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Wild, Henry Ernest

Wild, Henry Ernest

Alias: Harry

Title: Mr

Rank: Petty Officer (Royal Navy)

Dates: 1880-1918

Nationality: British

Awards: Polar Medal (silver); Albert Medal (1923); George Cross

Henry (Harry) Ernest Wild was born in Nettleton, Lincolnshire, in 1880, the brother of Frank Wild. After leaving school at the age of fifteen, he enlisted in the Royal Navy, serving at home and abroad, and was promoted to petty officer. He joined the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-1917 (Aurora), as general assistant.

He participated in the gruelling sledging programme to lay a chain of depots across the Ross Ice Shelf towards the Beardmore Glacier, providing all that was needed for those crossing the continent with Shackleton. After the expedition , he returned to the Navy, joining the minesweeper HMS Biarritz at Malta. In February 1918, he contracted typhoid and died on 10 March 1918. Five years later, he was awarded the Albert Medal posthumously for his bravery in Antarctica.

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