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Hooke, Lionel George Alfred

Hooke, Lionel George Alfred

Alias: None

Title: Mr

Rank: Pilot (Royal Naval Air Service)

Dates: 1895-1974

Nationality: Australian

Awards: Polar Medal (silver); Knight of the British Empire (1957)

Lionel George Alfred Hooke was born on 31 st December 1895 in Melbourne, Australia. He was educated at Brighton Grammar School, Victoria, Australia, before joining Amalgamated Wireless (Australia) Ltd. in 1913. He was appointed wireless operator on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-17 (Aurora) under Captain Mackintosh.

After the expedition, he served as a pilot in the Royal Naval Air Service during the First World War. Returning to his former employer in 1919, he advanced to managing directore in 1945 and chairman in 1962. Between 1961 and 1969, he served as member of the Senate at the University of Sydney, and in 1965, was appointed chairman of the Electronics and Telecommunications Industry Advisory Committee. He was knighted in 1957 and died on 17th February 1974.

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