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Sledging flag

Expedition: British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (Nimrod)
Materials: textile
Dimensions: 705mm (width), 750mm (height), 70mm (depth)
Date: 1907-1909
Ref no: Y: 2002/2/4

A red and gold sledging flag with goldwork embroidery. Used by Ernest Shackleton on the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (Nimrod).

Physical description:

A sledging flag made of red and gold fabric and cord goldwork embroidery; the design of which is the same on both the front and back. The flag appears to have been made in three strips – a top gold strip, a central red strip, and a bottom gold strip which have been sewn together and the outer edges of which are edged in cord of the same colour. The central red strip has a diamond-shaped motif in goldwork embroidery repeated three times. A red square of fabric, edged with red cord, and with a goldwork embroidery square cross has been sewn afterwards into the top left-hand corner. Two wide loops in a plain fabric have been sewn to the top and bottom of the flag along the left-hand edge, and an eyelet has been sewn into the bottom left-hand corner, through which is a string tassel.

Nimrod Expedition sledging flag - film

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