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Materials: metal, wood, string
Dimensions: 90mm (width), 190mm (height), 180mm (length)
Date: -
Ref no: Y: 2002/2/3

A brass clock, engraved 'To the Boss from the Boys'. From Quest, the ship of the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition 1921-22.

Physical description:

A round clock with a brass casing and metal face, screwed into a wooden stand. The face is painted with the numbers 1-12 in Arabic numerals, and with 'CHELSEA CLOCK CO. // BOSTON U.S.A.' and 'SHIP'S BELL'. The rim of the clock is engraved 'R.Y.S. "QUEST" // TO THE BOSS FROM THE BOYS'. The back of the clock is stamped '139275' and there is a plaque reading 'PATENTED // REG // DLC // No. 609890 // CHELSEA CLOCK CO. // BOSTON U.S.A.' There are two holes in the back of the casing, and three holes in the rim for mounting the clock to a wall – two of the holes are used for screwing the clock to the base, and the third has a piece of string tied to it to which the winding key is attached.

Other relevant information