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Alias: None

Title: Mr

Rank: Master (Merchant Navy)

Dates: 1883-1935

Nationality: British

Awards: None

Victor Berry was born in London in 1883. He came from a sailing family, his father having been a ship’s Master for 35 years. Berry sailed from the age of 14, and by the time he was 24 he had sailed around the world nine times. He had a thirst for adventure and exploration, and in 1904 took part in a treasure hunting trip to the Cocos Islands which ended disastrously when the captain died from yellow fever.

Berry joined the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (Nimrod) as an able seaman, signing on in Poplar on 26 July 1907 at the last minute, replacing a crew member at the last minute. He left the expedition in Lyttelton, New Zealand on 25 March 1908.

It is likely that Berry continued to sail for many years, and worked his way up to Master. However, during a recession he had left the Merchant Navy and ended up working with a London fumigation company. Sadly, while working there he had a problem with his gas mask and died (date unknown).

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