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Materials: metal
Dimensions: 31mm (width), 172mm (length), 3.5mm (depth)
Date: -
Ref no: Y: 2006/16/5

A metal sector made by J. Langlois of Paris. While English sectors were used for general calculation, French sectors were generally intended for gunnery calculations. One of a set of five drawing instruments which belonged to Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Physical description:

A brass-coloured metal sector. It consists of two hinged metal arms, which can fold up completely or open up completely, with two metal pins for holding them closed. One side is engraved with 'J. Langlois les Cordes' on one arm and 'Paris les Cordes' and has scales for solids ('Les Solides'), metals ('Les Metaux') and gun calibre ('Calibres des Pieces'). The other side is engraved with scales for line of equal parts ('Les Parties Egales'), plans ('Les Plans'), polygons ('Les poligones') and size and weight of bullets ('Diamettres et Poides de Boulets').

Other relevant information