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Picture Library catalogue: British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09


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Here you can browse the complete listing of all the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (BAE 1907-09) items.

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Penguins in the nesting season sitting on their young

Record: P2006/11/1

Close up of Adelie penguin sitting on nest with young. Other Adelie penguins in background.


The first landing place showing bay ice breaking out and drifting away north

Record: P2006/11/2

Undercut ice foot at coast at Cape Royds. Snow-covered sea cliff with sea ice slush and floes in water below.


Nimrod held up in the ice

Record: P2006/11/3

View over ice looking towards the bows of the sailing ship 'Nimrod' with foresail and upper top set moving into heavy pack ice. Men stand on the bowsprit, shrouds and yard.


The towing steamer 'Koonya' as seen from the 'Nimrod' in a heavy sea

Record: P2006/11/4

Masts, sails and funnel of the steam and sail powered ship 'Koonya' visible over the crest of a wave.


The southern reaches of the Great Ice Barrier with Mt Hope and the Gateway to the Great Glacier

Record: P2006/11/5

Flat ice field in foreground. Snow-covered mountains in distance.


Adelie penguins

Record: P2006/11/6

Adelie penguins with two young and two adult penguins in foreground.


The Christmas camp on the plateau

Record: P2006/11/7

J. Adams, E. S. Marshall and F. Wild stand in front of a pyramidal tent on a flat snow field. A loaded sledge stands next to the tent, a Union Jack flies from one flag pole and other flags fly from another. A theodolite stands on a tripod to one side, ice-axes stand in the snow.


Ernest Shackleton with broken sledge. British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (Nimrod)

Record: P2015/21

Ernest Shackleton stands on the snow beside a broken sledge.


The hut and immediate environment after a snowstorm

Record: P59/61/1

Wooden hut surrounded by snow with two sledges, boxes and other equipment scattered around it.


Cave in iceberg taken by the light of a hurricane lamp

Record: P59/61/10

Icicles hang from the roof of a cave which is lit by two hurricane lamps.


Taking possession of Victoria Land at Cape Bernacchi

Record: P59/61/100

Two men stand on snow covered rocky ground. A Union Jack flag on a pole has been planted in the ground beside them.


Frozen ponies breath on the roof of the stables

Record: P59/61/101

Ice crystals.


Priestley and three dogs, Cis, Erebus and Queenie

Record: P59/61/102

Raymond Priestley sits on a slope of snow with three dogs.


Nimrod held up in the pack

Record: P59/61/103

View over heavily hummocked pack ice to the sailing ship Nimrod. Two sails are unfurled, men in the rigging.


Tide Gauge in Backdoor Bay

Record: P59/61/104

Scientific equipment positioned in the snow.


Giant kenyte erratic at Cape Royds

Record: P59/61/105

Raymond Priestley stands next to a large boulder of kenyte rock. Sledge in the foreground.


Iceberg off Turks Head

Record: P59/61/106

View over land and snow to an iceberg.


Joyce under kenyte dyke

Record: P59/61/107

Ernest Joyce below a large formation of kenyte rock.


Denick Point

Record: P59/61/108

Two men standing on rocks. Coastline in background.



Record: P59/61/109

A dog (Erebus) sits on the ground outside a kennel.


Ross Sea by moonlight

Record: P59/61/11

View over sea with clouds above.


Penguins on nest

Record: P59/61/110

Two Adelie penguins on their nest of stones. Another penguin stands behind.


Beardmore Glacier

Record: P59/61/111

View over snow and ice towards mountain range.


Nimrod sheltering behind stranded snowbergs

Record: P59/61/112

View over snow and ice to the sailing ship Nimrod with icebergs behind.



Record: P59/61/113

A dog lies on the ground beside a kennel.


Frank Wild and Joyce

Record: P59/61/114

Frank Wild stands on the deck of a ship, Ernest Joyce stands behind him smoking a pipe. Behind them another man walks away from the camera.


Killer Whale

Record: P59/61/115

View across open water with the dorsal fin of a whale in the centre.


Dogs kennels in summer time

Record: P59/61/116

Dog kennels on rocky hillside.


