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Candle holder

Expedition: British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (Nimrod)
Materials: stone
Dimensions: 50mm (width), 50mm (height), 45mm (depth)
Date: 1907-1909
Ref no: Y: 2011/67/3

A candle holder made from stone from Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica, which belonged to Henry J.L. Dunlop, first engineer on the British Antarctic Expedition 1907–09 (Nimrod).

Physical description:

A candle holder made from the stone of Mt. Erebus. The stone is flecked with red, brown, grey and black hues. The holder has a square base and the top corners have been chamfered. The round hole for the candle is 20mm in diameter and approximately 17mm deep. All outer surfaces are highly polished. Two of the bottom corners and one of the upper points are damaged.

Other relevant information