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Eleanor Peers

Eleanor Peers

Associate Fellow of the HEA, PhD, MA, PgDip, BA Hons

Arctic Information Specialist

Eleanor is an experienced researcher in the Russian Arctic, following postdoctoral fellowships at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology and the University of Aberdeen. Her work at SPRI focuses on building up the library's collection, particularly from Russian-language sources, and on enhancing its availability to the wider world.


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  • (2019) Eleanor Peers. 'Soviet Kul'tura in post-Soviet identification: the aesthetics of ethnicity in Sakha (Yakutia)', in Lifestyle in Siberia and the Russian North, edited by Joachim Otto Habeck. Cambridge, UK: Open Book Publishers, pp. 257 - 290.
  • (2017) Aimar Ventsel Eleanor Peers and Zoya Tarasova. 'Rep kak sredstvo vyrazheniya sotsial'nykh izmenenii na severo-vostoke Sibiri: Khip-khop, urbanizatsiya i etnichnost' Yakutov (Sakha)' ['Rap as a means of expressing social change in north-east Siberia: Hip-hop, urbanisation and ethnicity in Sakha (Yakutia)'] in Etnograficheskoye Obozreniye. Vol. 1: pp 168–182.
  • (2016) Eleanor Peers 'A nation's glorious heritage as spiritual journey? History making and the Sakha shamanic revival', in History-making in Central Asia: Contemporary Actors and Practices, edited by Svetlana Jacquesson. Weissbaden: Reichert Verlag, pp. 122–138.
  • (2015) Eleanor Peers 'Cartoon epic heroes in indigenous Siberian revival: The meaning of ethnicity in Putin's Russia'. Anthropology Today 31(3): 3–7.
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