Flagstaff Point in winter

Record: P59/61/117

Snow and ice covered shore line.


Serpula deposit

Record: P59/61/118

Three men working in the snow.


Coal measures on Beardmore Glacier

Record: P59/61/119

View over snow to mountains. Three men can just be seen in the distance.


Wild and Joyce after sledging

Record: P59/61/12

Two dishevelled men stand on the deck of a ship with a dog (out of focus) in front of them. Frank Wild (left) and Ernest Joyce, smoking a pipe (right).


Marston and Joyce dog sledging

Record: P59/61/120

George Marston and Ernest Joyce stand on the snow facing each other. Beside them is a fully laden sledge with dogs at rest.


Christmas Camp in the West

Record: P59/61/121

Tent pitched on snow with fully laden sledge in foreground.


Blacksand Beach

Record: P59/61/122

Close up of snow and beach.



Record: P59/61/123

A dog sits on a wooden crate outside the hut door.


Nimrod at glacier tongue

Record: P59/61/124

The sailing ship Nimrod moored up alongside the ice. Men are loading or unloading supplies. A pile of crates on the ice.


First camp at Cape Royds

Record: P59/61/125

A man stands beside two tents pitched on the ice.


Cape Bird

Record: P59/61/126

View over sea to snow covered coastline.


Nimrod near Cape Royds

Record: P59/61/127

View from hillside over sea to sailing ship. Man with dog on right of photograph.


Adelie Penguins

Record: P59/61/128

A group of Adelie penguins on the ice.


Landing ponies at Flagstaff Point

Record: P59/61/129

Two men with two ponies walk across the ice.


SY Nimrod in a heavy sea

Record: P59/61/13

View over stormy sea to the mast tops of a ship in the distance.


Pressure Ice near Blacksand Beach

Record: P59/61/130

A man with three dogs on the snow. One of the dogs walks towards the camera.


Back view of Hut

Record: P59/61/131

View of the back of the hut with crates, sledges and other equipment piled up against it. Two men in the background.


Scenery near Cape Royds

Record: P59/61/132

View of a hillside. Three men can just be seen, two are prodding the ground with long poles.


Landing ponies from Nimrod

Record: P59/61/133

The sailing ship Nimrod moored alongside the ice with ponies and men on the ice beside it. On the right is a man with a camera photographing the scene.


Ross Sea

Record: P59/61/134

View of the sea with birds flying over head.


Nimrod near Cape Royds

Record: P59/61/135

View over sea to sailing ship on the edge of pack ice close to the shore. People can just be seen on the ice.


King Davies and Emperor Penguin

Record: P59/61/136

A man and an Emperor penguin stand on the ice together.


Fast ice and Killer Whale

Record: P59/61/137

View over sea of a Killer whale close to the edge of an ice pack.


Seal and motorcar at Cape Royds

Record: P59/61/14

View of a motor car on the ice with a seal in the foreground.


At the magnetic pole, Mackay, Mawson and David

Record: P59/61/15

Three men stand on the ice beside a flag.


Wild, Shackleton, Marshall and Adams

Record: P59/61/16

Four dishevelled men stand on the deck of a ship. Left to right: Wild, Shackleton, Marshall and Adams.


The Cloudmaker, southern party’s camp in the foreground

Record: P59/61/17

View of two tents pitched on the ice, with a pile of equipment beside them. A man bends down beside one of the tents. Mountain in the background.


Mount Erebus in eruption

Record: P59/61/18

View across snow covered rocky landscape to a mountain, steam erupts from the mountain. Base camp hut in centre of photograph.


Sailors on the pack ice

Record: P59/61/19

Two men stand on an ice floe.


Raymond Priestley

Record: P59/61/2

Raymond Priestley stands on the deck of a ship, with hands in his pockets.


A tributary glacier to the Ferrar glacier

Record: P59/61/20

View of a man standing beside a pitched tent below a snow covered mountain side.



Record: P59/61/21

Portrait of a dog


S.Y. Nimrod

Record: P59/61/22

View of the ship Nimrod across the pack ice. Two men stand on the ice looking towards the camera, three other men stand closer to the ship.


