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Bernard Day and dog named Erebus

Record: P59/61/78

Bernard Day sits on the deck of a ship with a dog curled up beside him.


Day and the motor car on the floe

Record: P68/73/127

View across ice to a motor car. Bernard Day sits on the side of the car with boxes in front of him.


Day, Priestley and Marston on SS Runic, Oct 1907

Record: P68/73/24

Bernard Day (left) Raymond Priestley (right) and George Marston (seated) on the deck of the ship SS Runic.


B.C. Day, R.E. Priestley, W.C. Roberts in the garden of Mr S.T. Booth's house at Wainoni Park, Christmas Day 1907

Record: P68/73/41

Three men in a garden. Seated left to right: Bernard Day, W.C. Roberts. Standing: Raymond Priestley.


Wainoni Park, Christchurch, New Zealand

Record: P68/73/49

A group of people seated around a table in a garden. Back row, Left to right: Mrs Hall, Self [Raymond Priestley], Mrs Booth, Rex Booth, ? Miss Lyndall Booth, Hardie B. Front row, Left to right: Roberts (Cook), Mr Hall, Bernard Day (Engineer), Mr Booth. Hinamahara, Teddy Bear, Cat.


Bernard Day in his motor car

Record: P68/73/73

Day sits in the driving seat of a car on the ice.


Day, taken on the Nimrod after leaving Cape Royds, also the dog Erebus lying on a venesta box

Record: P68/73/75

Bernard Day, holding a pipe, sits on a box on the deck of the ship Nimrod with a dog on either side.


Bernard Day

Record: P68/76/139

Bernard Day, smoking a pipe, stands beside the car (?) on board ship.


Bernard Day

Record: P68/76/80

Bernard Day stands holding a box by it's strap (camera?) and looks down at a dog. Penguins behind.


Bernard Day

Record: P68/76/82

Bernard Day stands holding a box (camera?) in left hand, with right hand in jacket pocket.


Bernard Day

Record: P68/76/83

Bernard Day sits on deck of a ship holding a pipe with a dog on either side.


Nimrod in harbour

Record: P98/9/1a

View across sea of the ship Nimrod in harbour. Signed by five members of the expedition: Ernest Joyce, Frank Wild, George Marston, Raymond Priestley, Bernard Day


Day in the motor-car in front of Tent Island ten miles south of Cape Royds

Record: P98/9/5

Bernard Day sits in the motor car on the ice. Mountains in the background.


Bernard Day on Nimrod

Record: P98/9/69

Bernard Day sitting on the deck of the ship Nimrod holding a pipe and with a dog on either side.