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Natalia Magnani, BA

Natalia Magnani, BA

PhD Candidate

Natalia studies environment, memory, and indigeneity in northern Finland.


Natalia is pursuing a PhD in Polar Studies at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on indigenous movements among Sami in northern Finland, exploring how people relate to the past and revitalize connections with the environment, especially through craft production and food gathering.


  • B.A. in Psychology [concentrations Global Studies, French, and Evolutionary Studies] Binghamton University (2012)


Memory and Embodiment, Environment, Materiality, Trauma and Reparation, Indigenous Movements


  • (2016) Magnani, N. Reconstructing Food Ways: Role of Skolt Sami Cultural Revitalization Programs in Local Plant Use. Journal of Ethnobiology, 36(1), 85-104.