set of 3,560 photographs were taken during the South Georgia North Coast Expedition 1979-1980. The main aim of the expedition was to create a photographic documentation of the five principal whaling stations and immediate environs on South Georgia. They include Grytviken, Stromness, Husvik, Leith and Prince Olaf Harbour. Also included are photographs showing wildlife, Deception Island and South Georgia 1968-79.

The Husvik whaling station, 1907-1961 was opened initially as a Floating Factory. Construction of the shore station commenced in 1910. Tonsberg Hvalfangeri operated Husvik until 1960 when the station was purchased by Albion Star. It was closed a few months later and some of the equipment was moved to Grytviken.

The Grytviken whaling station, 1904-1965 was the first of the South Georgia whaling stations to open. It was established by whaler and explorer Captain C.A.Larsen, who also founded the Compania Argentina de Pesca which thereafter ran the station until 1959 when it was taken over by Albion Star until 1963. For the final two years it was run by the Japanese Company, Gyogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Ltd. Grytviken is now the property of the Falkland Islands Government.

Stromness Whaling Station, 1907-1963. Stromness, like Husvik, operated first as a floating factory. The shore station was established in 1912. Stromness was run by a number of companies until 1931, when it was bought by the South Georgia Company of Leith, which used it as a whale catcher repair yard.

Leith Harbour whaling station 1909-1966 was operated by the South Georgia Company of the Salvesen group. Leased by them to the Japanese Company Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd from 1963 to 1966 when Leith became the last station to close on South Georgia.

Prince Olaf Harbour whaling station 1912-1932. A Floating Factory until 1916 and operated throughout by the Southern Whaling and Sealing Company. Purchased by the South Georgia Company of Leith, closed down due to unprofitability and partly removed to Leith Harbour.

Other sections include general photographs of Cumberland Bay East from Mount Duse, Allardyce Range, Nordenskjold Glacier; general photographs of Shackleton's memorial cairn and cross, Grytviken from Gull Lake and Gull Lake; Cumberland Bay east, various views of mountains at sunset; Nordenskjold Glacier, moraines, brash, ice formations, snout and views of Barff Peninsula; Nordenskjold Glacier, moraines, brash and growlers on adjacent beach;
Nordenskjold Glacier, snout, brash on beach, ice formations, views of north coast of island from approximately 10 miles east of Cumberland Bay.

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