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Picture Library catalogue: Leigh Smith Arctic Expeditions 1880-82


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Here you can browse the complete listing of all the Leigh Smith Arctic Expeditions 1880-82 (LSAE 1880-82) items.

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There are 13 items in this collection.


Bottom of Valentine (?)

Record: LS99/4/1

View of the face of a glacier(?) at water's edge. Rock face behind, water and shingle in foreground.


Eira Harbour

Record: LS99/4/10

View taken from hillside looking down on water and islands and sailing ship 'Eira' at anchor.


Open Bridges view

Record: LS99/4/11

Rocky coastline with natural arch worn away by action of sea.


Spitzbergen view

Record: LS99/4/12

View of sea cliffs and glacier(?).


Farthest point reached by the 'Eira' in 1880.

Record: LS99/4/13

Pack ice


Crew of 'Eira'

Record: LS99/4/2

The crew of the sailing ship 'Eira' dismember a polar bear on the ice at the bows of the 'Eira' which is moored to the ice. A crew member stands on deck watching.


Boats on Nova Zemlya

Record: LS99/4/3

Three small sailing boats are drawn up at a shingle beach. Sailors stand in the water and on the boats. Another boat lies on the beach. Rocky coastline in background.


Bear in tub

Record: LS99/4/4

A polar bear cub in a wooden barrel.



Record: LS99/4/5

A large whalebone hangs from chains above the deck of the sailing ship 'Eira'. Sailors stand around it.


Sailors on ice floe

Record: LS99/4/6

A group of sailors stand on an ice floe in the middle distance. They bend over dead seals(?) on the ice. Two rowing boats are moored to the ice.


'Eira' in ice

Record: LS99/4/7


'Eira' in ice

Record: LS99/4/8

View taken from in front of the sail and steam powered ship 'Eira' trapped in ice pack. A man stands on the ice off to one side.


Bell Island

Record: LS99/4/9

View from the sea of island with hill partially covered by snow.