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Expedition: Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-17 (Aurora)
Materials: metal, textile
Dimensions: 37mm (width), 117mm (height), 3mm (depth)
Date: 1914-1916
Ref no: Y: 74/1/2

An Edward VII-issue silver Polar Medal with a ribbon and four bars (Antarctic 1902-04, Antarctic 1907-09, Antarctic 1914-16 and Antarctic 1917). The medal was awarded to Ernest E.M. Joyce, for the British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-04 (Discovery), the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (Nimrod), the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-16 (Endurance) and the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-17 (Aurora).

Physical description:

An octagonal silver medal, 32mm in diameter. The obverse bears the effigy of Edward VII in admiral’s uniform, with the inscription 'EDWARDVS VII REX IMPERATOR' around the circumference. The initials of the designer 'DES' (G.W. deSaulles) appear in very small letters on the sovereign’s shoulder. The reverse depicts the ship Discovery in winter quarters with a sledging party of six men in the foreground on skis, and a heavily laden sledge with sail. The edge is engraved with the name of the recipient, '160823. E.E.M. JOYCE, AB. RN. "DISCOVERY"'. The medal has an ornate suspension on a swivel. The ribbon is plain white (to represent ice and snow) and 32mm wide. It has four silver bars, each embossed with the name of the polar region and dates of the expedition it was awarded for: 'ANTARCTIC 1902-04', 'ANTARCTIC 1907-09', 'ANTARCTIC 1914-16' and 'ANTARCTIC 1917'. There is no pin present for attaching the medal to the chest.

Other relevant information