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Felix Tavchandjian

Felix Tavchandjian

MPhil in Polar Studies student

The changing role of the EU in Fennoscandian governance of critical minerals: impacts on the Sámi experience of mine permitting in Sweden.



  • BA(Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Durham University [2019-2022]


  • Cum Laude Society [2018]


Arctic Resource Governance

My central research interest is in the field of natural resource governance and its application to Arctic contexts. I am particularly interested in understanding whether regulatory frameworks surrounding mining activities are capable of adapting to contemporary standards of good governance such as sustainable development, public participation, and the protection of indigenous rights. Throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate research projects, I have investigated such topics as concession permitting, environmental impact assessments, mining conflicts, and social licensing in a wide range of circumpolar contexts such as Argentina, Canada, Sweden, and Russia.

Political Sociology of the Russian Arctic

As part of my postgraduate coursework, I have also researched the social and political life of Russia's northern residents. This has covered topics such as the intrusion of 'great power' ideology in domestic climate politics, Soviet settlement of the Arctic, and drivers of out-migration from the Far East.

External activities

  • Competitive Debating
    • Finalist in multiple national competitions & participant in international competitions such as Cambridge Union Schools Debating Competition [2015-2019]
    • Head Coach of Durham University's competitive debating team [2021-2022]