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Picture Library catalogue: British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-04


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Here you can browse the complete listing of all the British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-04 (BNAE 1901-04) items.

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Loading sledges with ice for ship's drinking water supply

Record: P83/6/2/2/87

Loading sledges with ice for ship's drinking water supply

Record: P83/6/2/2/88

Unidentified Islands and stacks

Record: P83/6/2/2/9

Adele penguins

Record: P83/6/2/2/91

Man-hauling on skis

Record: P83/6/2/2/92

Man-hauling on skis

Record: P83/6/2/2/93

Three expedition members and sledge

Record: P83/6/2/2/94

Expedition members

Record: P83/6/2/2/99

Bows of the Discovery in dry dock

Record: P83/6/2/3/1

Onboard ship - water in tarpaulin

Record: P83/6/2/3/10

Fancy dress onboard ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/12


Record: P83/6/2/3/13

Onboard ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/14

Ship in full sail

Record: P83/6/2/3/15

Mountainous coast

Record: P83/6/2/3/16

Mountainous coast

Record: P83/6/2/3/17

Snowy Sheathbiill

Record: P83/6/2/3/19

Propellor of the Discovery

Record: P83/6/2/3/2

Landing party

Record: P83/6/2/3/20

Landing party

Record: P83/6/2/3/21

Sitting with sheathbill's nest

Record: P83/6/2/3/22

Distant land

Record: P83/6/2/3/23

Caught shark

Record: P83/6/2/3/24

Ship in sail

Record: P83/6/2/3/29

Man at ship's compass

Record: P83/6/2/3/3

Skelton holding shot albatross

Record: P83/6/2/3/30

Seaman holding shot albatross

Record: P83/6/2/3/31

Shot skua

Record: P83/6/2/3/32

Ship in bay

Record: P83/6/2/3/33

Ships in bay

Record: P83/6/2/3/34

Ship in bay

Record: P83/6/2/3/35


Record: P83/6/2/3/36

Seismograph equipment hanging from beams at side of ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/37

Ship's rigging

Record: P83/6/2/3/38

Rolling ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/39

Ship and crew

Record: P83/6/2/3/4

Rolling ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/40

Men on deck

Record: P83/6/2/3/42

Men on deck

Record: P83/6/2/3/43

Man with binoculars (? blurred) on deck

Record: P83/6/2/3/44

Men behind boom on deck

Record: P83/6/2/3/45

Deck of ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/47

Repairing ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/48

Repairing ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/49

Men in rowing boat

Record: P83/6/2/3/5

Very open pack ice

Record: P83/6/2/3/51

Very open pack ice

Record: P83/6/2/3/52

Very open pack ice

Record: P83/6/2/3/53

Ice cakes in pack ice

Record: P83/6/2/3/54

Ice cakes in pack ice

Record: P83/6/2/3/55

Ice cakes in pack ice

Record: P83/6/2/3/56

Lead in pack ice

Record: P83/6/2/3/57

Lead in pack ice

Record: P83/6/2/3/58

Pack ice and iceberg

Record: P83/6/2/3/59

Discovery's officers, scientists and distinguished guests on deck

Record: P83/6/2/3/6

Discovery's officers and scientists with distinguished guests on deck at Cowes. Skelton on left in front and Scott in centre. Shackleton behind inbetween Skelton and Scott.

Distant land

Record: P83/6/2/3/60

Unidentified coast

Record: P83/6/2/3/61


Record: P83/6/2/3/62


Record: P83/6/2/3/63

Sheep onboard ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/64

Sheep onboard ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/65

Sheep onboard ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/66

Man and dogs

Record: P83/6/2/3/7

Onboard ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/8

Onboard ship

Record: P83/6/2/3/9