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Expedition: British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (Nimrod)
Materials: metal > aluminium
Dimensions: 120mm (height), 103mm (diameter)
Date: 1907-1909
Ref no: Y: 2011/67/6

An aluminium pannikin for sledging, which belonged to Raymond Priestley, geologist on the British Antarctic Expedition 1907–09 (Nimrod). The initials 'R.P.' are scratched on the base.

Physical description:

A lightweight aluminium pannikin with a round and stepped base, inward-sloping sides, and a pouring lip in the rim. A strip of aluminium has been fixed to one side of the pannikin (to the left of the lip when looking from above) with three sets of two rivets to create two narrow loops, through which two metal rings would have passed to form a handle which could be folded flat around the sides (see N: 1121). The initials 'R.P.' (Raymond Priestley) are scratched on the base.

Other relevant information