Cape Barne

Record: P59/61/23

View across snow and ice of a rocky outcrop.


Murray and Adelie penguins

Record: P59/61/24

James Murray stands amongst Adelie penguins holding a penguin chick.


The chemical laboratory

Record: P59/61/25

Shelves containing an assortment of bottles, jars and boxes, which appear to be covered in snow.


The heavy pack which prevented us reaching King Edward VII land

Record: P59/61/26

View over sea to pack ice and iceberg.


Possum, Queenie and Gwen

Record: P59/61/27

Three dogs, with hut and other equipment behind.


Derrick Point, hoisting stores

Record: P59/61/28

A man stands on top of a rocky cliff or mountain side. He manipulates a pully system of ropes from which a box is suspended.


Whaleback clouds over Erebus

Record: P59/61/29

View of unusual cloud formations over a mountain.


Listening to the gramophone in the hut during winter

Record: P59/61/3

Group of men gathered around a long playing gramophone in the hut. George Marston operates the gramophone, Frank Wild holds a gramophone record. Items of clothing and equipment are draped around the men.


Christmas camp on the plateau

Record: P59/61/30

Three men stand outside a tent which is pitched on the ice. A Union Jack flag, sledge and other pieces of equipment are beside them.


Joyce looking at the open sea over the ice foot. Summer of 1908-09

Record: P59/61/31

A man leans on a large piece of ice and looks out to the sea beyond.


Digging out stores after the blizzard

Record: P59/61/32

Two men amid blocks of ice and snow digging out boxes of stores.


Emperor penguins on the lake in front of the hut

Record: P59/61/33

View of crates and other pieces of equipment strewn around on the ice, with five dogs tethered. In the background can be seen a group of penguins with mountains beyond.


Weathered out kenyte at Cape Barne

Record: P59/61/34

A large piece of wethered kenyte rock on rocky hillside.


Bay ice near Cape Royds with skua gulls in the foreground

Record: P59/61/35

View over sea to pack ice. Skua gulls fly around in the foreground.


Lake at Cape Royds

Record: P59/61/36

View over rocky hillside to snow covered mountain.


Professor David and Adelie penguin

Record: P59/61/37

Professor David on skis stands looking at an Adelie penguin on the ice in front of him.



Record: P59/61/38

A dog sits next to a sledge on rocky ground. Boxes are strewn around in the background.


A Bay off Cape Adare

Record: P59/61/39

View across sea to an iceberg with mountains beyond.


The SY Nimrod in pack ice

Record: P59/61/4

View across open pack ice to the ship Nimrod.


Drygalski Ice Barrier tongue

Record: P59/61/40

View across sea to a wall of ice.


Gun boat at Cape Royds. Evans, Michell, Priestley and Dunlop

Record: P59/61/41

Four men stand beside a rowing boat which has been pulled up onto the snow covered shore.


Cape Barne Glacier, chinese wall

Record: P59/61/42

View over snow and ice to an wall of ice.


Iceberg near the Turks Head

Record: P59/61/43

View over snow and ice to large ice formations and mountains beyond. A man stands close to the iceberg.


Dunlop, Priestley, Armytage, Michell, Mawson, Wild

Record: P59/61/44

A group of four men recline on the deck of a ship. Left to right: Dunlop, Priestley, Armytage. Second row: Mawson. Another man sits on a barrel on the ship's bridge above them: Michell.


Side of the Ferrar Glacier at the Solitary Rocks

Record: P59/61/45

View over rocky ground to the edge of a glacier.


Ice Bay cave taken by the light of hurricane lamps

Record: P59/61/46

Icicles hanging down in a cave.


The Nimrod forcing her way out of the sea ice

Record: P59/61/47

The ship Nimrod in the pack ice, with foremast sails unfurled.


Mount Erebus and its foothills

Record: P59/61/48

View across snow and ice to Mount Erebus.


Depot on Beardmore Glacier

Record: P59/61/49

View across snow and ice to two tents pitched below a wall of rock and snow. A man stands outside one of the tents.


Drygalski ice barrier tongue

Record: P59/61/5

View across open sea to a wall of ice and snow.


