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Stationery box

Expedition: Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition 1921-22 (Quest)
Materials: Unknown
Dimensions: 167mm (width), 32mm (height), 97mm (depth); 17mm (width), 126mm (length)
Date: 1921-1922
Ref no: Y: 2011/13

A tin stationery box (a) and brass (possibly silver-plated) letter opener (b) from Shackleton's cabin on Quest, from the Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition 1921-22 (Quest).

Physical description:

a: A rectangular metal box with a hinged lid and one metal divider inside. The inside of the lid is stamped with ‘'BARRETT // 63864 // PICCADILLY' and the name ‘J. Barlow’ has been scratched roughly onto the base of the box.

A silver-plated letter opener with six hallmarks. The letter opener has been coated with something which has now come off.

Other relevant information