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Materials: Unknown
Dimensions: 179mm (width), 214mm (height), 95mm (depth); 165mm (width), 245mm (height), 90mm (depth); ? (Dimensions)
Date: -
Ref no: Y: 2011/33

A homemade stereoscope claimed to have displayed slides from 'Shackleton's expedition of 1912', with two spare lenses, and a stereo slide viewer Type B, in a black leather case.

Physical description:

stereoscope and lenses: An MDF, wood and metal frame marked '96.1886'; two glass lenses with metal casings, each mounted in a rectangular piece of wood; and two rectangular pieces of card, each with a small rectangle cut out.

case: A black hard leather case with a flap lid and a metal clasp, lined with blue textile. The front of the case is painted with a design in red, white and blue, including '3D' and '35'. The case has a leather shoulder strap with two metal buckles, which passes through loops on the base and sides of the case.

card scraps: Three scraps of card – one with a diagram showing how to use the stereoscope, one reading 'Isle of Wight 1950' and one reading 'This Comma [camera?] was made in mahony [mahogany] and held 7 x 1 glass sides (I had 70) Some plates had pictures of SHACLETON [sic] EXPODATION [sic] OF 1912 // REBUILT FOR 35MM FILM 1928 // GOOD COLOUR PICTURES.'

Other relevant information