Raising tent in slight breeze

Record: P59/61/50

Two men pitch a tent, another man digs lumps of snow and ice.


Marston “Putty the inimitable”

Record: P59/61/51

George Marston wearing a theatrical costume.



Record: P59/61/52

View over sea to wall of ice and snow.


Cave in iceberg stranded half way between Cape Royds and Cape Barne

Record: P59/61/53

Icicles in a cave illuminated by a hurricane lamp.


Macintosh, Priestley, (Cis and Scamp)

Record: P59/61/54

Two men stand on the snow with a dog either side. Macintosh (left) holds a rifle and Priestley (right) holds a piece of rope. The dog named Cis is on the left and the dog named Scamp is on the right.



Record: P59/61/55

Portrait of a dog



Record: P59/61/56

Priestley's cubicle space inside the hut. Shelves with books and tins and other items above a bed. The bed is covered with a woollen blanket.


Iceberg with Adelie Penguins on top

Record: P59/61/57

View over sea to an iceberg. Penguins can just be seen ontop of the iceberg.


Iceberg off Cape Adare

Record: P59/61/58

View over sea to an iceberg. Mountains behind.



Record: P59/61/59

View over sea to an iceberg.


Queenie and her pups on the Nimrod in Sydney harbour

Record: P59/61/6

A dog with very young puppies lays on a blanket on the deck of a ship.


Mirabilite deposit at Deep Lake

Record: P59/61/60

Priestley sits on snow covered rocks, with mountains behind.


Depot on Beardmore Glacier

Record: P59/61/61

Tent pitched on ice and snow below a wall of rugged rock.


Penguin rookery at Cape Royds

Record: P59/61/62

A group of Adelie penguins on the ice and snow close to the edge of the sea. Rocky outcrop behind.


Southern Party at the Bluff Depot

Record: P59/61/63

Two men stand on the ice beside a laden sledge. Another man stands behind them beside a snow cairn. Other equipment is scattered around them.


Sunk Lake at Cape Barne

Record: P59/61/64

Snow covered lake in a mountain valley.


Mid-day moon in July

Record: P59/61/65

View over snow covered rocky shore and sea to a moon. The moon is reflected in the sea below.


Stranded snowbergs

Record: P59/61/66

View over sea to two icebergs.


Camp of Southern party with ponies

Record: P59/61/67

View over snow and ice to a camp scene of tent, sledges, men and ponies. Two sleeping bags are hanging from poles.


Dunlop, Priestley and Michell, “We are not seasick merely, sick of the sea”.

Record: P59/61/68

Three men sitting on the deck of a ship. Left to right: Dunlop, Priestley, Michell.


Ellis, Queenie and family of Queenie

Record: P59/61/69

Able Seaman Ellis sits on the deck of a ship with a dog and three tiny puppies.


Manchurian ponies out for exercise

Record: P59/61/7

A group of ponies and two men stand on the ice, with a fully laden sledge in front of them.


Tide setting along the coast taking brash ice with it

Record: P59/61/70

View of a coastline covered in ice and snow. Brash ice in the sea to the left of the photograph.


Pancake ice on the Ross Sea

Record: P59/61/71

View from a ship of a large expanse of sea covered in pancake ice.


Caricature of the party by Marston for the Aurora Australis

Record: P59/61/72

Photograph of a caricature of a group of fourteen men, with their names and an inscription. Inscription: 14 Good men & true. An illustration for an "Ancient Manuscript" in the "Aurora". Names, above image, left to right: (Bertie) Armytage, Joyce (Ernie), Wild (Frankie), Adams (Bill), Priestley (Gerald). Names, below image, left to right: MacKay (Mac), Marshall (Doc), Marston, (Putty), Roberts (Bobs), Prof David (The Old Pro), Murray (James), Day (Bernard), Brocklehurst (Sir Full ? nickname obliterated by ink stain), Mawson (The Long Man).


The hut with the magic machine, the stables and the garage

Record: P59/61/73

The base hut with smaller huts attached, one of which contains the car. An instrument with wheel and handle is placed outside. Boxes and other equipment are strewn around.


