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Expedition: Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1949-52
Materials: wood, leather, metal, string, rope
Dimensions: 550mm (width), 675mm (height), 3850mm (length)
Date: 1949-1952
Ref no: Y: 52/15

A cargo sledge from the Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1949-52.

Physical description:

A wooden sledge. It has two wooden runners, curving up at each end, each with a wooden upper lashed to it at either end with string. The undersides of the runners are covered with metal, which folds around the edges and is nailed in place on the top of the runners; the metal has been painted red. The upper surface of the left runner is painted with 'Q30'. A metal cleat and a metal strip with two metal rings are fixed to the right upper. Five uprights are mortised into each runner and lashed with rawhide. At each of these is a wooden cross bar which is lashed to the upright with rawhide and to the upper with string and covered with leather. There is a metal bracket at the joins of each upright and cross bar, with a metal collar around each. There is a rectangular piece of metal nailed to either end of each cross bar, which hangs below the cross bar. A bent wooden pole, wrapped with string, curves around the front of the sledge and is lashed with string and covered with leather where it meets the runners and uppers. A trace rope is tied to the second set of uprights, and wraps around the front set of uprights and the bow front. A bent and upward-curving wooden pole is fixed to the back of the sledge to form a handlebar, and is supported on either side by a wooden pole which acts as bracket. The handlebar is wrapped with string, and the joins between the bracket and handlebar, and the lower ends of the handlebar and brackets are also wrapped with string. The brackets and handlebar are separated by a wooden block which is lashed to both with leather. The handlebar, runner and upper are lashed together and covered with leather, and the brackets are lashed to the uppers with string. The handlebar is broken.

Other relevant information