Adams in an unusual attitude

Record: P59/61/74

Jameson Adams stands smoking a pipe and holding two or three puppies in his arms. Another dog (Daisy) sits at his feet watching the puppies.


Chinese wall of Cape Barne Glacier

Record: P59/61/75

View of an ice wall.


Turks Head Glacier

Record: P59/61/76

View over snow of a glacier with mountain on right side.


Ice foot at the Penguin Rookery

Record: P59/61/77

A man stands on ice and snow covered rocky promontory.


Bernard Day and dog named Erebus

Record: P59/61/78

Bernard Day sits on the deck of a ship with a dog curled up beside him.



Record: P59/61/79

Portrait of a dishevelled Ernest Shackleton on deck of ship.


Adams standing by the sledge which was used on the furthest south journey

Record: P59/61/8

A man dressed in winter polar clothing stands on the ice beside a sledge.


Southern Party at the Bluff Depot

Record: P59/61/80

Three men stand on the ice beside a sledge with other equipment around them.


Midwinter Night Dinner

Record: P59/61/81

Members of the expedtion seated around a table having a meal. Christmas crackers are strung up as decoration above them. Left side: Armytage, Brocklehurst, Marston, Day, Adams, Marshall. Head of table: Shackleton. Right side: Roberts, Mackay, Murray, Wild, Joyce, Mawson, David


Ice foot and Ice Flowers

Record: P59/61/82

Bertram Armytage stands on ice, covered in ice flowers, below an ice and snow covered shore line.


Scenery on the Beardmore Glacier

Record: P59/61/83

View over rocks towards snow covered mountains.



Record: P59/61/84

A dog lying on the ground outside a kennel


Evans, Shackleton and Adams

Record: P59/61/85

Three men standing on the deck of a ship. Left to right: Evans, Shackleton and Adams (eating sandwiches).


Tributary Glacier to the Ferrar

Record: P59/61/86

View of a glacier with mountains on either side.


S.Y. Nimrod at Glacier Tongue

Record: P59/61/87

View across snow covered shoreline to a sailing ship moored alongside the ice.


Priestley, Day and Joyce on Tent Island with Weddell seals

Record: P59/61/88

View over ice and snow to three men and four Weddell seals. Two of the men are holding long sticks. Rock formation in the background.


Beardmore Glacier

Record: P59/61/89

View over snow to a mountain range.


Emperor penguins at Cape Royds

Record: P59/61/9

A group of penguins stand on the ice.


Foot Stalactites

Record: P59/61/90

Stalactites in the shape of feet.


Southern party at furthest South Camp

Record: P59/61/91

Three men stand on the snow beside a tent. Flags and other equipment to the right.


Thaw, water lake in Nansen Glacier.

Record: P59/61/92

View of a stretch of thawed water in the centre of snow and ice. A man with a long pole stands in the foreground with another man and sledge in the background.


Wolfie and Yapper

Record: P59/61/93

Two dogs lie on a rocky shore line.


Jameson Adams

Record: P59/61/94

Jameson Adams stands on the deck of a ship, with a dog beside him.


Turks Head Glacier

Record: P59/61/95

View of ice and snow.


Black Sand Beach in autumn

Record: P59/61/96

View of a beach covered in ice and snow. Two men stand on the sea ice.


Five men reading newspapers

Record: P59/61/97

Five men sitting in a hut or on board ship, reading newspapers. From left to right: Mac, Marston, Priestley, Murray and Joyce


Hut at Cape Royds

Record: P59/61/98

View of the hut at Cape Royds surrounded by boxes.



Record: P59/61/99

A dog sits in a barrel and barks at the camera.


The Nimrod leaving Lyttelton, Jan 1st 1908

Record: P62/3/1

View of the ship Nimrod at sea, with flags flying.


New Lands

Record: P62/3/10

View over snowfield to mountains.


Looking up glacier from top of Mount Hope

Record: P62/3/11

View from rocky hillside to mountains covered in snow.


Great granite Pillar near lower glacier depot

Record: P62/3/12

View across snow to two tents pitched below a large granite pillar.


Up the glacier. White line in background is great pressure ridge.

Record: P62/3/13

View across snowfield. Edge of mountains on either side in the distance.